Bathroom Reno part 8

Last evening, after posting, I put almost a coat of paint on the walls of the bathroom, got distracted by working around the mirror, and realizing that our light fixture was hideous, and waited for Mr. Ink to get home.

Once he did, I told him I wanted a new light fixture. Since we are making so much progress making the bathroom our own, and updating it, I couldn’t live with the light fixture. He said “I’ve said that since before we moved in.” Well, that’ll teach me to start listening!

I left him to explore light fixtures online while I went to get yet another creepy basement shower. Despite the fact that I wanted to go out and look at fixtures in person, I ended up in PJs. And they weren’t warm enough so I donned a sweatshirt as well. Mr. Ink took one look at me and said “Hey, are you ok?” I said “Yeah, I just can’t seem to get warm.” And we went about our business.

Then Miss Butterfly got home, and she took one look at me and said “Mom, are you getting sick?” I said “No, I am fine, I just can’t get warm.”

I am sure you know where this is going. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, crusty nose, and drippy sinuses. As well as a general all around yucky feeling.

Now, we’ve got a party to go to tonight which I need to make food for, I’ve got a million errands to run, AND, I needed to get the grouting done on the bathroom. Since I have no interest in postponing the shower makeover, I decided to do the grouting for sure, and see where the rest shakes out.


Well, I’ll tell you what. Grouting is fun. AND, it covers a multitude of evils. I really love the result! I am glad I did it. However, I had someone tell me it would only take an hour. I cursed him at 3 hours in. Let’s face it, I am slow at EVERYTHING when it comes to new projects. But, I think that pays off in the end.

But, I am also exhausted, and fixing to take a nap next, and see what I can accomplish afterwards.

Bathroom Reno part 8

How long has this been going on?

I was so determined to get the last of the tiles done last night. I knew I didn’t have much  more than 2 hours of work left. But, by the time I got back from the hardware store, and Mr. Ink was done clearing our massive driveway, and we had dinner, it was after 10 p.m.  And I knew that starting something at 10 p.m. is really bad news for me. I am just not at my sharpest at that time.

So I had to settle for the most perfect hole in a tile I’ve ever seen.


And then I went to bed.

This morning I got started around 9. The first thing I did was get that tile in, and then lamented the fact that I didn’t think it necessary to cut new holes in all the tiles.


But that’ll be easily forgotten once the fixtures are in.

Then I finished the wall, and I was right, it was about 2 hours worth of work, and then more than an hour of clean up.


You may notice that I’ve already taped for painting. I am hoping to get started on the painting today. I might as well, now that I have to wait until tomorrow to grout!

Bathroom Reno part 7

Today, I am moving right along. I finished the back wall.


SOOOO happy to be done with that one. Then, I started the wall with the plumbing.


I was pretty excited to make 3 out of 4 old tiles fit here. We moved the pipes a bit and attached them differently, so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to use these. Thankfully, they do fit, though not quite the way they used to. I pulled out the fixtures and made sure the holes would not show. They don’t, so that’s a win.

Right now I am sitting at “almost done.” with the tile. I’ve got to finish up this wall, but I need Mr. Ink to get home so we can discuss how we are putting a hole in one green tile. Then I’ll finish up this wall. I can’t wait! It’s my intention to finish tiling tonight.

Tomorrow during the day I’ll paint. Then I can grout in the evening, once the thinset is officially dry. All that will be left is to seal it and clean up!

Which is great, because showering in the creepy basement shower is getting old!

Bathroom Reno part 6

A day off(ish) was lovely. I finished waterproofing, Don made sure everything was ready to go with the plumbing, I cleaned, and I taped in the anticipation of painting in the fairly near future.

I also snuck in some spinning time.


I am not sure I showed this off before, but this is from batts I created, out of BFL I dyed, as well as silk add ins and some loop extras.I actually got this particular bobbin done. It was nice.

Today, we got a snow storm. Now, we knew THIS one was coming. The last one we had little knowledge of before hand, and they told us 1-3 inches, but we got more than 7. THIS storm they’ve predicted all week, sometimes we were told that we would get more than 10 inches of snow. Well, we got snow, but I’d say it was more in the range of the unpredicted snow storm. Maybe 7 inches. Not sure though.

No matter, Miss Butterfly and I were inside for the day. Mr. Ink had to go in to work, but we were home. She said she planned to build legos with her blinds open so she could watch the storm. And that she did.

I tiled. I had a really hard time getting motivated. But once I got my thinset mixed, I was at it for a solid 6 hours. Butterfly was good to come help when I needed it. Even after 6 solid hours of tiling, I couldn’t get the back wall done. I got 10 out of 14 rows done, but after 6 hours, my thinset was no longer thin, and I needed to go snowblow the driveway so Mr. Ink could get back home.


I will certainly have this wall finished tomorrow, and at least row one on the final wall. If I really push, I might even be able to get it all done. We’ll see! I am certainly at a point where it would be lovely to get finished now.

A Day Off

I’ve decided to take today off from bathroom renovation. Mostly. I’ve got some water proofing left to do, so I’ll get that done. Mr. Ink worked on getting me a new faucet and valves installed. The 1960s hot water faucet was beginning to leak, and I figured if we had the walls down, now’s the time to change it. Plus, putting grungy 55 year old hardware back on a freshly tiled wall seemed….morale killing. We also noticed that the pipes had come loose from where they were to be secured, the old screws rusted through. So we took the time to fix that too, even though it necessitated widening the access panel in my craft room closet. Of course, all this made quite a mess, so I can take today to get things cleaned back up as well.

Additionally, the house itself is getting a bit out of control. I’ve not had the time to work on it, and beyond the things I’ve asked Mr. Ink to do for me, it’s just settling into a state I cannot live with. I can’t ask Mr. Ink to keep it up to my standards and ask him to help me, and cook for me as well.

We also decided that maybe, just maybe, it would be nice to do something “fun” or not home related for our holiday. So we will see a movie, I’ll get laundry done, and get some light clean up done, and waterproofing, and then I’ll have the entire day to devote to tiling tomorrow.

In the meantime, I can absolutely say that no more knitting or spinning will be completed this year. Which brings me to totals. We’ve had SUCH a busy  year and my totals are lower than ever! I only managed to knit a little over 9 miles of yarn this year, despite the fact that included in that is my entire lizard ridge blanket. As for spinning, I’ve only spun a little over 7 miles of yarn this year. Again, that’s pretty low.

I have, however, decided to start keeping track of  my spinning a little differently. I think I am going to go with the idea that singles count as how much you’ve spun. Thus, if I spin 200 yards of a 3 ply, that will count as 600 yards. That’s for the new year. It’ll up my totals, but it’ll also be a more accurate representation.

I’ll be back with more pictures of tiles tomorrow. I even started taping for the upcoming painting of the walls last evening! I am so excited to have a new, modified bathroom!

Bathroom Reno part 5

And a bit of a holiday update.

Hi all! I hope for those of you celebrating, you had a lovely holiday! We sure did. We had Mr. Ink’s daughter over, and his mother, for a late dinner and gift exchange. Then we played one of Miss Butterfly’s new games. It was low key, and it was very relaxing.

Which is great, because I had spent 7 hours scraping the adhesive off old tile, and it was the 4th day in a row of the same. I was just exhausted and my hand hurt so badly.


While Mr. Ink made Christmas dinner, I sat with ice on my hand and enjoyed a glass of wine. I was absolutely Done IN.

That night, I ended up having nightmares that someone drove over my pile of neat and tidy scraped tiles and ruined them, forcing me to continue scraping another day.

Day after Christmas I finally got to put tiles back up! And it was exhausting.


It is really really hard work, and that first row is so difficult, I just wasn’t mentally prepared. After I finished this wall, I decided I was done for the day. I’ll be more prepared tomorrow. In place of continuing to tile, Mr. Ink and I went to the hardware store and picked up grout and sealer, as well as a new faucet. If I can get inspired tonight, I may do some taping of the walls in anticipation of painting in the very near future.

I maintain that Mr. Ink and I have the best set up. I do my thing, with no interference. Which I prefer. And then when I need help, I call. He jumps up and jumps in. Today, he made me lunch so I could have a quick break, and when I was done, he cleaned up my mess while I got a shower. It’s a perfect set up for me.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another wall! And someday, I’ll get an opportunity to do crafts again! But, at the moment I am barely missing them.


Bathroom Reno part 4

As I mentioned yesterday, my cement board went up on Monday evening. But, we didn’t get a chance to do the small patches in the corners of the tub that needed to be done. I was so eager to get started when I got home from work yesterday, that I cut and added the patches myself.

Because the next step was waterproofing, and I was quite eager to get started!


So, officially I have the walls up, and the waterproofing done. I also rinsed some tiles I’d sprayed mold remover on. But, I am still sitting at 65 out of 196 tiles cleaned, which isn’t great. I had hoped to have Mr. Ink look into a possible faster way of getting them cleaned up, but I just ran out of juice after the waterproofing was done and I had dinner.

Tonight on the schedule is a trip to the hardware store for thinset, after I take Mr. Ink’s mom to the dentist. Then home for tile cleaning, to which I am hoping will go a little faster than it did on Monday! The tile needs a full 24 hours to dry, and I’d really like to get started on Christmas eve!

As far as the holidays are concerned, while we are hosting a Christmas dinner at our house, we have explained quite clearly that it won’t be a typical “Shells” situation in the house. Mr. Ink will be responsibly for the meal, and it might not be overly clean and tidy as my time will be spent on the bathroom project.

Mr. Ink, a man of few words, has been quietly supportive of my project. He doesn’t interfere, just quietly and quickly gets down to work when I ask him for help with something. As I mentioned before, our relationship works really well when I ask for what I need. So, last night I asked him if he was proud of me for doing all this. (Because, quite frankly, *I* am proud of me.) And he was very quick to respond with a “YES! So much yes! You are amazing and awesome!”  To which I said “Good, because I plan to redo the kitchen and dining room floor next, and I don’t want to hire someone for it. I am hoping if I do a good job on this, you won’t be too nervous when I decide to do that.”