Expect the Unexpected

Last evening we’d planned to go, as a family, to see the new Murder on the Orient Express. Poirot mysteries are kind of my thing. When Mr. Ink got home, he said “Why don’t we go out to dinner as well? It’ll be a tight turn around, so we should leave now, but it’s doable.”

So, we went out to dinner. And, as it turns out, we didn’t get our food until half an hour after the movie started. Movie was skipped. However, it was trivia night at the place we were eating. While we didn’t formally participate, we all listened to the questions and tried to answer them, and had a wonderful time together! Miss Butterfly was initially quite irritated about missing the movie, but even she had a lovely time. We even had a 3 way split on a brownie sundae, as a consolation prize. Not what we expected for the evening, but great time spent together nonetheless.

I got photos of my worsted weight 3 ply!


I could not be more pleased with this end result. I ended up with 440 yards of this stuff, and I am having a hard time not balling it up immediately and casting on. The only thing stopping me really is simply that I haven’t located the correct project. This one may never make it into stash.

Tuesday night we finally sprung for a prime membership. Know what that means? Doctor Who with Miss Butterfly again.


Everyone seemed rather thrilled with the decision. Lizzie’s pretty much into any TV if it means she gets to spend time with Miss Butterfly. While Mr. Ink wants nothing to do with Doctor Who, he’s pretty pleased to try Man in the High Tower, so I got plenty of spinning time on Tuesday night!

Tonight Mr. Ink goes to see a live show. He wanted me to go, badly, but I’d get him to play this band’s music for me, and every single song went like this: “Oh, that’s kind of nice, I could get into that.” and then by the end of the song?” WHAT IS THIS WALL OF SOUND ASSAULTING MY SENSES!” So, he’s gotta go alone. I don’t know yet if Miss Butterfly will be home, her father usually takes her on Wednesdays but he had to work last night. So, it might be a nice quiet evening for me!

From the Show

As soon as I finished my autowrap handspun last weekend, I divided up 8 ounces of fiber I’d purchased at the guild show at the start of my vacation. And I divided up 12 ounces of fiber I’d purchased on small business Saturday. Then I got to spinning the 8 ounces with the intent to have a 3 ply worsted weight yarn.


I forget just how fast 8 ounces will spin when I am not trying for a fingering weight 3 ply! This spun up in no time at all, here’s two bobbins full. The colorway is Sari not Sorry from The Dyeing Arts. Fiber content was superwash merino, nylon, and stellina. The stellina gives it quite a lot of sparkle, but I noticed that it also gives it quite a lot of unexpected shine on top of all that sparkle. I have used this fiber base before, in a two ply that I paired with a non sparkle fiber braid of the same colorway. Let’s see if I can find it:


I really loved this spin as well and really should knit with it! I did get the Sari not Sorry plied, and it should be dry by this evening so I can have a picture tomorrow.

That’s about it from around here. It’s been a busy but lovely week so far!

What can that wheel do?

When I was asking Mr. Ink about what he thought about me getting the kromski prelude, he asked “What can that wheel do that your current wheel cannot?” I told him…nothing. The rose is a great wheel that does everything I need it to do. And, when it cannot do something, there are generally additions I can get from majacraft that will make the wheel do what I want it to do. I explained that the kromski was an opportunity to own another wheel that was a traditional style. But that was it.

I was wrong. I just didn’t realize it until my vacation. And even the way I realized it was a bit of a surprise. You see, I don’t really wear make up. But since we were going to a thanksgiving party, I decided to wear make up. But, our main bathroom is THE WORST for make up application, as there is no way to get near enough to the mirror to get the job done. The master bathroom is better, but there’s not enough room in there, and no surfaces to hold the make up while I apply it. So I’ve been bringing a small mirror out to the kitchen when I wear make up, and applying it on the kitchen table. However, even that is annoying because the mirror is never at the level I need it to be.

This time, since I had plenty of time to do my face, I decided to raise the mirror a bit. I pulled out some larger books I had around. There was a weaving book, The Fleece and Fiber Source Book, and A Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. I stacked them up trying to raise the mirror a bit, which only partly worked, but make up got applied and off we went to the party.

The next day I went to put away the books, and realized I had all these pages tagged in the yarn designs book, but I haven’t looked through the book in years. There was a time when work was great and I was creative with my spinning. But then the time of the problematic coworker arrived, and my spinning became routine stress relief rather than creative time. I began to look through the book, figuring maybe it’s time to work on some of these yarns I wanted to create. And I found it. Autowrapped singles. A thing the rose cannot do because of the design of the orifice. But my kromski can do it! So, I went in stash and pulled out some fiber and a skein of habu textiles bamboo laceweight I’ve had in stash for many years now, and made some autowrap singles.


417 yards later, I had a new and interesting yarn! The autowrap process was fun and easy, and it’s likely I’ll do it again. The resulting skein is interesting as well, and since it’s a pretty consistent color, I think it’ll make a great item. It’s probably about a DK weight yarn, though I didn’t measure that yet. I’ll certainly do this again, maybe with a couple different autowrap threads. It was easy and interesting and fast too.

What else? Oh, pics of the dog getting a bath at home.


It consistently surprises me how extremely small she is under that thick fancy fur coat. We tried an at home bath this time which seemed to stress her far less than going out of the house to do it. It was a project, as that coat takes ages to dry, but when she was dry she was also so silky soft and smooth!


And white! Those white areas just gleamed. She’s always had a very soft head, but the bath and the conditioner I used made her entire coat equally soft. The only problem? I think she might be allergic to either the shampoo or conditioner. Ever since her bath she’s been doing a ton of the reverse sneezing that some dogs do. She did this often when she arrived at our house, but then it tapered off. Now she’s doing it more than ever. It’s just I can’t remember if that started before the bath or after!

Last night was an extremely pleasant evening. Mr. Ink decided we might as well get that firepit going immediately. He started a fire and fired up the grill. Miss Butterfly is now in the midst of extra show choir practices so my firepit time was intermittent, with the picking her up and walking the dog and so on. However, Miss Butterfly was THRILLED with the fire in our backyard when she got home, so we sat outside together for a bit.


And unexpectedly, that was an item crossed off my list already!

And one more cute photo of a clean dog and a recovering kiddo. Kiddo watches TV and tries to eat some bland food. Doggo watches kiddo and hopes for scraps. A sweet moment in our house.


This Week November 27-December 3

Last week:

  • Step goals 6 out of 7 days
    • I hesitate to cross this one off, as I didn’t wear my step counter. On the other hand, I have a pretty good idea how long a walk it takes for me to get my goals these days, and I did those.
  • 1 bike ride
    • It wasn’t much of a ride, since I let Lizzie run along beside me, but the bike was out and I did ride it.
  • At least 1 walk around a lake with Lizzie
    • Didn’t get this one done for multiple reasons
  • Finish the deep cleaning of the house
    • All except the basement, but I wasn’t sure I’d do the basement anyhow.
  • Get started on a basement cleaning and organizing
    • Yeah no, though I did get the steps to the basement swept and washed.
  • Run all the errands currently in my day planner
  • Get the tree up. Doesn’t have to be decorated, just up
    • Up and decorated
  • Take photos of new yarn and fiber, get that entered on Ravelry
    • This happened, and was complete, until I bought more. Funny how that works. But I plan to just use the new stuff immediately so it never has to go into Rav as stash.

Miss Butterfly woke up Sunday morning at 11 after having been up a good portion of the night sick. I was up far earlier, as was Lizzie. I think 7? When I am up and around, so is Lizzie, so she was up half the night with me. At one point she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and went back to sleep despite the fact I was leaving my bedroom to check on Miss Butterfly. Needless to say, we were all a little exhausted yesterday. Lizzie demonstrated how to catch up on sleep, taking so many naps I actually got a little worried about her.


Once Miss Butterfly woke up we found out that her entire family on her father’s side had the illness. It was definitely a virus, as some of the kids also spread it to extended family upon their return home. Thankfully, it was fairly short lived. We took it easy most of yesterday, and by this morning Miss Butterfly said “It’s so amazing, I can’t believe it. I feel ABSOLUTELY fine this morning, like completely normal. Except my back hurts. I think I must have pulled a muscle.” Which sounds about right.

Lizzie stayed very attentive to Miss Butterfly yesterday, pretty much anytime she was laying down, Lizzie was up on the couch with her. She keeps her smallest human comforted if she can. Miss Butterfly was feeling enough better that we were able to get the tree up and decorated. Miss Butterfly sat and unwrapped ornaments, while I decorated the tree. She was pleased with the way it worked out. Then we washed Lizzie, I’ve got a photo of that too for later. You would not believe what a tiny dog Lizzie actually is. Washing her at home went FAR better than doing so at a local shop which I tried last time. She was much less stressed in our own home, and really just sat there tolerating it. Once she was done with the bath, she even seemed to enjoy the blow dryer on her, with all the extra pets and attention it gave her. Once done, she felt amazing! And smelled good too. So that was a win. It’s a bit of a long process but absolutely worth it in the end.

Let’s talk spinning. Here’s another promised photo of handspun.


This is colorway Mordor’s fire from Three Waters Farm. It’s one of the fibers I got from Introvertedknitter. I spun half this on my new wheel and the other half on support spindles. Then I plied it all on the new wheel.  Because of that, I’ve got a lovely even skein of 2 ply from the wheel, and a skein of far less even yarn from the spindle spun stuff. My spindle spinning is so out of practice. But, I ended up with 535 yards which is a lovely large amount. I think if I alternate skeins on some project, the differing yarns won’t be too problematic.

And now, for next week, I admit I haven’t thought out a list very far at all. Mostly it’ll be trying to get back in the swing of things, and adjusting to additional show choir practices on Miss Butterfly’s schedule.

  • Finish pair of socks that should have gotten done in October. With 3 work training sessions this week that should really help.
  • Ply some handspun singles.
  • Use the new firepit.
  • Step goals, 5 out of 7, and start wearing activity tracker again.
  • Work on basement clean up/clean out/reorg.

That’s all from me, adjusting back to work is the name of the game this week!

Another Interrupt

I went to pick Miss Butterfly up from her grandmother’s home yesterday. I’d told her since it was small business saturday, we could go to yarn shops if she’d like. She said I could just go on my way to pick her up. I had thought I wouldn’t, but I did hit up two out of the three on the way out there. I bought a ball of yarn at one, which led to a very long period of time in line so I ended up picking Miss Butterfly up almost half an hour late. I still wanted to get to the third shop, so I promised her a trip to a local coffee shop if we could stop at the third shop too.

We stopped for coffee (smoothie for her) and then hit up the third shop, which is my absolute favorite. I got my name entered in a drawing for a prize, and Miss Butterfly drew 15% off for me on the 3 bumps of malabrigo nube I picked up for another combo spin.

An aside about that, I keep saying that I won’t purchase nube anymore. It arrives so compacted and a bit felty around the edges. Certainly not the perfectly prepped top that I get from all our wonderful indie dyer shop owners. I guess the colors really get to me. After dividing those 3 bumps for the combo spin yesterday, I am renewing my vow. It’s irritating. But the price is really good, especially with 15% off.

We got home, Miss Butterfly wanted to have a friend over so she walked Lizzie to pick up her friend. And then about an hour later she made the friend go home because she said she wasn’t feeling well. Ever since then, we’ve been doing another round of tummy bug for her. It’s been awful, the poor kid threw up every 20 minutes 11 times (by her count, I couldn’t keep counting.) But no fever, so there’s that. But she’s pretty miserable, and extremely annoyed since just a month ago she was doing a week with the flu. She’s had a mostly sleepless night but this morning the worst seems to have passed, and she’s dealing with the after effects. I don’t know if she picked up some food poisoning at her grandparents home or what, but I do hope it passes quickly as we’ve only just gotten all her grades back to normal after the last illness. We’ve really had more than our fair share of sickness this fall, I really hope it all ends soon.

So, our day was interrupted, and today probably will be too. Unlikely we’ll spend today putting up the tree and washing the dog and taking her for a long walk. Just…rest today.

So, here’s some pretty handspun for today.


This is a classy squid columbia batt spun into 937 yards of laceweight singles. These were spun on my rose, and are more on the energized side. I’ve come to the realization if I want good, low energy singles, the prelude is my wheel. If I want great singles for plying projects, the rose is where it’s at. But, for real, both wheels are fantastic, and I am really enjoying them! I had no idea that I really did “need” another wheel in my life.

Would you believe I’ve already got two more finished skeins to show off in the upcoming days? And more on the wheel as well. One of those finished skeins is even one I chose to spin from knitter’s book of yarn designs. So, it’s more interesting than your average handspun as well. I guess my vacation has been highlighted with spinning unexpectedly, and I like it, I really like it!

First Up

Another lovely vacation day was had yesterday. I am not a shopper, and I am certainly not a black friday shopper. It’s not really for me, someone who is always trying to figure out what I can get rid of doesn’t really want to go out and brave crowds for stuff. Mr. Ink did take me out to dinner after he got home from work and doing his black friday shopping. He had a coupon for a hardware store and we needed a new kitchen garbage can, so he carefully planned his trip and got exactly what he wanted. A very nice garbage can similar to what I’d been looking at for $60, but it was $16 with his coupon and the “scratch and dent” discount. Perfect purchase if you ask me, as I kept complaining about the prices of the ones I had been looking at.

I mostly finished my kitchen/dining room deep cleaning. All that’s left is to wash the floors, which I can do today but I just couldn’t get inspired about yesterday. And that brings the entire house to completion. Including the basement steps. I had the basement on my list, but it’s not that necessary so I am probably going to skip it. Miss Butterfly comes home this morning and I’ve got activities to do with her. Such as setting up the christmas tree.

What else did I do? Well, Lizzie has been asking me to run with her and I don’t really run. So yesterday I took her out to a little used part of a trail with my bike, and let her run beside me while I rode. She doesn’t have a great deal of endurance at the moment, she’ll run full out for a bit, and then stop to go sniff things. But the joy on her face when she is running full speed was unmistakable and really fun.

And now for that spinning I promised. I took photos of these singles while they were still on the bobbins awhile back, and there they sat because I wasn’t sure if I’d leave them as singles or ply them. I decided to leave them as singles, I’ve got 877 yards.


These are pretty great singles actually, not over spun and they lay nicely in the skein. That kromski prelude has turned out to be a really fabulous spinning machine, making me some very even and nicely spun yarn. I am glad to have it. Not sure what the resulting skein will be yet, but I don’t have any high yardage laceweight singles left in my stash with projects unplanned, so I thought I’d add these.

Tomorrow, more handspun! I mean, I even created some yesterday and probably will again today, so those handspun photos may just keep coming.


Happy Thanksgiving

Hello all! I hope you are able to spend a lovely thanksgiving in a way which is important to you. As for us, we keep things pretty low key. No traditional turkey for us, neither of us like it. Instead, we go downtown to a friend’s flat to watch the downtown area christmas lights get turned on. There’s a ceremony and it’s lovely, but we stay inside and warm with good company and conversation. This year Mr. Ink and I are taking one of my friends from work as she has no family in the area. This will be her first time meeting our crazy biking friends, and I think it’s quite courageous to want to go to a party with lots of people she doesn’t know.

Yesterday was a good day, a productive day finally. I deep cleaned both bathrooms and almost finished deep cleaning my craft room. It was great! I was so happy to be back at it. And Mr. Ink noticed immediately when he got home. “Those bathrooms look amazing!” so the feedback was a really nice bonus. Just the kitchen and dining room left now, and I’ll do those tomorrow. I have to have Mr. Ink out of the house for the kitchen cleaning, and I have to get my mind wrapped around the fact that it’s just going to get messed up again. Kitchens can be tough.

Know what else I did? I knit a cowl. An entire cowl! Of course, it was out of bulky handspun yarn so it’s not THAT amazing. The pattern is Mecha cowl, and it had a technique I was curious about. Turns out it was super fun! The pattern itself is just done in bulky commercial yarn, but I used a gradient handspun. The pattern itself calls for just 3 panels, I knit 6 because that’s how much yarn I had for it. Then I alternated panels to mix up the gradient.


And this is what I ended up with! It’s really interesting, and those braid things were very simple too. If I were to do it all over again, I’d do a crochet cast on in order to make the cast on look like the bind off. In fact, I probably will do it again because this one was really fun and fast. And it could easily be done in scrap handspuns too, matching some up that looked reasonably like each other.

That’s about it from here, enjoy your day!