What shall we talk about today?

We could perhaps talk about how Bug has prompted me to set up an appointment to get my hair cut by yesterday noting “Mommy, it must be crazy hair day at your school, cause your hair is crazy!”

Or we could talk about how J’s BMW oil sensor is again not working.  A fact that he finds terribly irritating and I find most amusing.  At least this time the car is honest, it lets him know that the oil sensor has malfunctioned rather than blaming the oil itself.

Better yet, I can give you an update on how bookshelf #2 looks.  When we left off talking about the bookshelf I told you that J wanted to get 2 more bookcases and wanted to assemble them himself.  Well he did get one, and I gently suggested that perhaps he should leave it for me to put together the next time I visited.  He wanted it done right away.  Later on I received a call from him telling me that he had part of it put together but it was slow going.  The next day I asked if he had finished it.  Well apparently he had, with a few, shall we call them, modifications.  Apparently he could not get the hardware to lock down properly as I could, so he was frustrated with that, and then since I had “mentioned that I had done something wrong with the top”  (the molding was turned the wrong way) he assumed that this meant I put the entire top on backwards.  So he did the opposite.  So he put the top on backwards.  I said, “You know, its OK, just leave it and I will fix it next time I visit.”  His response?  Get ready for it!  “Well, I don’t think you will be able to fix it actually, because when I couldn’t get it to go together right, I just glued it all.”  Um…yeah…I don’t think I can fix it.  I asked him to please promise that he would not try to put together the third bookcase.  He was more than agreeable.

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