Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little knitting bee this week, it’s been fun! Except for that time when I came home from work, dragged all my new projects outside, took pictures of them, took them inside, only to realize late at night that none of my pictures stayed in my phone. (My phone has issues, it’s getting old.)

That’s ok, it just delayed a blog post. The day was super wet and gloomy anyhow and photos for today are better anyhow.

So, I knew the KAL for the Rikaart shawl started on Tuesday. And I was done with my vest Sunday night. I didn’t want to start any other large project. So I knit a spinning bag for felting for the new wheel, that was a one evening project. I am saving that photo for a separate post, once it’s felted. Then I began a baby sweater for Miss Butterfly’s best friend, who is getting a baby sister in January. We are keeping this a surprise from the mom, but both the girls know.


It’s another baby mine sweater, and I am using rowan cotton glace. I already had it in stash, and nothing is easier to care for than cotton really. I only got this far on the sleeve before the Rikaart shawl started, so I got the first clue of that done:


Doesn’t that just look like the colors of a vintage afghan? The orange is handspun from Miss Marja, and the other two are my own handspun yarns. It’s been a fun little knit along so far, there are a lot of direction changes that I think will keep me very interested.

My Okoboji plans fell through, my friend who is moving is just too swamped for the plans we had made now that her move date is set. I had a suspicion that might happen. So instead, Miss Marja and I are heading to the local yearly guild show. I told her I plan to also put on make up so she’ll take photos of at LEAST my new vest, if not the finished sweater too, if the buttons arrive in time.

And in other news, work is going SO well right now that I just decided this morning to take all of next week off. Obviously I haven’t made any big plans, as it’s a new thought, but I think I’ll do my deep cleaning of the house, as usual, that week. I always feel like doing so during thanksgiving week really makes me feel cozy and happy and at home during the busy holiday season.

This Week November 13-19

Last week:

  • Find buttons for the sweater, sew on, and get a finished object photo.
    • I ended up ordering them online, so I am waiting for them to arrive.
  • Start new sweater. Which is more of a vest. In bulky yarn. So it’ll fly.
  • Clean the corners of the house. When you have hardwood floors and area rugs, the corners get really dusty. When you are using an area rug in the living room that refuses to stop shedding, the corners get VERY dusty. I need to clean the corners.
    • I should add that I only cleaned the living room corners, but those were what I was referring to in the above task.
  • Do some spinning
  • Do a clothing switch out, the weather is cold and I need more work shirts which are all packed away in the basement.
  • Get a bike ride in.
  • Work on step goals, let’s say 5 out of the 7 days meet step goals.
    • Got 7 out of 7 done!

I don’t have any photos for today. But I can give you an update. I finished my bulky knit vest last evening. Before dinner even! Which meant I could weave in ends, soak it, and block it last night. I did so, and though it’s still damp, I tried it on this morning. It fits! I mean, it COULD use more length, and I had the yarn for that. But it doesn’t look wrong as is either. I do need to do two things. First, there’s a hole at the underarm seam that needs a quick re-seaming. And more importantly, though I can get the thing over my head, it’s not particularly comfortable. I need to pick out the bind off, and then bind off with Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy.

I pulled out the rose when I was cleaning the edges of the living room yesterday and had intended to do some spinning on it. But then didn’t. I still haven’t made any decisions about the singles I just finished either. Now, I knew I had planned to go to Okoboji this month, but in the middle of the night I woke up realizing that it was THIS WEEKEND that I planned to go! Color me surprised. So, I am keeping this week’s list pretty light as I don’t think I’ll be home to do stuff over the weekend. But, I DO know that I should have a nice amount of time for knitting and spinning!

This week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
  • Dust living room and bedroom
  • Get a load of Miss Butterfly’s outgrown clothing to donation.
  • Begin a knit-to be felted-spinning bag for new wheel.
  • Knitting and spinning on the weekend!

Oh, and I forgot this picture from the weekend. On Saturday, Lizzie finally destroyed her beloved toy, the stuffed pineapple with a pull rope and squeaker. She loves this toy far above all others, and it’s also lasted the longest despite being used the most. I told Mr. Ink he’d better go get another one. And this happened:


Yep, that’s TWO new pineapple toys, one for now and one for later. Spoiled thing!

I Think

My vest is going to be ok. In fact, last night I was so confident of this that I went ahead and began putting the sleeves on it and knitting the yoke. Mr. Ink and I stayed up WAY late watching a movie, and I just kept working on it. So, it’s in great shape, but my hands are not. Nope, not at all. I am waiting for some ibuprofen to kick in. But really, this may be a good thing, as I really didn’t get much useful stuff done yesterday. Maybe today I’ll get something off my list complete.

I did do some spinning on my kromski though!


I finished the batt I put on there a couple weeks ago. I’ve finally got that wheel adjusted “just so” and as it turns out, it’s a fabulous little spinner. I do think I’ll get a nice amount of use out of it. But now I have to decide if I want to chain ply the above batt or leave it as singles. I love the length I can get with laceweight singles, and I don’t have much in stash right now that isn’t already queued with nice large yardage amounts. On the other side of this, I realize that what’s at the beginning of the pink bobbin may be slightly overspun for singles, as I was still adjust and readjusting the wheel to get it “just so.” So I think I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see what I think.

That’s it from here, I am just hoping to motivate to get something useful done, and hoping my hands stop hurting so I can get back to the knitting. And really, I need to keep bulky yarn right OUT of my stash.

Quiet Saturday

So, our final team member has now joined as of Friday. She’s someone already known to us, and so that makes training a bit easier. The team member who started at the beginning of October is doing great as well, and our office is beginning to settle in. It’s quite exciting, and everyone seems to get along pretty well and be respectful personalities. While training two new people is mentally taxing, it’s not nearly as mentally taxing as dealing with a particularly disruptive personality, so life is already quite a bit better at work.

I’ve kind of just been doing my best to really take TIME to concentrate on my own job again, a thing that often got lost in the chaos we’ve experienced for a few years now. And, when I get home, I am pretty tired, but in a good way? Like, I am working toward something exciting. I can absolutely see a difference in my own mental state, in the sense that I really look forward to going in to work, and I am eager to assist those around me, and I am overall more ready to deal with anything that comes up in a gracious and optimistic way. It’s like I am me again! And it’s refreshing. Mr. Ink said one morning this week, as I was kind of dancing around the house getting ready for work, “Well, looks to me like this work change has made a whole new Shells.”

I’ve been working almost exclusively on a cabled vest out of bulky yarn. I’ll be honest, I am not loving it. I wanted to get the yarn out of stash, so I began this project. But, I suspect it may be ill conceived. And, add to that the fact that knitting with bulky yarn really bothers my hands, so I am hurting as well. I am not quite sure what to do about it, if I knit it as written I fear that I won’t have enough length in the vest to wear it. If I knit extra length, I may not have enough yarn to complete the project, which isn’t ideal either. I mean, the idea was to GET RID of that yarn, not buy more. Plus, the color is discontinued, so I’d have to hunt destashes.  I’ve gone over this many times, and I think the plan is to knit as written to the point at which I add sleeves. Then I stop, and soak and block the project to see if I can figure out if it will block long enough for me to wear. It might! Often times knitting blocks further than I imagine it will. I have only 19 more rows until it’s time to block.


It just does NOT look long enough! Once blocked, I will further decide what can be done, I think. (Because if it doesn’t block to appropriate length in the body of the sweater, it’s not going to fit in the top area either.)

19 more rows to see if this one gets frogged completely. I swear, if this project doesn’t work out? I am making a blanket for Lizzie out of this yarn and calling it good. Hah. After all, she loves a good scratchy yarn.

It’s cold here, and my crazy nut of a kiddo is in a tent outside in the yard. I think I should be grateful though that she’s not in annoying me. Mr. Ink is working this morning, so it’s very quiet. I am hoping to find some motivation today to get something done around the house other than the normal laundry/dishes routine.

That’s about it for here on a quiet day. Have a great weekend!


I guess I haven’t taken a photo of venomous tentacula in a bit, so here she is!


I’ve made some great progress on this one. And actually? I don’t think the casting on casting off thing really annoys me nearly as much as I imagined. I really particularly love how the light and dark of the handspun all mushed together sort of gives the overall project highlights. It creates kind off odd shadows in the darker areas. I am genuinely surprised at how much I am enjoying this project! Bonus points, I just bought a new flannel shirt. I didn’t mean to, but it’s the exact colors that are in this scarf, except for the yellow. So I’ll just have to keep after this one in order to have something to wear with my new flannel!

This particular shade of a purpley burgundy in the scarf above seems to be one I am really digging lately. My favorite pair of work pants are that color. And the vest I began in bulky yarn the other day is also that color. I can’t seem to stop! I’d show that off, but like, I’ve got 4 pieces, all ribbing, and none of the amazing cables that I will eventually be knitting done yet.

Last evening Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly headed to some second hand shops to look for a desk and nightstand for her, and a plant stand of some sort for him. Now, I did not go. I did not go because I wanted these things purchased, but I did not want to do the mental work of making decisions about them. I also did not want to shop. And finally, I needed a little downtime after a rough day. (Work is better, I promise! But, still, some days are rougher than others.) Anyhow, they left and I decided I could just, you know, close my eyes for a minute? Do a reboot? I mean, I used to do that all the time, end my work day with a 20 minute nap. But since we got the dog, that hasn’t happened and my evenings really suffer for it. All of a sudden my phone begins receiving multiple text messages. Yep, it’s Miss Butterfly, sending me picture after picture of various choices from the second hand shop wanting my opinion. Um….that’s NOT how this was supposed to go?!!? I told her I was shutting off my phone.

They came home with a serviceable wooden folding table for Miss Butterfly’s nightstand, and a very nice round end table to use as a plant stand for Mr. Ink’s plants. The living room was rearranged, and now all that’s left for in there is a new area rug. Hopefully I’ll get the motivation to go looking fairly soon.

And that’s all from here, happy hump day!


Lizzie Heavy Post

I don’t have any crafting photos today. I blocked my sweater last evening. It looks great and looks like something I’ll get quite a lot of use out of. Hopefully as much as my boxy and buttony sweater which I am wearing today. Yay cool weather! I did begin a vest out of bulky yarn yesterday. However, I restarted it 3 times because I didn’t bother with a gauge swatch. Plus, it’s one of those items that I am knitting so that yarn is no longer sitting in my stash, moreso than something I am excited about actually wearing and having complete. No photos yet, but it should be a fun cabled thing to show off once I really get going. First there’s what feels like miles of ribbing to get done.

I had a but of a mix up yesterday. I’d decided to look for buttons online for my new sweater. I am rather partial to czech glass buttons. I know they are typically a larger size but I thought I’d go hunting for ones small enough for my sweater. I thought I had found some, and ordered them. Only to realize after the fact that they were listed incorrectly on the website. So, a refund was asked for and received. This morning I went back to look at the same site, as their customer service was great, and found some buttons I believe will work. So now I just have to wait for them to come in.


I think I mentioned, in passing, that Miss Butterfly was quite ill for awhile there. I don’t think I went into great detail though, as the week was very busy for me, and with her being sick on top of it, there was very little blogging time to be had. In any case, she had a fever for a solid week, missing an entire week of school. The above photo was taken on a Monday morning before I knew she was sick. I just thought it was sweet that she was resting on her doggo. It wasn’t too much time later that I realized that she had developed quite the fever. I suspect she had the flu, with that long fever and her body aches. “It hurts to move mom, every muscle hurts!”

Lizzie Bean played nursemaid all week, hanging out with Miss Butterfly when she was sleeping and resting, and entertaining her in the brief moments she felt a little better. Then when I’d get home, Lizzie would get a break, and I’d be the one to fuss.


Here’s Lizzie taking a break on her “throne” which is my ottoman. With the old couch, I used to sit on it with my feet up, and Lizzie would lay at my feet on the couch sometimes. Now? The ottoman isn’t large enough for both my feet and the dog, so when she decides she wants up there, I have to decide I want to allow it.

Anyhow, Miss Butterfly missed a week of school, which then put her very far behind in her school work. Her grades are a mess, and we are working on it now, but it’s been a week and a half and we aren’t there yet. This combined with my irritation at her use of her phone has led to a moratorium on phone use in the evenings as well as friend time in the evenings. If her grades go up, we’ll reconsider. Once her schoolwork is done in the evenings, she’s gotten down to business cleaning her room. It’s been great. And I think she’s learning that everything gets done more quickly if you aren’t distracted by what is going on with social media. In fact, she came out last evening positively glowing over the fact that her room got done so fast and looked so good.

The agreement was that if her room got done, she could go with Mr. Ink to shop for a used desk for her room. She’s convinced him that this evening is the correct time for that. So, they’ve got a shopping date tonight. She was so excited about this that she could not stop talking all evening long. It was nuts! Or, that too may be a result of no phone use.

Here’s another phone use story. Miss Butterfly came to me last week in great distress because a friend had posted on social media that she’d been shot while in a car with her family. I immediately reacted with skepticism. Miss Butterfly didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting her level of worked up about it. Miss Butterfly told Mr. Ink. Later on, Mr. Ink came to me and said “Did you hear what happened to her classmate?” I again refused to rise to the level of emotional involvement they were requesting out of me. I heard nothing more about it for a few days, so I then asked Miss Butterfly about the situation, and she said “Oh, my friend said someone else was posting from her account. It never happened.” Which led me to a lecture in how we can’t believe everything we see on social media and we need to stay skeptical until there are facts involved. Later on, I told Mr. Ink the end result of this situation. He said “You had this figured out all along! I was trying to understand why you weren’t more concerned about kids being randomly shot in cars with their families in our neighborhood!!!”

I think that’s about it for stories from me today. Just a few more Lizzie photos. She’s gotten in the habit lately of hopping up on the bed for a short time when I go to bed. She waits for Mr. Ink to come to bed, and then gets back on the floor. However, this weekend when I made the bed after washing the sheets, she decided NOW was the time to get on the bed.

Apparently she’ll never get on a dog bed, but our bed is just fine.

This Week November 6-12

Last week’s list:

  • Disconnect sink drain and clean out hair in the drain so it drains nicely again.
    • I am still crowing over this one!
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom. (It got a pretty good cleaning this weekend, but because of the sink drain issue, I didn’t complete the job.)
  • Clean microwave. What an uninspiring job that is, right?
    • Mr. Ink said “It sparkles!”
  • Ride bikes this weekend.
    • Got two rides in actually, one on Thursday night and one on Sunday.
  • Finish body of current in progress sweater.
    • I’ll talk more about this below.
  • Finish the singles on at least one of the 3 current spins.
  • Go look for either a rug or a plant stand for the living room this weekend.
    • I didn’t even remotely get these last two points done.

So, those last two points. I didn’t get any spinning done because I was too busy knitting my sweater. In fact, I finished the knitting portions last night, and finished weaving in the ends and sewing this morning. So, it’s currently soaking and I’ll block it tonight. That’ll leave only the 10 buttons to find and sew on, then I’ll be done. Which brings me to another task, starting the next sweater.

And, I didn’t get any shopping done due to the extra bike ride, and because Mr. Ink told Miss Butterfly that they could go shopping for a desk together if she finished her room. I told them that they should also shop for a plant stand of some sort together so that I didn’t have to bother. As for the rug, I kind of need Mr. Ink’s involvement in that one, and the weather was way too nice for him to concede to a shopping trip.

So, for this week:

  • Find buttons for the sweater, sew on, and get a finished object photo.
  • Start new sweater. Which is more of a vest. In bulky yarn. So it’ll fly.
  • Clean the corners of the house. When you have hardwood floors and area rugs, the corners get really dusty. When you are using an area rug in the living room that refuses to stop shedding, the corners get VERY dusty. I need to clean the corners.
  • Do some spinning
  • Do a clothing switch out, the weather is cold and I need more work shirts which are all packed away in the basement.
  • Get a bike ride in.
  • Work on step goals, let’s say 5 out of the 7 days meet step goals.

I think I’ll stop there, happy Monday!