October Beauty Balance Finale

Nothing else arrived in my collection this month, so now it’s time to balance the rest of the empties. I had 9 items leaving my collection last month. Now it’s time to see what else I worked through.


I finished my powder play hair powder. I loved this product. We’ll see if other powders live up to it. I have two to try in my collection already.

I have a garnier micellar cleanser, I do not like this one bit. It foams, it’s gentle, but it tastes awful if you happen to get it near your mouth. Not for me.

I finished a much loved product that I won’t repurchase, the Mary Kay extra emolliant night cream. I love the product, it has been super helpful in many capacities. But, I think I can replace it with readily available shea butter with similar results.

I finished a sample of ulta’s makeup remover wipes. I was glad to use them but won’t purchase, as I am moving away from using disposable wipes completely.

Then there are my two lip products. One has gone off, the MUFE lipstick sample smells terrible. I finished the nudestix product early on in the month too.

That’s 6 more items leaving my collection, bringing this month’s total to 15.

Then there’s the bonus content. I have some foil packets that do not count but that I did use. The first is a shampoo by System. It was one of those shampoos that doesn’t foam, which feels a bit strange. But, it still worked just fine. I would not like to try to use it on long hair, but I’ve got very short hair which makes using such products perfectly easy.

I tried a Nars foundation and concealer sample. There’s a fair amount of them in the sample actually. I tried the Mont Blanc foundation color and it was a bit light for me. Because I then darkened it with my born this way foundation, I got 3 days use out of it. It is not my favorite foundation by a long shot, and especially this time of year when I want something less matte. The concealer was nice though, I like it quite a bit and am still using it. That’s a surprising number of uses already and it’s nowhere near done. I have other foundation and concealer sample colors but don’t want to break into them just now.

And then I also used the Becca foundation sample. This was one I really enjoyed actually. A very nice foundation. It wanted a pore filling primer around the outside of my nose. Other than that, it worked beautifully. And there was enough for one day of wear! I would definitely consider purchasing it in the future. I’ve got plenty of foundation to work through for now, but I am super happy to have gotten an opportunity to try the sample.

That’s it. 15 products out, some samples sampled, and beauty is better than balanced for the month of October.

Team Project Pan October update

Only two more months left on this project, hard to imagine I’ve stuck with it for an entire year!

First up, fragrances. I only managed to finish one this month. This is in part because I’ve been sick for a week and a half. When I am sick, I run the danger of associating a fragrance with being sick. So, I tend to just not use them at all until I feel much better.

I finished the Atelier sample. This one is the Vanille insensee. I liked it well enough, and thought I liked it quite a lot until I got sick while wearing it. So, that’s a no for me now. I believe that the Alien sample has just a spray or two left, so I am close on that one. And I did use Black Opium from time to time this month as well.

Let’s do palettes next.

There is the tiniest bit of progress on the darkest contour shade of the sleek palette. I have used the contour and bronzer on the tarte palette very consistently. I’ve used the blush and highlighter far less consistently.

The Mary Kay exfoliator has been used, a bit of progress made. I finished the Mac foundation completely, and you’ll see I’ve substituted in my IT cosmetics illuminating CC cream. I like it paired with the Born This Way foundation, so they’ll both see use this way. I did not make discernable progress on the born this way foundation, I’ve used it perhaps 3 times. The Sin & Co finishing spray did get used, though I think I’ve failed to use it for the past week. I need to get back in the habit. Then we have 3 primers. The No Poreblem has not been used, I’ve concentrated on the Becca and the Porefessional.

I feel like good progress has been made in these photos. Starting with the tarte blush, I have worn away the product around the one side. That’s great progress. I have used half the body butter. I have used the Bare Minerals concealer very consistently, and it’s pretty tough to get product out of at this point. I cannot seem to remove the stopper, so once I really can’t scrape it anymore, it’ll be done. The Thrive Causemetics brightener has been used but there’s no progress that is visible. I finished the Benefit Dandelion Twinkle highlighter completely. The AOA Studios powder is looking cruddy on my face. The weather has changed and I don’t have nearly as oily skin. As such, I am rolling out and not adding another powder. I still don’t see pan in my mac paintpot. The IT cosmetics brow pencil is still going strong, but I think I could use it up by the end of the year. I hit pan in my wet n wild eyeshadow. And finally, lip products. I finished the nudestix. I made progress on the bite lipstick, just a bit. And I made good progress on the MUFE one. But sadly, that one has completely turned, so I have to toss it. I’ve only worn the ofra liquid lip once.

And that’s that, another quick run down of my project pan progress. I am quite pleased with it overall this month.

Little Project

Here we go folks, the last post for my little project with the Nightingale palette from Pretty Vulgar.


I have been noticing that even the shimmers don’t stay particularly shimmery throughout the day. As such, I figured I really could use a shimmer in the crease and get away with it. So for today, I used Hide & Seek as a transition, Darkside in my crease, and Pillow Fight all over my lid. It’s a much lighter look than I have been creating with this palette and I am happy about that.

I used Break Free on my inner corner and Darkside under my eye. That was it. No liner, nothing else.

I paired this with my absolute favorite color lipstick for cool-toned eyeshadows, this one is Mac Let Them Eat Cake! It’s the first time I’ve worn this color and I am thrilled. It’s an exact color match for the nyx intense butter gloss I panned last year during the winter. But, I like the formula even more. A real win of a lipstick choice!

Here’s the spoiler, I’ve decided I am moving this palette out of my collection. I don’t want to use it. I don’t care for it. I have a different cool-toned eyeshadow palette I like far more than this one. There are some serious downsides to this particular cool-toned palette. The shimmers do not stay shimmery at all. They lose all luster they had by midday. Sometimes even sooner. And then, even with appropriate primer, by the time I get home from work they are creasing so badly and leaving patches of bare eyelid skin on my lids. This is not a palette I need in my life, I’d much prefer to pass it to Miss Butterfly, if she wants it, and go back to using the cool-toned palettes in my collection I actually love.

Attention Captured

Last night was another long night of coughing. I am hoping it turns out I am over the true worst of it now. It got so bad that Mr. Ink, who always goes to bed much later than I do, came in and asked if there was ANYTHING he could do to help. Even offered to go out and get some nyquil or cough suppressant. I am really hoping that the coughing means everything is now draining, and that’s why I was feeling particularly miserable.

So, what’s been really nice during this rather prolonged cold process is that I’ve had a piece of knitting that has really captured all my attention when I am resting. Now, yesterday I was feeling pretty good (until the evening coughing began) so I was highly productive. I’d told Mr. Ink that my plan was to be highly productive while being inside and introverted. I did a bunch of laundry. I packed away my summer clothing and laundered and folded and put away my winter clothing. I did some basement rearranging and sorting. I did some sorting in the main areas of the house and a whole bunch of clean up. I walked the dogs, though they were still quite exhausted from our previous day’s activities. I made myself soup for lunch and made apple crisp for dessert with Miss Butterfly. It really was an all-around lovely and productive day.

And in the midst of those moments, I knit.


This is about halfway through the day, I am well into the third color here. By the end of the day, I’d made it into the fourth color. That color is really just a deeper shade of the third color. My interest does not seem to be waning in any way at all. Since the shawl just gets larger and larger, the rows are longer and longer. I rather enjoy the rhythm of the lace at this point. I cannot memorize the pattern completely, but I just need a prompt every line of the pattern and I am off and running. I need to make more like this!


Weekend Activities

We postponed a trip to a local state park for some hiking until this weekend due to being sick last weekend. We probably missed peak pretty leaves, but I am glad we waited. Now, we figured that walking the active Miss Rose would be easier and more fun for everyone after she had a dog park trip. But, while this is probably a story for another day, during the week Lizzie got attacked by three dogs at the dog park. (She’s ok. We didn’t even make it INTO the dog park. It was all extremely scary.) So, I didn’t want to take her to the dog park again just yet. And she’s never going to that particular park again because this was run-in number two with the dog that started it.

So, Mr. Ink took Rose to the safer dog park and I took Lizzie with me to run errands. We went and picked up Rose’s dog food and a new toy. Then we ran some other errands and drove around in the car. Our final stop was at another pet store where our rescue was conducting a meet and greet. We spent about an hour visiting with Rose’s foster family who have a new foster dog as well as visiting with other folks (and dogs!) there. This gave Lizzie the opportunity to be among dogs but in a safe environment, and she had a good time being pet by all the humans.

Then once home we had lunch and then headed out for our hike. Now, the hike is the type of thing Lizzie loves most. She loves to wade in water, she likes to choose the best route for her to get over obstacles. She loves sniffing around. These are the types of activities she loves the best. Last year Rose spent the entire hike with her tail tucked between her legs, she was still a really nervous girl last year. This year she was having a pretty good time. She even voluntarily did some wading in the water.

It was a really pretty and pleasant day. Mid 50’s weather, dry, sunny, just a perfect autumn day to be out exploring.

I think Rose’s favorite part of the afternoon happened right at the end, we walked by some cows in a field and she was so curious as to what the heck they could be.


She spent a lot of time investigating them, it was very cute.

It was nice to be feeling up for a hike even if we also paid for it a bit with some extra coughing later on.

Today I am catching up on chores, hoping to have a relaxing but very productive day. Tomorrow I’ll show off where I am on my current lace project because it’ll be clear it has captured my attention very well.

The Small Challenge

I took a break for being sick with a cold and not wearing much makeup, but now I am back to working my way through another palette I haven’t really used all the colors in. The new palette is Pretty Vulgar Nightingale.


It’s a nice cool-toned palette I received in a subscription box. I’ve done very little with it beyond swatching it. So now I am going to work through this and see how it actually performs. I do like cool-toned eye looks and this is the perfect time for year for that if you ask me.

For the first look, I used Nocturnal to set my primer. I used Hide & Seek as a transition shade and Flip Out in my crease and outer corner. I used Clutch all over my lid. For my inner corner, I used Break Free and I used Hide & Seek and Flip out under my eye.

As you can see it was fresh haircut day today! I always think I look a little funny until I have a couple days of growth back. In any case, the eyeshadows performed well. The look is so basic. Flip Out was a bit patchy but nothing I couldn’t work with. I did use a royal blue eyeliner with this look, seemed appropriate.

So, day 1 verdict, no harm no foul. It’s fine by me. Not ridiculously interesting but still a palette I can use. I am eager to try the slate blue color for my next look.

Day 2:

Today we went pretty smokey, smokier than I expected, that’s for sure!

I used Nocturnal to set my base. I used Hide & Seek as a transition shade. Then, I used Swoop in the outer corner. I tried to bring that into the crease, but then ended up using Flip Out instead. I packed Silver Spoon all over my lid and it was a lot darker than I expected it to be. In order to brighten it up, I used Break Free on the center of the lid over top of Silver Spoon. I also used Break Free as an inner corner highlight. On the lower lashline I used Hide & Seek and Flip Out. I lined with a dark navy liner at the outer corners of my upper and lower lashline, and I smudged that out as well.

The Break Free on top of Silver Spoon does help it have some dimension and to catch the light a bit. I think that Silver Spoon looks really shiny initially but that shine wears off very quickly. Within a couple of hours. Swoop and Flip Out are very similar colors, definitely only need Flip Out in the palette. I have a suspicion I’ll feel similarly about a few other colors as well.

But, that’s enough on this palette this week, I’ll resume next week. I still need to use Pillow Fight, Eye Spy, Darkside, After Midnight, and All Nighter. I suspect that will mean about 3 more looks with this palette before I have used every shade and am ready to put it away. That being said, this is not one I am leaning toward decluttering. Do I have other cool-toned palettes I like better? Absolutely. But already I feel like this one, while rarely used, does serve some purpose in my collection.

Beauty Balance that Doesn’t Count

I’ve got a quick beauty balance post, even though I am not “counting” it.

After getting awfully tired of purchasing cotton pads for toner and makeup removal, I worked at cutting back. For some toners, they are thick enough just to pour into my hands and apply that way. I’ve gotten away from using cotton pads for makeup removal at all. But, I still had times where I could really use a cotton pad.

So, I decided to purchase reusable ones. Naturally, I went with an etsy shop because that’s a thing I do. I ended up getting cotton rounds. Plain cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other side. I also picked up some cotton flannel cloths for face makeup removal. I had already decided I didn’t want to keep using makeup wipes and now only use them when they show up as a sample. I often use a cleansing balm for makeup removal, but I also sometimes use plain coconut oil. Since that doesn’t emulsify, I have to use some sort of cloth.


These guys came in on my sick day and they are super cute! Yes, I totally could have made some myself, but it was worth it to me to just pay someone to do it. I also got a little laundry bag for my bathroom so I can just pop the dirty ones in there and wash on the weekend.

These turned out really cute. There are no fabric choices, they just send a variety. I am thrilled. Foxes, owls, dogs dressed as unicorns, all super cute and fun and entirely serviceable!