A Niece and a Sweater

I think I already mentioned it in passing, but we got a phone call from my parents recently indicating that I have a niece on the way. Due in March. Naturally, I felt this a fine time to knit a baby sweater. The Baby Mine pattern is one I’ve knit multiple times. I really enjoy it and I think that it’s so pretty once done.

I grabbed some yarn I already had in stash and knit the sweater in one weekend. It bled into the next week a tiny bit, but not much.


I knit the newborn size as I had only enough to knit that size or the 3-month size, and by the time she’d fit the 3-month size, it’ll be summer. The buttons are from the stash of buttons I keep from Mr. Ink’s family home. I do love to be able to work from that stash, and these coppery colored buttons fit the sweater very well. I love the muted purple color of this sweater. It’s got browns and a tiny bit of burgundy as well. So, another project and completely created from stash! I am quite pleased.

So, I am in a bit of a quandary. I could just knit another stocking and send it out at the same time I send out the sweater. I mean, might as well get it over with, right? Or, I could wait until closer to baby’s first Christmas which would give me a year off of stocking knitting. I can’t quite decide which would be best. I will have to think about it for a bit!

A New Challenge

Over the weekend I found myself tempted by new eyeshadow palettes. The new and shiny is always a temptation! And, I’ve got ulta points to spend. But I don’t need to spend them Right Now, I’d actually prefer to wait for a proper sale. Plus, if something holidayish comes out that I really like, it would be nice to get that instead. In fact, with us approaching November sales and so on, it’s really better to save my points until then.

The palettes which are tempting me right now are the ABH original Norvina (14 pan), the ABH Jackie Aina palette, and the Too Faced gingerbread spice palette. The original, not this year’s palette. There’s a danger that I’ll miss out on that one by waiting, I don’t think it is meant to stick around. But, I’ve decided that’s a risk I am willing to take.

And why am I willing to take that risk? Because it occurs to me that there are palettes in my collection which I haven’t even used all of the shadows in. So, my new challenge to myself is to take my palettes and spend as much time with them as it takes to use ALL the shades in them at least once.

Because I am also tempted by the new BH Cosmetics 1991 palette, I decided to start with my BH cosmetics palettes. Since they are large, they don’t fit in my main eyeshadow palette drawer. And because of this, there are times I forget to reach for them.

So, beginning this week, I am working through my BH Cosmetics zodiac love signs palette.


Here’s a photo of the inside of the palette. There are many I haven’t messed with in this palette. Of the shimmers, I’ve used Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Gemini, Aries, and Pisces. I’ve used all, or close to all the mattes.

Today I decided to add Aquarius to the list of shimmers I’ve used. I don’t know what possessed me to channel my inner Angelica Nyqvist, and I am certainly nowhere near as talented as she is, but I went for full dramatic color today. I began with the scorpio matte to set my primer, this lightened everything up to get the best results for the rest of the look. I used the capricorn matte as a transition shade and the aquarius matte as a crease shade as well as at the outer corner. I then used the aquarius shimmer on the outer half of my lid and the capricorn shimmer on the inner half. Under the eye I used the capricorn matte and a little of the aquarius matte at the outer edge just to blend it in nicely with what was going on above the eye. I used the big highlighter in the middle on my inner corner. I lightly lined the outer edges of my eyes, top and bottom, with a navy blue liner. I used my wetnwild brightener on my waterline.

I wanted to use a project pan item on my lips, so I chose the MUFE lipstick which is a nice cooler-toned pink. It’s really an “old-fashioned” lipstick. I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. It’s thick and creamy. It’s not at all matte. It has fantastic color payoff. It feels great on my lips. It’s exactly the type of lipstick I actually enjoy wearing. Though getting through it will be slow, due to that same color payoff.

I also want to make a quick note of my mascara choice. I used my essence waterproof mascara, the new one. Lash princess. But waterproof. Black and blue container. It is not waterproof. Every time I use it, it transfers. It’s so very irritating. I thought it was just me, but I was recently watching a youtube video (can’t remember which) where the person in the video was complaining about the same thing. It is a definitely will not be repurchasing product.

More things of note. Now that my ears are pierced again and my hair is very short, I’ve really enjoyed wearing earrings. I’ve purchased 2 pairs in a short amount of time. One pair was the spiders, a more artsy decision, and the other an impulse purchase, a total of one dollar, I felt sure the cheap metal would bother my ears but they have not. I’ll show them off here since I am going on about them.


They are ridiculous. And I love them. But that’s not the point, I’ve gone on a tangent. I have a bunch of earrings from way back when, before I let my earlobe piercings close up. All the silver had tarnished pretty significantly and they weren’t really wearable anymore. At least not as they were. I didn’t want to spend the money on cleaner so I looked up how to clean silver jewelry with products I had in the house. Turns out, half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda works a treat. I put all the jewelry in that concoction for a few hours and then used an old toothbrush to give them a good scrub. Some pieces took longer than others, depending on how tarnished they were. I had one pair that I was certain would never be wearable again. But in the end, every single pair cleaned up nicely with the vinegar and baking soda concoction and a little elbow grease. This entire tangent is basically to say that cleaning up a bunch of old earrings made me feel like I can wear a “new” pair of earrings every day for two weeks and it’s very exciting!

In any case, this post turned out a lot longer than I expected. It got rambly. I had a bunch of thoughts. The main point is, I created a look with the BH Cosmetics zodiac love signs palette and I am going to continue doing so, and posting about it until I’ve used every shade at least once. And then I’ll move on to another palette and do exactly the same thing until I’ve gone through all the palettes I haven’t used all the colors in yet, or maybe, even all the palettes I haven’t used very often.

I swear I do have crafting related content coming. Soon. Soon!

Bike Your Park

Saturday was Bike Your Park day. And so we did. Mr. Ink and I, along with Best Man, and our very good friend Ann, all gathered at Ann’s family lake house to embark on a I am not sure how many mile bike ride. Maybe 20?A little more? The ride was gravel based, and I took my fat bike because it’s my favorite bike.

We’d been keeping an eye on the radar because we knew it was supposed to rain. We set out a little after 2 pm, as the radar said no rain until 4:45. We figured that gave us plenty of time to get the ride, or at least the majority of it, done. Our route was one which was initially hilly. Serious climbing out of the river valley rollers with gravel terrain. Once we were done climbing out, we turned around and did them again, going back the way we came. It’s amazing how one way you can’t seem to get enough oomph to push you up the next hill even though you try, because you are truly going up even when you feel like you are going down. If you turn around and do those same rollers backwards, you never have to pedal, even on the uphills, because technically you are still going down even on an uphill. It was a very good time.

I took a few photos. It was a dreary day, so they aren’t the best. Before we climbed the rollers, we crossed the interstate and I took a photo of the shrine in the distance. We end up climbing past the shrine, it’s pretty much the first hill of all the upcoming rollers.


The shrine is the open glass building way in the distance.

After our roller adventure, we headed the opposite direction to a state park and to the river. The river has been flooding on and off all year since we had the extremely bad flooding in March. We’ve never really recovered. The main road is closed past the state park, but we could ride gravel almost to the park and then hop on the main road to get to the park itself. I took a quick photo of the pond in the park, which is also very full because we’ve had so much rain.


Beyond the pond and treeline is the river. You can see it’s quite cloudy already. After that, we rode down to the river, to a spot where Ann and I have had many a deep conversation mid-ride sitting on the banks of the river with a beer. There wasn’t much sitting on Saturday.


In fact, that entire area which once was a beach is now underwater. It probably will be for the remainder of the year. There are roads that no one is even attempting to fix because we know full well that more flooding is coming.

We didn’t sit, but we did enjoy a beer together. It was about 3:30 pm. As we chatted, Mr. Ink kept bugging me to look at the radar. I pulled out my phone, looked at the radar, and said: “We are going to get rained on during our return ride.” With that, we all got on our bikes, and as we did so, it began to downpour.

Look, here’s the thing, riding gravel is hard enough. Riding gravel on a road that is saturated is like riding with a flat tire. The tire slides around under you and it’s a pretty miserable experience. It’s exactly what we experienced the 10ish remaining miles. Actually, we did ok for a while, but as the rain continued, conditions got increasingly miserable. It had started out about 65F, so getting saturated also made things chilly. Nevertheless, I was enjoying myself pretty well!

But, I do believe we were all quite happy to return to our cars! We all had a massive mud stripe up our backs, we were all soaked through, and all of our bikes and associated gear was a muddy gravely mess. I took a car selfie.


Because you should definitely remember that kind of a drenching ride!

Once home, the work wasn’t over. We then had to take all our gear out, while it was still pouring, and hose it all down as well as ourselves. It was a bit demoralizing to drench ourselves with cold water after having already been good and drenched for a very long period of time! After that, I took care of the dogs and then took a nice hot shower. Mr. Ink got all the gear and bikes inside, dried the chains, and got them lubed so they wouldn’t rust. Then we made an early dinner and settled in for a movie since we wanted to stay warm and cozy.

It was a very good day. Not the ride we were expecting, but sometimes you ride the ride you are given.

TeamProjectPan Autumn Refresh

Here we go! This is the final three months of the year, and the final push for finishes this year. I am eager to see how this ends up. The project has definitely kept me consistent this year, and has helped me truly feel like I am making significant progress on that which I brought into my collection this year and in 2018. I am glad I was able to catch the potentially out of control collection that happens for many of my hobbies before it got truly out of control. Learning about the project pan community truly helped that tendency, and I also think that the community has helped me to learn to apply the desire to work through stash to other hobbies in my life.

Now that I’ve spent time rambling about it, let’s get into the refresh, shall we? First up, the fragrances. Same photo as from two days ago.


I am hoping to work through my Atelier sample this month. It’s a vanilla scent and it seems like a really nice autumn fragrance. Cocoa Woods and black opium are also nice autumn fragrances so those are also nice options. But I’ll start with the Atelier and see how it goes.


When I began this project, my goal was to just get some use out of my sleek cream contour kit. But as it turned out, I hit pan on two of the colors. This was a surprise. I haven’t used it during the warmer months as trying to use a cream project when what I really need is a whole lot of powder just wasn’t working for me. But, I think during the final months of this year I will see how much farther I can get. I am also adding my tarte palette. I’ve used this two or three times only. I got it in a subscription box and was too busy concentrating on other palettes to give this one any love. I think the tones are good ones for autumn and cooler weather since I tend to enjoy a cooler toned eye look as well.


Here’s a whole load of other items, most of them new! I have a Mary Kay exfoliating product for hands. As you can see, it’s been in other projects, I think even earlier this year. But, my hands don’t get overly dry in the summer months so I removed it. Now that cooler weather is arriving, I am going to see if I can finish this off. It’s rather old, the pump no longer works, and I would like to move it out of my collection. I think two months of consistent use should do it.

I have kept my mac pro longwear in the project. Not sure if it’s easy to see, as it clearly got tipped over, but the mark is below the first two lines of the lower text. If it stays a good color for the next month, it’ll be gone. And that’s what I am hoping for! I also added my Born This Way foundation. It’s not a great shade match, a bit dark and a bit warm. But I’ve used it to darken foundations that are too light. Hopefully, I can get my money’s worth out of it, I just want to move that mark a bit in the upcoming months. It certainly won’t move as fast as the pro longwear foundation because I can’t use it as regularly.

I have a Skin & Co finishing spray that I want to use. Now that I’ve realized that my makeup stays best with a good powder and then a good spritz of finishing spray, I think I should be able to. This one is one which is supposed to illuminate, so it’ll be good for the upcoming cooler months.

And I have added 3 primers. I haven’t used the no poreblem primer beyond giving it an initial test run. So there’s no mark on that one. The Becca primer is one of my favorites, but I have two travel sizes and I’d like to get use out of one of my favorites in the upcoming months. And finally I’ve had this tiny sample of porefessional for at least a year now, and I want to get it used up.


Next bit! I am so close to being done with both the benefit dandelion twinkle highlighter and the tarte paaarty blush that I figured adding them to this final quarter could see them finished. Plus, I wanted something other than the tarte palette I wasn’t sure I’d love. I am positive I can use the AOA studios powder up within the next month or two. The It Cosmetics brow product I’d LOVE to finish this year, but I am not positive it’ll happen. It’s just never ending.

I have a small container of Sol de janeiro bum bum cream. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that it’s too overpowering for me. I plan to keep it to use on my legs after a shower and hopefully that’ll get it used up and out of my collection without me getting too irritated with the scent. The mac paint pot as an eyelid primer continues forever, I’d love to hit pan before the end of the year but I also seem to be working at the sides more than the bottom of the pan right now.

I have added my Bare Minerals serum concealer, I want to finish this by the end of the year. It’s been in my collection since spring 2018 and I think it’s time for it to go. It is not my favorite but I don’t hate it either. There’s not a ton in there so it should be doable. Next to it is a thrive causmetics highlighter. I am going to use this consistently over the next 3 months and see how I feel about it. To be honest, it is unnecessary in my collection but I don’t hate it, so I’d rather use than declutter. It’s a subscription box product, which is why I have it. And then I’ve got my wet n wild creme brulee eyelid setting shade that I’ll just keep working on through the end of the year. I bet I hit pan by then.

For lips, I kept the nudestix in the project. It’s so close to being done, and it’s the only warm-toned lip item I pulled. I just want to finish it! I always like to have one liquid lip even though I rarely use them, so I chose this ofra one since it’s my favorite lip formula. Then I’ve got a pinky nude makeup forever lipstick that I like, and a bite beauty lipstick that I love the formula of but the color is deeper than I prefer. I figure that it’s a good autumn/winter shade, so I’ll concentrate on it to move it out of my collection. I am pretty committed to finishing the bite beauty and the nudestix. Any use on the other two is just a bonus.

That’s a lot of items this quarter. So many! On the other hand, I won’t be rolling more in as I finish these, since I’ve got more than I can use in three months of each and every item.

I am looking forward to this quarter. I am also looking forward to figuring out what to do next year. I don’t think I’ll do this particular project even though it’s been fantastic. I may do a roulette-style pan or maybe just a number of seasonal ones. We shall see!


September Beauty Balance Finale

I just recently posted about what entered my collection this month. Today I get to tell you the rest of what left my collection this month. In the previous beauty balance post, I had one item leaving my collection over what came in.

This month was a very good one for empties in general. I finished a lot of items, and many of them rather large items.


This is 15 more items leaving my collection. So, total for the month is 16 items leaving over what entered it. Let’s do a little overview of the items. Left to right, top to bottom.

I use the Dr. Bronner’s soap to wash my brushes and sponges. I will need to repurchase this at some point, but it is not an immediate need.

The Coola setting spray is something I used up because I largely believe it’s an unnecessary item. I don’t think anyone is going to get particularly good sunscreen coverage out of a spray that goes on over makeup. But I used it.

The next three items have all been in my collection since April. I know this because I opened them all the month of my wedding. It’s the Lancome cils booster lash primer which I loved loved loved, the too faced better than sex mascara which I loved after the 3-month mark and the clinique waterproof mascara which I prefer over any other waterproof mascaras. It’s time to let them go, I’ve extended their life past what I should have for the guaranteed health of the eyes. And the cils booster and the waterproof mascara really are used up.

I have a milk makeup liner, the color was nude and I used it in my waterline very consistently. I am sad to see it go, it’s a very creamy liner and works so well! But I am replacing with a less expensive product.

Sol de Janero bum bum cream-to be honest, the scent of this is wonderful but also overpowering. On the plus side, it doesn’t feel like a scented product. It’s luscious. But I can’t tolerate the scent anywhere near my face. I used this on my legs after shaving, and that’s probably how I am going to have to use the other I have in my collection.

I have a clinique eye moisturizer that I liked but didn’t love. I probably won’t repurchase.

I have a belif aqua bomb, the gel kind. I love this moisturizer and was happy to use. Below that I also had the eye moisturizer which I love with all my heart and may very well repurchase in the future.

I also have a belif face cleanser which I liked fine but I have a million other cleansers so I won’t repurchase.

Then there’s my two fragrance samples, one is YSL black opium. I want to take a second to reflect on why this is probably such an iconic scent. Even when I didn’t know anything about makeup and fragrances, I knew at least the name of this one. Now that I’ve worn it a few times, I can see why it is iconic. It’s sweet and spicy all at once. It’s not overpowering, but it sticks around all day. It’s really a nice one to catch a scent of on my clothing or skin. I have a larger sample size and I am eager to use that too. But, I don’t think I’d purchase it despite how much I like it. It’s not overly heavy, but it can feel a bit heavy after a while. If nothing else, it kind of needs to be interspersed with other lighter scents, at least for me.

The other was a Dolce and Gabanna. Whatever it was, it was completely unremarkable to me. I think it didn’t really stick around long enough on me to form a good opinion of it.

I’ve got a sample of two becca primers. They count as one because they came together and I counted them as one entering my collection. Both of these I really like, and both of these I have actual travel sizes of. I would purchase full sizes, particularly of the purple one which I prefer, but I’ve got so many other primers to work through right now it’s just not necessary. Someday!

And finally a sachet of a retinol product. No opinions can be made of a retinol product I only get two uses out of.

So, that’s my September balance and it’s a good one! I think next month should be reasonably good as well. We shall see!

TeamProjectPan 3rd quarter finale

That’s it, we are at the end of the summer quarter! I can’t believe I’ve been consistently panning all year now. But, the quarterly refreshes really do keep me interested, and so I really am able to keep after it. I am already looking forward to mining my team project pan posts to see how much I was able to use up at the end of this year.

Since this is a refresh month, I will just post my progress for the end of September. The next post will be my beauty balance finale for September. And then I’ll do my quarterly refresh post. This means I’ll have 3 days of posts in a row that are not at all crafting related, sorry crafty folks! After that, I do have some spinning and a new knitting project to show off. And who knows what else!

First up, last month and this month in perfume samples. Last month I was slightly frustrated because I’d received a number of samples in the month and my project numbers went up instead of down. No new perfume samples entered this month which is a great relief.

I went from 9 to 7 this month. That’s been about average. I’ve been able to use up about 2 of the really tiny samples each month when working on them consistently. The larger ones will definitely take a bit more time. So, I will absolutely not finish with my perfume samples this year.

This is the palette I’ve been working on, it’s Too Faced Natural Face. I really enjoy this palette, but can’t wear it unless I’ve gotten a good amount of sun. I have used it very consistently this month, but it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made. I would say that I actually have the largest dips in the highlighters, which is quite a surprise! I think they must be a little powdery compared to the other products.

I finished up the PTR exfoliant, it was an easy finish. I am 5 or 6 uses away from being done with the verb texture cream. I will not repurchase, and I won’t add it to my project next month either. You’ll just see it in next month’s empties. I didn’t use the IT cosmetics matte cc cream at all, I’ve solely concentrated on the Mac pro longwear foundation. Since it’s a perfect color for my more tanned skin, I just keep using it. The Becca ever matte primer got a tiny bit of use, but not much. I found that as the weather was cooling, it was starting to look bad. I can’t explain it. But, it made my foundation extra powdery and made it look strange on my pores. I actually thought it was the newer AOA studios powder, but I was wrong. It was the primer. So, I ended up using some samples instead. And finally, really good progress was made on my AOA studios powder. My reality is that I do need to use quite a lot of powder, especially this time of year, so it’s not very difficult for me to use up powders in stash. I am always amazed at how people say it takes forever to use! On the other hand, I tend to be using travel sizes lately, so that could have something to do with the speed at which I go through it.

OK, up next, my benefit dandelion twinkle highlighter. I used it maybe twice, so not much progress. Spoiler-it’s going to make it through the refresh. It’s so close to being done! The matte cream shadow I use to set my eye primer has been used consistently. The mac paint pot also has been used consistently, these last forever! Same with the IT cosmetics universal brow pencil. I thought about removing it in the refresh because I’ve used it ALL YEAR and it’s not gone yet. But, I want to be done so I am going to power through. The Coola setting spray was very very easy to use up with consistent use. And, while I didn’t get a photo of it last month, my nudestix matte lip and cheek crayon got a lot of use but I wasn’t able to finish.

So, ultimately, good progress. Not a lot of finishes from the project this month, but progress. And tomorrow, you will see there were a lot of other finishes in general during the month.


September Beauty Balance

21 days of beauty is over now until Spring. I don’t know what it is about that sale, but it’s so much fun. I really enjoy looking through daily sales, seeing what surprises they might offer, and planning what I might purchase. However, I always end up purchasing far less than what is on my wishlist. And that’s exactly how it should be. Miss Butterfly and I both enjoy it, we both kind of pour over the catalog in anticipation. Now that Miss Butterfly is being required to purchase her own beauty products, she doesn’t purchase much either.

In my last September Beauty Balance post, I had picked up two items from the sale. At the end of that post, I had 7 items leaving my collection over what came in. Here’s what has entered my collection since then:


6 items, so I remain one item leaving above what came in at the end of this post.

Let’s have a quick chat about the items. Only one of them actually is something I “need.”

I’ve never had a mac fix+ and since this one was half price, I figured I’d give it a try. I have other finishing sprays so I need to get some use out of them. Prior to recently, I never really bothered with setting sprays. My skin is fairly normal leaning toward oily especially in the Tzone now that it’s regularly taken care of and not completely dehydrated from years of no skin care or makeup whatsoever. So, I have tended to get used to a rather liberal application of powder, as that really seems to be the thing that gets my makeup to stick to my face the best. When messing around with makeup recently, I tried not setting my face with powder as I really was enjoying the dewy glow I had going on. It looked so pretty! Except-it looked pretty for 3 hours and then looked completely messy. My skin just can’t keep makeup on and looking good with that technique. As I got back to powdering appropriate for my face, I thought about it a little more and realized that THIS-this is why everyone talks about finishing sprays. I have the tools to fix this, I have sprays that will work to settle in the powder look. And while everything is still pretty powdery, it does take that edge off. So, despite having two finishing sprays I can use already in my collection, I was swayed by the original at half price and picked it up.

That was a very long explanation justifying why I purchased the last product. I have far less of a justification for the next one. I just like it. It was half off, and it’s a moisturizer I really like. That’s it!

The Purity cleanser came as a freebie, and I am not mad about it. I had a sachet sample of this once and really enjoyed it.

Now we get to the item I actually “need.” I ran out of my milk makeup nude eyeliner that I used almost every day in my waterline. It’ll be in my September beauty balance finale. I very much wanted to replace it, but then during the month, I was watching a tutorial in which the person I was watching used this wet n wild brow highlighter as a waterline brightener. I decided that it was worth trying since the price point is so much less. Turns out, it works beautifully and I’ve just saved myself a nice chunk of money. I also think that sharpen style pencils have more product in them than twist up ones, so it’s probably a bigger money save than I can even comprehend.

And finally-I added to my UD 24/7 pencil liner collection. These are two colors I do not have, a brown and a light green. I used the light green in yesterdays look but have not yet used the brown. But, in the past month or so I’ve regularly wanted to use a brown liner and didn’t have one. So, I do believe I’ll get a nice amount of use from it.

I am waiting until after my project pan update to post my September beauty balance finale, but I truly believe it’s going to be a good one!