A Little Handspun

I was able to get another spinning project done. It seems that a two-ply laceweight or sock weight yarn is what I want to be creating right now. And that’s fine. I’ll just go with it until this trend spins itself out.


In this case, I got 615 yards of 2 ply from a 4-ounce braid of fiber. I enjoyed this spin quite a bit. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the color changes here, I just split everything into tiny pieces and muddled it all together.

This yarn feels like it expanded a bit once washed, which is always fun to see. It’s a superwash merino, so I didn’t really expect life to be breathed back into it that way. It’s quite soft!

It’s been a decent start to the week. Busy at work but not the dumpster fire that was 4 out of the 5 work days last week. (Today isn’t looking promising, but I could still be surprised, and I hope I am!) We took the dogs to the local botanical garden last evening for the twice-monthly dog walk, it was a perfect evening for it. Rose is having a ridiculous amount of extra energy lately, and that walk, despite being long, didn’t really tap it. So, if it doesn’t rain this evening, off to the dog park we go. We could really use the rain, but we could also really use the dog park trip.

That’s about it from here today! I hope everyone is getting a decent start to their week!

3 Color Challenge week 4

And it’s a challenge indeed. We dropped the Sydney Grace Just Peachy shimmer out of the running and I ended up rolling in a color from my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. This seems perfect, except that I ended up with the black color. Which isn’t that wearable for me.

It’s the color called Tempting. The fact that I have to live with both the black and the awful purple from the Laura Lee palette, together, for the next two weeks is just painful.

I end up rolling the random number generator over the weekend so that I can think through my looks for the upcoming week. I try to think creatively. But, I am failing on this one so far. Any creative look I think through ends up being something that I’d really be pushing the boundaries of what I should be trying to get away with at work, and I am just not feeling that right now. I considered trying to get out ahead of that this weekend by doing the first look over the weekend, but the reality of my busy but enjoyable weekend meant that I wasn’t wearing makeup, as I was too busy being active and too warm to keep makeup on my face.

So, at least for today, I went for a neutral look. I am presenting some training at work and while I am known for being daring and a little out there with makeup/hair/clothing/etc I know when it is also professionally appropriate to rein it in.

I’d been itching to use my Sweet Peach palette anyhow, so this was a good opportunity to do so.


First, I used Dusty Trails from Sydney Grace as my transition shade. Then, I used Charmed, I’m Sure as my crease shade. I used Delectable on the outer corner of my mobile lid and then used Bellini all over the mobile lid.

Then, to draw in the two colors I really don’t feel like using, I lined the upper lash line with Tempting and lined the lower lash line with the purple, hungover, from the Laura Lee palette. I used Dusty Trails to smudge out that purple a bit, and then highlighted my inner corner with the brightener from the Cover FX palette.

And that was that. Day 1 of my 3 color challenge.

I am also intending to challenge myself to get up early and ride my bike to work from time to time. That will mean no makeup on those days. If I can bring myself to do it, these challenges will get even more challenging. We shall see….



June Beauty Balance Update

In the update which showed off most of my fab fit fun items for this month, I was 4 items leaving my collection over what entered. Here’s the thing, this will remain the same after this post. I’ve got another two in and two out post today. Next week my boxyluxe arrives, and it’ll be a bit harder to balance.

Here’s what entered my collection:


The grand total I paid for those above items was $1.37. For the foundation, I used a $10 coupon. And for the green clean, I used my charm room points which I’d been given because I received a faulty product a couple months ago. I’ve already used a green clean from a previous box and I really enjoyed it, so I am not at all upset to have brought it back into my collection.

The catrice HD liquid coverage foundation I’ve worn a few times now and I absolutely love it. Might be a new favorite! This is the second from the lightest shade available and matches me quite well. While I adore the way the mac 24 hour foundation wears on my face, the color is just slightly too dark. It is nice to have something else that I am enjoying that suits my coloring right now. And, I feel pretty certain that as the summer progresses, I’ll continue to get additional color and wear the mac foundation as well.


And now the two items that are leaving my collection. I have a sample size of the tarte maracuja oil which I quite enjoyed but it did take me ages to finish. I would not necessarily repurchase mostly because the ordinary makes a perfectly fine inexpensive rose hip oil product that I can use just as well. And then there was a sample of briogeo scalp revival which I love. I’d been saving this shampoo for travel, but I gave up at some point. I think that ended up being a good thing because this little sample really only had about 3 uses in it which probably wouldn’t have worked for me on a trip. I do want this shampoo in my life again, it works very nicely on my scalp, but I am going to try some other alternatives before repurchasing it.

So, I am still at 4 out above what entered my collection since the start of my beauty balance posts. Incoming items this upcoming week will likely screw that up but hopefully I’ll get back on track before the end of the month. That being said, I am not seeing a ton of things that are really close to being used up this month.

Spinning, garden, dog park, bike ride

I guess you could say this is a weekend update!

I got some spinning done last evening and got it washed and dried today. 260 yards of worsted weight chain ply yarn.


It’s definitely pretty!

Went for a bike ride with Miss Marja this morning. We did not encounter any condescension or anything irritating, it was a perfectly pleasant ride in every way. Of course, we were riding a completely different trail too, so that could have been what was going on. It was packed with cyclists. I don’t get out on that trail that early typically, and it was nice to be out, get the great exercise and company in, and then come up and grab a shower.

One might have thought that I’d then just stay out of the heat, but I took the dogs to the dog park. We went yesterday after work and again today. It’s hot, so once Rose does a bunch of running, we then spend time in the shade. Here are a bunch of photos of the dogs desperately attempting to beat the heat.

Rose is pretty happy to get her running in though, and she’s so much more chill at home in the morning if she’s been to the dog park the day before.

Our garden is really taking off and it’s just beautiful. It may have been a slow start to our spring but that slow start has made everything look particularly gorgeous! So, also, enjoy some garden photos.

Tomorrow Miss Butterfly heads off to camp for 4 weeks. She’ll be home for 24 hours to wash her clothing and get a solid night of rest each weekend, but we’ll turn back around and get her back out to camp again soon after. 2 of the weeks she’s doing her ranch camp, and two of those weeks she’s doing her volunteer work. She’ll have a great time, she’ll be very tired, and she’ll learn so much. It’ll be good. And I’ll have to get used to doing my own chores again for a bit.

That’s about it from here, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


3 color challenge week 3

OK, two more looks using my colors for my 3 color challenge. The first look is not going to incorporate all 3 colors. And there’s a reason. I wore that purple laura lee palette shadow all day on Monday and by Monday evening I had quite a large allergic reaction on one of my eyelids. Now, this may have been coincidental. I’ve been struggling with allergies a bit in general. It’s the time of the year and spending more time outdoors. And, sometimes when I am struggling with seasonal allergies, my skin has a tendency to overreact to things that it normally wouldn’t care about. Nevertheless, I decided that the next day I would eliminate all newer products from my look, and that included the purple. As well as eyeliners. So, instead, I chose to use the light brown matte transition shade, Dusty Trails, and build on that. Of course I wanted to pull out my new BH zodiac palettes. I used both Capricorn colors in the zodiac love signs palette. The matte in my crease and the shimmer all over the lid. Under the eye I used the matte shadow. I used the highlighter in the middle of the palette for an inner corner highlight. Here’s where that all ended up.

I was feeling playful and really loved those aqua colors so I went for it. But, what happened that was a huge surprise was I ended up having to step in and interview a higher level candidate that I was not expecting to be involved with in any way. So, messy bun and blue eyeshadow. Probably could have been worse, but I am not sure how. It’s been one of those weeks where things are just like that in general. Everything keeps going sideways.

OK, on to the third day of the 3 color challenge. I decided to go for all three colors in a look again. I began with Dusty Trails as a transition shade. Then I pulled out my new BH Zodiac palette and used the matte purple Gemini color for my crease. Despite really not wanting to use it, I added hungover to the very outer corner of my mobile lid. I definitely would have preferred to use another Zodiac palette color, but that doesn’t work with my challenge. It was as bad as the first time, or worse. Patchy, completely unblendable, and when it fell down my face it was hard to remove with a makeup wipe despite the fact that I didn’t have any other makeup on my face. Then, I used Just Peachy all over my lid. For my undereye, I used Dusty Trails and then the BH matte purple. I lined with a dark purple Urban Decay eyeliner, highlighted the inner corner with the highlighter from the zodiac palette.

And here’s the look of the day. You get a little bit of a bonus as Miss Butterfly took my closed eye look for me since we were at the orthodontist and had a little extra time.

That’s a wrap for week 3, and we roll out the Just Peachy shade this week and roll in something new next week.



June Beauty Balance

This is going to be a tougher month, but it’s also my last fabfitfun box and my second to last boxycharm month. So, I just gotta tough it out two more months and I am all good.

So, last month 6 items more left my collection than entered it.

Then fabfitfun arrived, this box was not makeup heavy, it was really skincare product heavy.


These are the items I got from fabfitfun this season. I am eager to try some of it but I am pretty pleased that I am done with this box despite it being a pretty good one! So, that’s 7 items entering, leaving me an item short of balance.

Well, this is going to be a fair amount of spoiling for my project pan, but I think that’ll be ok.


I am decluttering two lip products. I’ve given both to Miss Butterfly. One is a NYX product that seems pretty dried out but she’ll try to make use of it anyhow. The other is a sheer lipstick in red. I tried it on and really didn’t like its look on me. I have some very nice reds that I like far better. And really, I don’t wear reds often.

I finished my coco chanel madamoiselle perfume sample. It’s a fragrance I am quite familar with and regularly love using. But I am not ready to purchase it again.

I finished my charlotte tilbury setting powder sample. To be honest, I ended up scraping this out and putting it in my cover FX powder container. I couldn’t get it to pick up on a brush anymore with all the pan in the little container. I don’t like this product at all really. I know that’s probably an unpopular opinion. But I am glad, because I don’t have to get attached to a very expensive product.

And then there’s the Deva Curl styling cream. Despite no longer having curly hair, I enjoyed using this project quite a lot. It made my hair nice and smooth. But, I am glad I can now move on to something else to try. And I am very glad I can try out a few products this month before rolling in another product to my project.

So that’s 5 out total. Which leaves me 4 items leaving above what was brought in. And at least one of those was a really large product that took me forever to finish! This actually turned out a little better than I expected to be honest. I have a few other things that are pretty close to being done, for certain will get done before the end of the month. I think I am in better shape than I expected.

The Gnome Universe

Here’s a little update on our lives and my crafting. Last evening we went to our local botanical gardens for the twice-monthly dog walk. Since we are members, we do try to take advantage of this for our dogs and our own health.

There’s an event going on right now, gnomes in the gardens and a story. It was fun to see them all set up. There was a selfie area, and I really did try to get a decent picture of Rose and Mr. Ink but it didn’t quite work out as we had hoped.


We tried! As we reached the last story board, Mr. Ink says “And THAT is the end of the gnome universe.” Seems appropriate as that is basically the quintessential “dad joke.”

Naturally, not much time for crafting last evening. But here’s where I am on various projects anyhow. First of all, I finished the singles I was spinning over the weekend.


Because I am not that inspired by them, I decided to let them rest rather than ply them. I had anticipated doing a combo spin next, a 3 ply. But, when I started dividing up the braids I had chosen, I decided I wasn’t feeling it after all. Instead, I pulled out one braid and divided it for a 2 ply yarn.


I’ve been working on it off and on since Sunday.

Then there’s my scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun. I am working on it at work, and that has been a good space to do that in.


In other news, I convinced Miss Marja to go on a little bike ride with me this weekend! She hasn’t been out in a couple years, so we got her bike up and running, got her rack on her car for future use, and grabbed our bikes and headed to a trail. I took my fatbike, she took her favorite touring bike, and we went around a lake twice. The first round was slow and leisurely the second round we picked up the pace.

And on that note, at the very end of the ride, we had a guy who is part of the “spandex army” try to mansplain trail rules that didn’t exist to us. Guys-don’t do that. Even if the women you are chastising don’t look the part of cyclists, they still may be. You might be surprised that they can keep up with you on a fat bike even though YOU are on a road bike. And, they might actually be in their 40s and will follow you and mock you and make sure you understand that it was actually YOU that weren’t following the rules. And you might have to ride REALLY fast through the parking lot and take off because you had no idea that they were that fast or that they were not going to put up with your mansplaining. And for the love of ALL that is holy, DO NOT call them “girls.” Just don’t.

The prevailing theme of my 40s thus far seems to be sick of everyone’s crap and not willing to stand by while they try to pull it.