Spinny News

I’ve done quite a bit of spinning over the past couple days, compared to what I’ve accomplished in these past few weeks. So, I think today is a great day to show some of that off. I started my second loop bump, the first one being done and set aside last week. This one seems to be spinning up very quickly, and very comfortably. I am pleased with the singles I am getting out of this one, though I have no idea why they would be any different than the singles I managed on the last bump. Tension? Who can say.


I’ve also been doing a bit of support spinning, I am still working on my Themyscira superwash woool from Dyeabolical. I pick this one up, and then put it back down for long periods of time. However, at this point, it looks like I am actually making tangible progress. In part, the colors are so beautiful that I am not sure what I am going to do with the singles once they are complete, and, I am not sure I want to finish it, because then it will be over. Anyone else ever have this issue?


And, in spinning news, I was a very lucky gal to snag a large destash of Wild Hare fiber. Big destash, extremely low price, completely irresistible. I’ve got braids of superwash wool, some of polwarth wool, and 3 of a very interesting combo, wool/flax. Some of this will head to the box for drum carding into batts with interesting additions. Some will be spun as is. I am very pleased with this purchase, and am excited over the stash infusion.


And finally, I’ve got more of Marja’s yarn, and I am prepared to use it!


This is a gradient yarn made out of inglenook batts that she made. She loves it, AS SHE SHOULD! and so I am knitting it into a shawlette. As is always the case, I am so excited to see how it looks. Also exciting? For once I didn’t forget to take a photo of it in the skein.

2 thoughts on “Spinny News

  1. The thing you said about Themyscira and not wanting to finish it because then it would be done. Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about Themyscira.

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