Laundry list

To start with, no 2:30 AM faxes so I must be off the list. Considering my great fear of the phone, I am surprised the incident managed to get me so worked up so fast that I would choose to call the company. After all, I am sitting on all those payday loan spam text messages on my cell phone which are costing me 5 cents each and making me angry yet not angry enough to call the phone company and complain about it!

My daughter woke up yesterday morning with a whole laundry list of complaints. It is apparently in our very nature to complain. And the more words we have the more willing we are to use them. I got up early and started my morning routine but somewhere along the line heard her crying. Typically she would play happily in her bed until I am done with my routine and it is her turn, but not this morning. I went up to get her and the complaints just came pouring out.

“My nose is runny, need a tissue”
“Need a binkie!”
“I’m wet”
“Chocolate milk all gone!”
“Chocolate milk on Baa” (this one might need some additional info, Baa is a white stuffed sheep she sleeps with)
“Mr. Potato head arm fall out!” (the arm was on the floor next to the crib)

I just laughed and marvelled at how fast language develops in this age. A month ago she would not have been able to get all those thoughts across. Maybe one or two complaints, but not a laundry list!

In anticipation of the arrival of my mother and brother this weekend, I have been hard at work doing some additional deep cleaning. Last evening I went to look under my bed and saw that my daughter has been using my bedskirt as a cool hiding place. All neatly lined up next to a chair she sits in to watch tv, but under the bedskirt, was a sippy cup, a bottle (both of which who knows how long they have been there!) a small dancing girl figurine, and a peanut butter sandwich I was under the impression she had eaten. I will have to remember to check there more often.

In other news….I have been asked to share my “story”, all of it, from start to finish. It may take some time but I am commited to at least working on it. I have been asked before but to present before groups of women is very intimidating. So I have not accepted. Perhaps writing it down will give me the courage to share in other venues when asked. We will see.