Advent Day 1

Anyone who knows me knows that in recent years I’ve been kind of obsessed with makeup advent calendars. And advent calendars in general. There’s something lovely about celebrating the season all month long. Last year I tried to get posts up daily for my makeup advent calendar from nyx, but I ended up failing at that due to the unexpected loss of our precious dog lizzie and all the things that happened in the wake of that.

This year, I didn’t even purchase the nyx advent calendar. The world is just such a changed place that I couldn’t be bothered to purchase a bunch of lip products that would go unused in my collection due to the mask wearing we are doing in our daily lives. So, instead, I took almost all of my makeup and put it in a bin. I left out items for one full face of makeup. I gave the bin to my daughter and she pulled out 24 items, boxed them up and numbered them, and then hid the rest of my makeup so I can’t figure out what is in them. This year’s advent calendar is home made!

I also purchased the pattern for Arne and Carlos Christmas countdown-24 knitted ornaments, one per day.

And here’s how I am going to run things on my blog. One post per day through christmas eve (if possible, no guarantees!) It’ll contain the advent calendar photos and then just whatever else I am up to be that makeup or crafts.

So, to start us off on day 1-I opened my box and in it was my Colourpop It’s my pleasure palette. I bought this around this time last year but have barely used it. I think my daughter recognized this and decided I should, so it’s first. And I really enjoyed using it! I can tell you it’s a bit odd to be still on actual quarantine and putting on a full face of makeup, but that’s just now it goes today.

I am wearing all but one of my project pan items here as well, a pretty good project pan day. And lipstick! I am wearing lipstick! Because, I can, when I don’t have to mask because I am not leaving the house!

As an update there, both Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly tested covid positive but I did not! I am not sure how that’s even possible. Our house is not that large so we’ve all been together this entire time. I am fortunate to be working at a place that provides some testing, so I get a second test tomorrow and if it is also negative, I am off quarantine. Thankfully, Miss Butterfly feels back to normal and gets to go back to school Thursday,and while Mr. Ink has to stay home from work this week, he’s also recovering now.

On to the christmas ornaments. I did a bunch of these from the Arne and Carlos book I bought years ago, but now I am using their patterns from their advent calendar which is available online.

This first one is a little spruce tree! I am going to go down a needle size with this particular yarn, I think it would look better. I am using yarn from stash and this is knitpicks palette.

I’ve been working on something else too! I am doing a test knit of a mitten pattern that dyeabolical yarns will be coming out with shortly. The pattern will be called Night Mitts and it comes as fingerless gloves or mittens. I’ve really enjoyed it, I am working my pair in handspun that Miss Marja made.

They fit great and I love them in handspun! I am eager to finish the second one since then I’ll know if I have enough yarn to knit a second pair!

I don’t think tomorrow’s post will be nearly as long as this one, but I do think this gets me caught up on news, crafts, and december plans. Hope you are all having a good start to your month!

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