A Stitching Update

I got bored with the two projects I’d been concentrating on, the temperature tree and the fox and rabbit mystery stitch. I then realized that it was unnecessary to power through them, instead I could just devote a little time elsewhere. After all, I’d started a Bothy Threads project a few months before but put it down because I was so excited about the other projects. This is where I left off on January 12:

And now, picking it up again and devoting a lot more time to it;

I am close to being done with the first poppy and eager to work on another in a different color.

I have also realized something, and that is that I much prefer working on linen. Once I work through the kits I’ve already purchased I will not be picking up any more kits with aida as the fabric. When I first took up this hobby I was delighted that there were fully prepared kits to purchase and that seemed so much easier than trying to purchase a pattern, figure out size of fabric, purchase fabric, purchase all threads. But in reality, making my own kits will be a much better option for me now that I know my preferences. But it’ll be a year before I have to do that I suspect. I’ve got the two projects on linen, this project, another large kit to stitch, and a smaller kit of three tiny floral pieces. I think that should last me all year.

Stitching will be taking a slow down now, we’ve got a foster dog coming this weekend and we are watching someone else’s foster dog this week. These types of activities don’t lend themselves to a lot of stitching time!

2nd Quarter Stash Shop

After such a wild success with the previous quarter I am all inspired to start on my April, May, and June choices! And by wild success, I mean I finished a foundation I hated. Hah! But honestly I had convinced myself that I was going to be working on that foundation bit by bit throughout the year in hopes to finish, so finishing it in the first quarter felt extremely successful. And I did that even with 2.5 weeks off from makeup in the latter part of the first quarter.

This gave me renewed inspiration to target more foundation. I think that if I really pushed it, I could conceivably finish two more foundations in my collection this year. And I am going to move toward doing just that. Here’s the stash shop for this quarter:

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer-currently weighs 25 grams-this one won’t be finished in 3 months time, but it is newer in my collection so I am eager to get to know it.

Becca Backlight priming filter-I’ve marked where I am on this with a line. Since this item no longer exists for sale, I would like to finish it up. I think I can finish this one in the second quarter.

Mario Badescu Facia Spray-the line is all the way at the top since I haven’t used this much at all. I do not think I can finish this in the quarter but I can sure try and see how far I get! I would like to target this enough to finish it this year.

CYO foundation-this one is in an airless pump so the line shows where it is now and the lines will go up the container. With this one more than half finished I do think I can finish it this year. I do not know if I can finish it this quarter though, we shall see. With the Stila foundation being gone, at least I will not be trying to juggle two foundations.

Natasha Denona Bloom palette-weighs 142 grams currently. I have not had an opportunity to really play with this face palette and I am truly excited to do so. It has 2 cream products and two powder products so it really encompasses a variety of ways I’d choose to wear my makeup. The cream blush is rather dark but any time I’ve played with it I’ve managed to make it work pretty well even so, with a lighter hand.

Ciate London powder-this weighs 46 grams at the moment. I’ve had this in my stash for a good long while now, and typically I use it only on my undereyes. However, I’d like to get this finished or at least to a place where it would be an easy finish later.

Milani eyeshadow primer-this weighs 12 grams and while there’s no chance I’ll finish it this quarter I don’t have a lot of eyeshadow primer options in my collection so this’ll have to do.

Sugar mini bronzer-weighs 18 grams-this has been in my stash for ages, I received it in a subscription box. I’ll use it this quarter exclusively and see how far I can get with it. The pan is not large but I remember it being fairly pigmented so I’ll need a light hand.

Rare Beauty mascara, sample size. I did not weigh this. Once the quarter is over, I will need to toss this as it’ll have been opened for 6 months.

Melt lipstick, color frisky. This is a sample size and it’s a warm neutral. I think I can finish it this quarter.

Charlotte Tilbury lipgloss, a good option when the tones I am using aren’t as warm. I think I can finish this as well this quarter. And since I already finished a lipgloss this year it would be delightful to remove another two lip items from my collection.

L’Oreal brow pencil-Sure would like to get this one used up this quarter! Probably doable. If not this quarter than I’ll make sure to finish it this year in some manner.

Wayne Goss eye pencil-this is very new in my collection and it’s fun to add items that I haven’t really played with before. I’ll be using this in addition to the clinique eyeliner from last quarter as I do want to finish the clinique one this year.

So that’s it, a nice little curated collection of makeup to concentrate on. If I am fortunate I’ll finish 6 of the items in the quarter and if I don’t finish them I’ll be moving them far closer to the point at which they’ll be far easier to finish in a future project pan. I am yet again really excited about this quarter and while I know I’ll kind of hit a wall and get irritable about these constraints I’ve put on myself, I’ll also be really pleased with progress.