I feel human again! What is even better is that my nose has started to run again. This means that everything is clearing up now. Bug is back to her normal self though still on meds. And singing “Bug’s in the basement, mixing up the medicine” every time she gets a dose.

Christmas tree is up and decorated. Only two ornaments were lost during this process, and since Bug is only 5, and our ornaments are glass, I’d say we did ok.

This morning I popped out of bed quite fast since my alarm clock told me it was 7 AM. I rushed around getting my shower and getting everything together. I then proceded to look at the living room clock and see that it said 5:45. I figured it needed batteries so I ignored it. Once I realized that the dining room clock also said 5:45, I figured that it might be time for a new alarm clock.

Trying something new

Since I never spin this way, I thought I’d try my hand at some low spun singles. I switched to my large whorl and gave it a whirl. 😉 At first I found myself fighting with it, concentrating so hard to draft faster and treadle slower. But after awhile I found myself getting into a certain rhythm, and the targhee top drafted beautifully. Now I have 240 yards of lowspun singles and I am at a loss as to what one might knit with low spun singles.

Happy Thanksgiving

It is a quiet one here. Though I had some wonderful other options (thank you friends!) I’ve chosen to stay home and continue to recover.  I did manage to get the house rearranged for the tree, get the tree up and set up, and all the ornaments brought up. This I had to do in shifts, but since I started at 4:30 AM, it was all accomplished.

I’ve been knitting on my Lady Eleanor stole most often lately, a wonderful non thinking project that keeps me occupied when I am feeling good and I can put down fast if I am not feeling so well.  It is really starting to come along, don’t you think?

More Bug Stories

So, Bug and I have been sick. Sick sick sick.  I won’t give you the entire story, but Bug has been running a recurring fever since last Tuesday. Last night, when she again had a fever, she told me her ear hurt. I gave her some tylenol and sent her to bed. Called mom to make sure it was time to make the doctors appointment, and she agreed that it was. Bug woke up at 3 AM screaming over her ear, so I was pretty sure I knew what was going on at that point too.

Meanwhile you must remember that we are BOTH sick sick sick. So I am just struggling on with her care, though she is fortunately a really good kid and I can get my rest in. This morning since again we were looking at another rough day of sick, I decided I could at least start the day off right and make her some pancakes for breakfast.  We began to pull together the dry ingredients, and set the table. Then I remembered that we didn’t have any eggs left over.  So no pancakes.  She of course informed me that her daddy didn’t use eggs with his pancakes, so I had to explain the difference between making something from scratch and using a mix.  She was disappointed but she handled it well.

Later on we headed to the doctor.  We are sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to arrive, when she starts to spontaneously sing the blues.

“We couldn’t have pancakes…

We ran out of eggs!”

I thought this was absolutely fantastic!


Doctor comes in and asks Bug why she is there.

Bug: Because my ear hurts. And it feels like I am in an airplane.”

Doctor: Well, that is a very mature answer. Mom, is she the oldest child?”

Me: “Only child”


Doctor proceeds to listen to her lungs

Doctor “And, she is very very good patient.”

Doctor looks in both ears.

Doctor: Bug, which ear is hurting you?

Bug: “The right one.”

Doctor: “Well Mom, Her left ear is perfectly clear, and her right ear is very red.”

Me: “So you are saying I need to believe her when she tells me her ear hurts?”

Doctor: “With a kid this mature? Why ever would you not???”

Let’s hope this puts us all on the mend now. Its been a rough week. In fact, I’ve about hit my wall and am getting the chills and need to head to bed.

So many colors

I had this BFL hanging around, with an amazing amount of color in it.  I have never seen a roving with so many different colors, so I decided to 3 ply in order to best combine so many.

190 yards 3 ply BFL Sportweight



The Laddu Pullover, pattern coming soon. (Ummeyusuf designs, of course.)

I used lion brand cotton-ease. I picked out the colors with Bug and my sister in law.  Of course Bug will not allow anything but the girliest colors, so we were a bit limited in what we could pick.

I love the raglan sleeves on this, they turned out so beautiful. This is probably the sportiest sweater I have ever made. Would work well as a little boy’s sweater too.  This is the first time I’ve worked with cotton ease, and I found it surprisingly easy on the hands.

Another great little design from ummeyusuf!


I know I keep talking about the test knit sweater, and yet I don’t show it off.  I’ve now decided that it is so close to being done I’ll just distract you with other projects until I complete it.

I started working on this lace scarf before I left on vacation in October. It hung around in a state of half hearted beginning until I took it with me on my second trip back east.  I then finished the border and began to work on the body of the scarf.

The yarn is from habu textiles, and I picked it up at stitches midwest.  I love the shade of blue and the scarf will make a fantastic warm weather knit.  The pattern is from Victorian Lace Today.


My OCD, let me show you it.

So when I had no ability to figure out my test knit, I began to knit mini socks as holiday ornaments.  I had decided I’d do a few for Bug’s teachers, and then I decided to do some for coworkers, and well then….it just started to get out of hand.

I hope you don’t think I am done.

The best of intentions

I began the weekend with the intention of finishing a test knit I am working on for ummeyusuf. I figured with all my free of the computer time, I could surely bring the project to completion.

The one thing I didn’t count on?  Needing the computer.  You see, sometimes I can be a bit daft on the instructions. This is not the fault of the pattern designer, it is purely a failure to read and follow the directions issue.  But when I have no one to turn to in order to get that failure worked out in my own head….I am out of luck.  Friday night I found myself sitting in front of the TV watching Gran Torino and stumped over the neckline of the sweater. Furthermore, lacking the internet and a computer, I was not able to email ummeyusuf for her advice. Which would have been “read the directions” anyhow.

Which means I spent Saturday cleaning and spinning and working on other projects.

Sunday I got together with my friend Sarah. She kindly brought her computer so I could ask my question.  Ummeyusuf, despite the time difference, answered my question quickly.  Know what her answer was?  “Read the directions.”  Well, not in so many words…she tried to word it different ways, but the point was still the same.

So Sunday evening I went home and read the directions.  Then I completed the front and back of the sweater. I’d best start on the sleeves tonight!

As for the spinning, I have that to show you tonight. 2 ply merino dyed by bunkybobo and spun for her. I am jealous, I want to keep some of this stunning yarn!


Yesterday as Bug and I were in the car driving to our friend Sarah’s house, we saw a truck with a dead deer in the back of it.  Not one to shy away from such things, I immediately pointed it out to Bug.

Me:  “Look Bug!  The guy in that car shot a deer!”

Bug:  “Oh!  I see it!  What’s he gonna do with it?”

Me: “Well, perhaps he is going to take it home and turn it into food.”

Bug: “Yeah!  He’s gonna make it into CHICKEN!”

Me: “Buahahahahaha!  The word for that is venison. Mommy used to eat venison when she was little.  It was good!”

Bug: ” I wish I could go hunting and shoot a deer.  Or a BEAR!  Yeah, I want to shoot a bear.  Or an owl.”

Proving….even though she grew up in a city, the hills of PA are still strong in this one…..

Another one bites the dust

The very old desktop computer which would reboot itself repeatedly in the evening or would freeze causing me to reboot it finally breathed its last breath last night. A sad day for all.  This leaves me with no internet over the weekend, so if you are trying to get ahold of me, I guess I’ll have to answer the phone.  LOL

No blogging for me until Monday.

The color of autumn

I had no idea when I took this picture that the color on my socks mimicked the color of the autumn leaves.

Picture 137

This is blue moon fiber arts socks that rock mediumweight. The pattern is BFF socks from Cookie A. The difference in color patterning comes from decreasing the back cables over the instep. But those of us who use socks that rock have come to expect the interesting pooling effects!  For cabled socks, these are crazy stretchy.


I had my cousin John knit a row on the foot of the sock. He must be a good knitter, since I can’t even see where he put his row. I like the fact that I have pairs of socks which have stitches from people important to me.

All I knit is socks.

Well, lately that is.

Mom needed more socks, so I gave her a pair of mine and then bought a bit of yarn to make another pair. In true form, the day I gave them to her she found a hole in the toe of an old pair. No, I won’t be repairing it.


Instead, she gets this new pair of crazy zauberball socks. Bug picked out the colors for her, and I used my Vintage Socks book for the pattern.  They turned out pretty cozy and I was tempted to keep them for myself, a temptation that doesn’t last overly long these days.

Magical Thinking

Isn’t it an odd thing?  I’ve suspended blog posts due to the last post being posted before my grandfather’s passing. Somehow in my odd brain, I decided that I could not post, because once I did it would actually be true. No matter that I’d been traveling, spent time with family, attended the funeral, etc. Still I felt that if the blog was suspended then I’d wake up and it wouldn’t be true.

But we are back home now, I’ve a lot of projects to post, knitting to be done, and a routine to fall back in to.  I wouldn’t have traded the time with my family for anything, it was a joy to reconnect with them all despite the circumstances. Furthermore, I got to listen to more stories about my grandfather than I’d ever been exposed to before.  And for someone like me who loves to hear stories and memories, this was such a pleasure.

One of the most touching moments for me was when my grandmother informed me that grandpa would be wearing the first pair of socks I gave him. I’d thought about it before I got there, I’d hoped it would be the case, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for it. Having my grandmother on the same wavelength was very comforting to me.  He loved these socks. Mom had informed me that he was having trouble with finding socks that fit, so I sent him these socks because I knew they’d stretch in every direction. Fit shouldn’t be a big issue in that case. He immediately loved them and would not take them off. Not even long enough for grandma to get them washed.  So I knit a second pair, but these remained the favorite.  Knitting socks for grandpa was a way that I could show my love for him even far away. A way for me to improve his life even if I couldn’t visit.  A way for me to be in touch with him even though we didn’t speak over the phone. To know that they will stay with him pleases me to no end.

So, when you wonder why I knit so many socks, or why I give away so many socks, remember that for me handknit socks are more than just pair of socks. To me they are a way of showing my love for my family from afar.

And finally, just so you get to see some knitting content, I have completed the last Christmas stocking of the year. This one is for Bug.  I was running out of white yarn so I chose a green toe and heel, and like the effect even better than all the white heels I’ve been knitting into these stockings.  She is thrilled to pieces over it and didn’t even want me to pack it away in order to take it back home.