After working on the commissioned project for a long while on my sick day, I figured I had gotten it to a point where I should be allowed to work on something new. I picked up some knitpicks chroma worsted awhile back in order to make a sweater for Bug. I’ve been itching to use it since long color changes are exactly what I live for in knitting. This sweater is knit vertically rather than horizontally to make vertical stripes on the sweater. It is shaped using short rows. I think it is a fantastic knit for kids, and really wanted to get it done because the pattern only goes up to size 8 and that is what she will be this fall. It feels like it may be a nice quick knit, at least at this point. Bug is eagerly awaiting this one, as she is as fascinated with the colors as I am.

Back to it

I’ve been suffering from a cold and a cough which,¬†ultimately, is now interfering with my cycling. At least, it did so on Tuesday evening. I went on a ride, and overnight was up coughing most of the night. This meant I really needed to call in sick the next day. Between feeling miserable, the cough, and lack of sleep it really was the best decision. I did spend time catching up on sleep, but I also had the opportunity to work on the green thing that I’ve been avoiding forever. I need to remember the faster I get it done, the faster I can work on other projects. I actually finished more than I expected, I now have about 3 tasks left and I am done! ¬†It is still looking rather goofy, but it will come together quickly now.

Socks for Mom

The second pair of socks this year for my mom. They are wonderfully bright and I made them match. I am pleased with them, and since she left her other pair off while trying these on and put her sneakers on immediately, so I do think they are a hit.

Traveling Scarf is Traveling

Sparkeespud, the fourth person to work on the traveling scarf, is done with her portion. I dropped by via bike (in the rain) yesterday to pick up the scarf with hopes to hand off the scarf to the next victim tonight. We certainly have a bit of a purple theme going on!

Now, I am aware I’ve been slacking in the blog post department lately, but I have a decent excuse. My mom is in town, and really by the time I commute home by bike, I just want to spend a little time with her and Bug. I haven’t got a lot of content to post anyhow, thought there are certainly some new Julie Wardrobe items to show off.

Taking Shape

I spent a good long time not understanding how this project was constructed at all. It is fantastic to realize that after all that worry, it is finally beginning to take shape. I am starting to understand what is going on, and this makes my knitting far more confident. Not only confident, but inspired. Instead of dreading working on it, I am eager to see it come together now. Yes, there is still a long way to go and so little time to apply toward it, but the time I spend on it is far less stressful.