The Weekend

Guys, it turned out to be such a nice weekend! By Sunday I was Actually Feeling Better. Like, quite a lot better. This was good, because we had Lizzie’s most energetic day ever. Mr. Ink asked me “Have you been feeding her something new?!” because she was just a complete and active nut the entire day. Jumping in the air, spinning around in circles while in the air, playing all day, just a nut!

After multiple walks trying to ease some of her high activity levels, Mr. Ink and I decided to take things one step further. We dressed her up and took her to a state park for some hiking.


Even getting in the car was a high adventure and she almost fell down the basement steps because she was so excited about going for a ride.

We got to the state park, and that turned out to be so nice because once down in the trails we could take her off leash. She’s such a good dog, never running off, and always happy to catch up if she gets behind and we call her. She really enjoyed going on more complicated trails, she’d watch carefully where Mr. Ink would step, and then attempt to use those same spots. Mr. Ink would repeatedly say “I don’t think she’s going to be able to make this one.” And then she just would. She’s a better hiker than I am, I think.


Soon after I took this picture, she climbed right down that section with no problem.

We wanted to use the creek stepping stones to cross the creek repeatedly. She didn’t bother. We found out that she’s a perfectly happy dog wading in the creek.


And apparently getting a drink when she needs. Thank goodness for the peace of mind the lepto vaccine affords me.

We wore her, and me, out quite completely. Once home I ended up needing a nap, as Miss Butterfly had woken me up quite early via text! (ugh) Lizzie decided to nap with me, and never moved a muscle. But once I got up, she was right back to the super active dog ways, running around the house and playing and bouncing. I was quite grateful when Miss Butterfly arrived home to take over play duty. I don’t know what got into that dog yesterday, but it was by far her most active day in our household yet. That being said, we really enjoyed that she keeps adding to her interest in our household. We’d have no trouble at all going on a pretty complicated hike with her, she’s really good at it. I have always wanted to have a dog that would go on a run with me, and yesterday she really acted like she could be that type of dog. So I might try that at some point as well. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy seeing new sides of this goofy dog that has joined our lives.

I worked pretty hard to get a full bump of fiber into singles on support spindles. It was good to pull out my spindles and give them a whirl, they were dusty!


These will get plied later this week when I get the chance. I have tons more support spindles though, and was tempted to grab another fiber bump to see what I could do with the rest of the spindles! I didn’t though. I got back to work on my pullover.

Speaking of the pullover, it’s ALL boring stockinette in the round now. It’s moving along pretty fast, but that much stockinette does wear on the nerves after awhile. I got a nice chunk done Saturday night when Mr. Ink suggested watching The Magnificent Seven. It was great, nice and tense, great for rounds of stockinette that I didn’t even have to look at. Loved it!

That’s it from here! Hope everyone has a great week!

Icord Forever

Guys, clue 4 came out. It is, indeed, icord bind off of the 822 stitches on the needles. I laugh, because I do think it’s what would look the best, and I don’t mind icord for miles, but I am sure it’s sending shivers down spines of knitters all over.

However, I don’t have pictures of that yet. Because I got the clue this morning. Instead, I’ve got some more spinning.


Once I finished clue 3, and by finished, I mean knit until I ran out of yarn, earlier than I had hoped, I decided I needed some support spinning time.

This is some fiber out of roving (true roving, jumbled up fiber all in different directions) I received from the lovely, but sadly quiet lately, introverted knitter.  It seems to have wool and silk in it, the brightest green being silk. It works fairly well on the support spindles, as long as I don’t get too concerned about how even the yarn is.

With Mr. Ink being in the midst of the worst of his cold, and me still recovering, last evening was spent fairly quietly. Basically, we ate junk and we watched Mad Max Fury Road. I was left wondering exactly how many times I’ll have to watch that movie to get tired of it. Hasn’t happened yet, and we’ve watched it over and over. Every single time, we end up having a Discussion about it. We both notice new subtleties every time. It’s great, I love it. I spun throughout the movie and got a fair bit done. I guess I’ll have to table this project now, until those 822 stitches are bound off! But seriously, I hope that’s tomorrow so I can keep spinning and working on my striped pullover.

I am also hoping to feel better, REALLY better this weekend. I’d like to get the dog washed, I’ve been saying that for weeks now and I keep putting it off. I’d also like to take her on a nice long walk at a lake, we keep doing the same route through the neighborhood over and over, and she’s such a happy dog when she’s in the car it’s time to go exploring elsewhere. Plus, she’s increased her endurance quite well and I won’t have to worry about her tiring out too much.

That’s about it from here, hopefully next I’ll be showing you a new shawl! Though if I am realistic I know that the bind off and the washing/blocking will take longer than I expect!

A Tiny Bit

I spent most of my sick day napping and knitting. I have completed 4 (I think) repeats of clue 3 of the mystery shawl. I don’t mind knitting it, but it’s a lot of same. It’s really a matter of just cranking out that knitting at this point. But I am excited to have a finished object soon. These mystery knits really go faster than I expect them to.

At some point two things happened. Well, 3. I got really sick of knitting, I realized that it was super nice outside, and netflix quit working. So I took my wheel outside and spun on it for the first time in ages. It was pretty close to the time that Mr. Ink was to come home, so I figured I’d wait for him on the patio. Miss Lizzie alternated between rolling around in the grass, and trying to sneakily wander off to parts of the yard unknown. One good “Lizzie!” brings her running back, so I just have to keep my eye out. When Mr. Ink got home, he was eager to be outdoors in the nice weather too, so had his after work snack outside and we chatted about the yard.

Here’s the spinning I did:


I am working on a classy squid batt, and intend to chain ply it when it’s done.

Unfortunately, the pirate bugs that are so prevalent here in October were out in force, and quickly drove me inside again.

I am off work again today, and plan to keep after my mystery shawl. I am at a point I think it’s pretty clear I won’t be able to do all 10 repeats, in fact it might be really pushing it to get the 7. Though I admit I am tempted to make a 2 color brioche into a one color brioche, just adding in the second main color as I run out of the first and third. We’ll see. I want a big as possible shawl!

When I called in to work yesterday, my boss said “I am not surprised. I think you caught this because you’ve been working so hard, there’s no way you aren’t completely exhausted.” It was nice to have that noticed. Then, I called in this morning and she said “I sent you a meeting invite for Friday because I really didn’t think you were going to be better today.” So, certainly feeling noticed at the moment, which I appreciate.

Anyhow, catch you all later! Hope you have a great remainder of your week.

Sneak Peek

So, soon after posting on my blog yesterday, we pulled out the truck and loaded up the old sofa and loveseat. We took them to a good friend’s home for their second life in his basement. We had a bit of trouble, as they are large pieces, and we couldn’t fit the sofa through the garage door into the house. We contemplated it for a bit, considered bringing it in through the front door, but we were worried we wouldn’t be able to maneuver a corner in his split level ranch home, and then looked at each other like we were all idiots, realizing that he had a sliding glass patio door to work with out back. In went the sofa through the larger door and soon after I got this photo:


That’s sweet Arty cat giving his approval to the set. I am glad this 14 year old set will get more use, and it was particularly nice to be able to give them to a friend who will appreciate them.

Once the delivery of the old furniture was done, we headed to pick up our new furniture. Apparently it’s some assembly required! But, everything was packaged nicely in really good packaging, so at least I didn’t have to worry too much about the dirty truck bed.

We got home and got smart, using the various carts Mr. Ink uses for hauling rocks to haul the furniture. So much easier than all that heavy lifting. And then? Nothing. Mr. Ink didn’t want to open it up and put it together right away! It was so painful!

So, instead, I did the thing I felt would work the best to encourage the assembly of the furniture. I took my knitting and my spinning and settled into his den. Guys, it worked! First he put together the couch, and said “Now will you remove yourself from my den?” I said “Oh no! My chair and ottoman are what would make me consider removing myself from your den.” So, those got assembled too and I moved my stuff back to the living room. Mr. Ink’s recliner stayed packaged up until all three (four? Do we count the dog?) of us decided to watch a movie. It was at that point the recliner got assembled.

I will take more photos later, when the living room is a bit more in order. I still haven’t moved pieces of furniture back where they belong, and the rug needs vacuuming again. I am glad we waited on purchasing a rug though, it’s a lot easier to envision something now that the furniture has arrived.


Lizzie and Miss Butterfly approve of the couch.


And here’s Mr. Ink looking real smug about his well deserved recliner. I spent the evening in my chair as well, and really loved it. All is pretty well! Just need a plant stand that holds a lot of house plants, and that new rug and we’ll be all set.

Here’s another sneak peek:


A spindle with some singles. It’s been a long time since I spun, but I did get bored enough to want to on Sunday. Not well enough to use the wheel, but a little spindle spinning was exactly what I needed.

I’d be at home today, recovering, if I didn’t have another grant due this week. Hopefully it’ll get submitted tomorrow. In which case, I’ll probably go home and take some time off. It would be well deserved. On that note, my new needle for the westknits shawl should arrive at my home today. If I have the brain power, I’ll be able to get started on those super long rows!


No Spoilers Here

As expected, I was able to finish my clue 2 yesterday. Partway through the day, I wasn’t positive it would get done. I mean, Mr. Ink dragged me out to a movie, Blade Runner 2049, which was wonderful. Then upon my return, he wanted to go on a motorcycle ride. I was like “Hey, you already dragged me out, and I’ve got 6 loads of laundry to complete, and I wanted a little time IN this weekend. So you’ll have to ride alone.” Which he did, and that was awesome because I switched out a load of laundry and then took a nap. Miss Butterfly got home from her sleepover, and was in a surprisingly good mood! I always hate the day after a sleepover because of grumpy kid, but she wasn’t. We had some good talks, and fun time together, and she helped me with the laundry. We had JUST planned to take the dog on another walk together when Mr. Ink got home saying “I forgot I planned to mow today!” I groaned, because this again meant changing my plans. But, mowing is the one thing I do help with outside, and it REALLY needed doing. So, I got myself together and mowed.

Later on in the evening Mr. Ink said “You really should have made me do all the mowing, that wasn’t very nice of me to spring that on you.” I was like “I considered it.” But, then I would have sat inside or paced inside feeling guilty that he was mowing and I wasn’t helping. It was easier just to get the job done. And because I helped, HE was able to go grocery shopping before cooking dinner.


I think I promised a close up shot of the new garden area, the mound behind the fire pit. The new tree is pretty awesome, I really like it. And now you can see my weeping hemlock too! It’s pretty mature, but I am hoping it grows up a bit now that it is in the ground. This garden area is certainly evergreen heavy, it remains to be seen if Mr. Ink decides to add to it a bit.

When I was getting sick of all the knitting of clue 1 of the mystery shawl, I cast on a cowl just for easy knitting. It IS easy knitting, but it is worked in pattern on both sides, so even the purl rows have a pattern to follow. This means I really do need to keep my eye on the pattern as I knit. So, it’s not as easy as I had hoped. The pattern is called Thorny, and I suspect it’ll knit up quickly in the handspun 3 ply of mine that I chose for it.

Here’s the yarn:


And the project in progress:


I definitely think it’ll block out particularly nicely. I admit that while pattern knitting on both sides is a bit of a pain, I always really enjoy the results. The lines are more dramatic and it’s really fun to look at. I guess I’ll have plenty of time this week to work on this, with the waiting until Friday for clue 3 and all!

I’ve also been considering pulling out an old WIP. It’s now 2 years on the needles, and I am not even sure where I am with the pattern. Pulling out the pattern and the WIP, checking it out, and seeing if I can figure out where I am is step one, right? IMG_3529

This is what it looked like last time I took a photo. Bright, right? It’s that wollmeise I was using. The pattern is Pas de Valse. I seem to remember being at the point where I needed to divide for the front and back. I also remember the instructions being a bit complicated.

Here’s the thing. Either I knit it or I frog it. I seem to be having a desire to knit garments again. And wear them again. My success with the vest was pretty inspiring. And I had the success of finishing a long ago started sweater this spring as well. There’s one garment in particular I would like to knit. It would require purchasing yarn for it. And I just feel like I cannot do that until I finish or frog everything currently on the needles. This is the last partially begun sweater still outstanding. Bonus, regaining the needles! Finish or frog, either way I’ll get that benefit.

That’s all from here! It’s another busy busy week, work wise and personal life wise. I had to tell Mr. Ink that if he wanted to go on a bike ride tonight, he’d have to do it alone. With the current work hours and some other stuff I’ve committed to in order to help out friends, I just cannot get home in time! But, I am looking at next week and thinking “Gosh, those evenings look nice and quiet. YAY!”

Happy Monday folks!

The Reveal

I finished Miss Marja’s scarf and it’s just stunning!

It’s extremely long, just like she prefers scarves to be. The colors are amazing, though I had nothing to do with that at all. The pattern was absolutely perfect for a bunch of small balls of handspun yarn. The pattern is Ambah O’Brien’s Lamina Wrap, but I removed many of the repeats so that it would be a scarf instead. I had more than enough yarn for a wrap, but too many wraps become unwieldy when what you are really looking for is a scarf.

So, that’s done! I am really pleased with it, it looks just gorgeous and I think it’ll get a lot of wear. It’ll go with so many things!

And that’s all I’ve got for today. New person to get oriented at work today, so that’s quite pleasant but busy. I am hoping to have a nice update on both the fire pit area and the mystery shawl. Happy Monday!

My Handspun Vest

It’s done! And I really love it. I am wearing it today actually, as I can get away with it, it’s slightly cool.


It really turned out so nicely. I am thrilled with it. And the best part? I was left with 400 yards of this yarn! So, it goes back in stash and I get to enjoy the pleasure of it again.

I’ve been pretty averse to knitting garments lately, so I am really thrilled with how this turned out. Maybe there will be another garment in my future! I do have one more sweater I need to figure out if I will knit or rip.

I was finally able to get a photo of Mr. Ink’s firepit/landscape project. He worked late into the night on Sunday night, into very early Monday morning, because we knew it would rain all day Monday. He wanted to see how much of his driveway dirt pile he could get into the new project before the rain. Turns out, probably 2/3 of it. It did indeed rain all day Monday, and right into Tuesday morning. He’s not sure when the dirt will dry out enough again for him to work with it.


So, the firepit is in. The sand, gravel, and rocks are in at the bottom of the pit. I am not sure if anything else gets done with the pit itself. However, we have a metal firepit insert that will go in that hole when we have a fire. When not in use, the pit will have the container of decorative grasses. Of course, around the pit much more is to be done.

The top ring needs quite a bit more dirt, and then will contain trees/shrubs. And who knows what else. I am unclear still as to how that will look. But, we’ve taken out another large section of my mowing responsibility, so I’ll call it good!

Life continues on at a mad pace, we’ve got parent teacher conferences already tonight. My new employee starts Monday. My hours change for a month. We’ve got tons of things planned this month. It’s kind of nutty, but in a good way I think. I am almost done with Miss Marja’s scarf. Not much of a point in showing it off right now I don’t think, I should be able to show it off completed by this weekend, hopefully. I ordered some yarn for the next westknits mystery shawl that begins Friday. My yarn won’t quite be in by then, but pretty soon after I think. I can’t wait to see what is in store, it’s always weird and wonderful!

And that’s it from here, hope everyone is having a lovely week!