Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

We’ve had a couple days of actual spring like weather recently. Today is a bit cooler and windy, but not cold, and sunnier than you can even imagine!

In honor of the holiday and the feel of spring, I pulled out a braid of dyeabolical polworth/silk top I had in my stash.


I decided I was going to spin it on support spindles in a much thicker than normal fashion. That took me a little over 24 hours. Once that was done, I decided to chain ply it for two reasons, the first being that I felt the color changes were so intense they should be preserved. The second being that I wanted a nice thick chunky yarn and this would be a quick way to achieve that. It is only 104 yards, but what can you expect with such a chunky yarn!


Chunky spinning achievement unlocked.

The blending of the pink

Would you look at that? Surprisingly, I managed to finish spinning and plying my very pink skein of yarn. I want to tell you that this is fingering to sport weight yarn. But when I say that, I mean that it is a gradient. Starts off fingering weight, ends sport weight. Well, you can’t win ’em all! However, I do think it is a lovely skein. I enjoy seeing how the 3 ply yarn changes tones if even one of the plies moves into a new color.

This was a surprisingly fast spin, and a very fun ply. I am actually considering making something out of this one, and fairly soon. That means, I may even start knitting again. Will wonders never cease?! This skein turned out to be 230 yards.


My next spin? Another very spring like color, another braid that should spin fairly quickly.


Shiny and Pink

OK ok, the pink in this dyeabolical braid really is overpowering! I still believe it will tone down, but since I have not yet started plying, it is hard to imagine. I am just on the finishing end of spinning these singles now and hope to have another fresh skein of yarn done this weekend. I am eager to see what it turns out like as I have very few preconceived notions of how this one will look, besides knowing it will be randomly striped. While it is shockingly pink, it also appeals to me somehow and spinning something so bright appeals to my desire to see the spring. I may just have to pull out another skein of spring like colors after this. I keep imagining I’ll be spinning my jacob fleece on my wheel shortly, but thus far the weather hasn’t been conducive to porch spinning, nor have I been able to spend time with other friends in social situations, where I do the majority of my work on the wheel.



So those inglenook batts? The ones named “crocus in the snow?” They were as dreamy as I dreamed they would be and in no short amount of time I had my singles spun up on my support spindles.


So I snagged a picture of Crocus in the Snow in the snow. Then I decided I needed to make a 3 ply out of these. The colors really are not in any particular order, as it often happens with batts. I wasn’t sure if there really was any other way to make them look semi consistent. Once washed and finished, I ended up with 196 yards of a lovely 3 ply worsted weight yarn. This might be one of my all time favorite skeins to be honest, mostly because it was such a pleasure to spin from start to finish. I so often feel defeated by a project eventually, but I never felt anything but love for this one.


I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in over a week. I am dangerously close to being done with yet another skein of yarn, the pink/grey/yellow BFL from dyeabolical. It is just amazing how much spinning I can produce in a short time when I am not spinning laceweight and knitting in my other spare moments.



Yesterday I mentioned that I’d spent about 2 weeks finishing up some projects that now felt like obligations while dreaming of what I could spin next. One of those things that I was just desperate to start was some Inglenook batts I had picked up a few weeks ago. The colorway just called to me, named “Crocus in the Snow.”

20130323-145658.jpg 20130324-110218.jpg

Aptly named really because it turns out I was spinning it at a time when spring snows are not quite gone yet.

May I quickly add that these are my first Inglenook batts. And they Are Amazing. An artsy batt that is so well processed that you can still spin finely on it and have an even yarn. They draft amazingly well and there are so many more colors than I’d even imagine in them. I intend to 3 ply these, which means I’ll have a semi solid in some absolutely gorgeous tones.

Core Spinning

Awhile back I finished hank #1 of some awesome green and white corespun, from a pretty art batt from Spin Culture on Etsy. I set it aside as I wanted to finish Vintage Vespa. Then once Vintage Vespa was done, I was hell bent for leather to finish the green and lavender BFL laceweight. Well, just as soon as that was done, having spent about 2 weeks imagining what I’d spin next, I put my larger whorl on and finished up the corespun project simply so that I could empty a basket and make the house just a tad tidier. In the end, I’ve got 88 yards of a very nice looking corespun. I am certainly pleased with it. And with the speed that corespun gets made!



Spring! Or not….

Yesterday I mentioned that I refused to do any other spinning until that green/lavender BFL was done. That was a bit misleading, as I had dinner with Jeremy on Thursday. Since I didn’t have any other wool at his place, I decided to pull out something spring like. I chose a braid of BFL in bright colors. This is from Dyeabolical, it was part of a fiber club that involved pinks. I was skeptical of this at first, but I think that the yellow will make the pink more orange and the grey will tone it down, so I suspect once I 3 ply this it will be a lot more muted than it is. I have spun it all on my trindle SST so far.

So I began to spin on this Thursday evening, thinking of spring and easter and how much I am ready to have it warm enough to sit on my porch. I got quite an amazing amount done in a fairly short time! SO much so that I decided I needed to bring it home with me and continue with it, rather than leaving it to languish for weeks on end.

But, my hopes for spring were dashed with yet another snow. And along with the snow came a very winter like cold and cough for me. SUCH a bummer!