Another Paint Box Cowl

I began another paint box cowl with Marja’s yarn for Marja. I have been working pretty hard on it because, quite frankly, I find the pattern extremely addicting to work on.

I had been taking some time off last week so a fair amount got done on it last week. I returned back to work this week and forgot to bring knitting to work for my lunch breaks! I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. So, today I brought the cowl to work and that’s where it’ll live until it is done. I’ll get something else started at home.


Here is what it is looking like so far. I had hoped that there would be enough contrast between the color-changing yarn and the plain blue, but it’s not nearly as contrasty as I’d hoped. Nonetheless, the pattern does show and it is pretty! It is equally addicting this time around and I almost feel as if I could start a third right after this one!

Paintbox Cowl

And this was the most surprising finish of 2019. Who knew I was going to  knock one final project out between christmas eve and new year’s day?


Not me, that’s for sure! This was something I chose to knit on a whim and then got completely and utterly sucked into the pattern. The colorful yarn is one of Miss Marja’s handspun, the black is a rowan yarn I had in my stash. The project was so delightful that I went over to Miss Marja’s house the other day and said “Let’s choose some of your yarn so I can knit this again!” To which she was happy to oblige and we chose something from her stash I could knit up for her collection.

I also came home that day with 3 other skeins of yarn all for projects I can knit for her collection and I am really excited about doing each one of them! And then, I came home with two big bags full of handspun for my own collection, so that whole get the stash under 100 yarns is now a complete and utter pipe dream, but I do have a ton of gorgeous and fun yarn to mess around with! I can’t wait to show you all I do with it!

And with this one last project, I am able to say for certain that 2019 has been an epic knitting year, I finished a total of 43 projects. I really should get out more!


And now we get back to the regularly scheduled knitting content. It may be the new year but I have two projects that I finished in 2019 and never got an opportunity to post about.

First up are a pair of mittens I made on a whim. Miss Marja had given me a skein of fabulously rustic yarn for my birthday. She spun it, of course. I had decided I’d make gloves, but then didn’t feel like working all the fingers so I ended up with mittens instead. I wear these often especially at the dog park!


This ended up being my 42nd project of 2019 and that was quite amazing to me!

Rolling Project Pan

I have decided to forge my own way, sort of, with a project pan this year.

I’ve seen multiple people do the project pan roulette colabs where they draw prompts and choose an item to pan based on those prompts. I have decided to repurpose those prompts and work my way through as many of the 50 prompts as I can in one year.

I plan to keep it to 6 items at a time, when I finish a goal on one, I’ll just grab the next prompt on the list and figure out what item to roll in.

1.  A product with cute packaging
2.  An expensive product
3.  A product in loose form
4.  A drugstore product
5.  A product I bought because of youtube
6.  An old favorite

Here is the photo of the 6 items I have chosen.


For my product with cute packaging, I have chosen my Pretty Vulgar setting powder. I’ll have to weigh this to track progress since it is not transparent. It is, however, cute. The weigh in on this one is 80 grams.

For my expensive product, I have chosen the hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light. I generally use this to buff in my cheek products, it makes them look more smooth, natural, and blended. I  would like to hit pan in this product before rolling it out and choosing a new prompt.

For my product in loose form I have decided on my bare minerals powder foundation. This is almost a gimme situation as I am really close to being done with this powder. However, I tend to wear it only on the weekends, so it does take me some time to work through it. I’ve had it more than a year and I think it oxidizes on me a bit these days. This was in a former project, but I ended up stopping since I really like to have a powder foundation in my collection. Then I remembered that I also have a bare minerals pro foundation that I like using and that would serve this purpose in my life.

For a drugstore product, I am going to try to finish my NYX eyebrow powder pencil. I like this more than I liked last year’s eyebrow product which took me almost all year to finish. I like the product better as well. Plus, I don’t have a ton of brow products so it’s not really hard to concentrate on one item. To view the progress on this I am just going to go by the markings on the pencil itself. I figure I can compare to where I am from month to month looking at how close to the wording on the pencil I am.

For a product I bought because of youtube, I have chosen one of my CYO lifeproof foundations. I have two because I knew it was going to be discontinued. I thought “What if I really like it!” I do like it, but probably not enough to have two in my collection.

And finally, an old favorite. Do I have makeup that is an old favorite? Not really, I’ve only been messing around with makeup for about two years. But, I’ve had this hula bronzer sample in my collection almost the entire time and haven’t used it. I would like to use this up, though that won’t be so easy seeing as this tends to be pigmented and take a long time to use. I have a full size one as well! So this one out of my collection would be a relief.

Just like yesterday’s skincare project, it’s a relief to only be worried about photos for a few items. I am looking forward to changing up my projects this year and getting use out of these items!

Take Care of Your Meatsuit Project Pan

In a wonderful and strange situation where two of my hobbies overlap, seems that there’s a fair number of project panners in my knitting website. So they started a project pan thread and I am joining. The first posted project is the Take Care of Your Meatsuit project pan. So, a skincare project pan.

5 items, it’s a rolling project, all skincare related, so body care counts, monthly updates. Here’s what I’ve chosen to start with.


I chose the shower gel because I haven’t been using it at all. Mostly because it’s an expensive item and I feel as if I put it in the shower, Miss Butterfly will use it up on me. So I don’t use it at all. I want to see if I can remember to bring it into the shower with me in the mornings and get some use out of it. I have used it once.

Next is a face cleanser. During my year of multiple subscription boxes, the things which I accumulated extremely fast were facial cleansers and face masks. This is one of them, as are the next two items as well. I like this well enough and I will use it once a day until it is gone then roll another in.

Next up, two face masks. Each of them serve different purposes so I am hoping to use each of them at least weekly. I marked one but the other is so full I can’t even mark it.

Then there’s a body scrub. I’ve worked pretty hard on this one, there’s about 1/8 left. But, I tend to not use it because I just don’t love it.

So that’s it for this particular project pan. Pretty easy, and photographing only 5 products for a project is really a relief after last year.

December Empties

Yes, you read that right, there’s not going to be a beauty balance this month. I did not keep track of incoming items due to dropping everything for my dog and the aftermath of losing her. Items did come in. Including the advent calendar, though I doubt I even kept half of that. All I did was keep the empties, and I’ll have to regroup with the beauty balance in the new year. In fact, I plan to change it up a bit, I’d like to do at least 3 months, if not more, of a replacements only low buy. More on that when I get organized in the new year.

I did manage to finish 10 items this month and am awfully close on a few more. I know that more than 10 items entered my collection though.


I finished another farmacy green clean cleansing balm. I like this a ton but would only purchase it on sale. It is too expensive full price. I finished up two The Ordinary products, the niacinamide I used until it was almost gone and then gave the remainder to Miss Butterfly who was struggling with a really large acne situation on her forehead this past month. She’s got it a bit more under control now much to her relief. I also finished a retinoid. I am now working on a different The Ordinary product that is a retinol in oil and am liking that one better, especially for this time of year. So, I won’t repurchase this one yet.

I finished a sample of the dermalogica microexfoliant. I did not love this product and am glad to have used it up. I finished a heat protectant spray from Morrocan Oil, it was fine but I don’t know that it did much for my hair. I finished a Peter Thomas Roth potent c moisturizer which smelled like bacon or pig, and it didn’t really do anything special for my skin except make my upper lip sweaty immediately after putting it on. Not something I’ll seek out.

Now, I tried the Sunday Riley UFO serum, this had a very “green” or botanical smell, quite unpleasant. Another I won’t be purchasing a full size of! I finished a Dr. Jart moisturizer that I did actually like, but won’t purchase because I really adore my Belif moisturizers best.

Then there’s the Rosie Jane perfume I thought was very synthetic and the Tarte blush I finished in my project pan.

I felt like this was a really decent empties month despite just not caring or paying much attention to it at all through the course of the month.

I’ll be starting at square one this year, tracking my empties and what enters in a beauty balance, but I am hoping the items that leave far outweigh the items that enter, especially since I want to go at least 3 months without purchasing anything that isn’t a replacement. And honestly? I will be surprised if I have to replace anything in these upcoming months.

TeamProjectPan finale

So, I was able to commit to an entire year of a project, and I really enjoyed it. While I do intend to change things up again in the new year, I am so glad that I worked on this particular challenge this year. I do feel like I was able to accomplish so much.

Let’s get right into it.

Fragrances: This year I had hoped to work through the vast majority of my sample sized fragrances. I did work through so many, about an average of 2 per month, but the reality was that more kept arriving. Sometimes by accident but often on purpose. One thing I learned this year is that I really enjoy sampling various perfumes. I did receive more sample sizes in the space between Thanksgiving and now, but I decided to take a photo only in comparison to where I was last month. In the future, I am going to alternate between finishing sample sizes and using the one full size perfume I currently own in order to get use out of the thing I spent money on.


I ended up finishing one sample size of Rosie Jane’s Leila Lou which was not a scent I loved. It was too synthetic. It smelled like a scent for a dryer sheet when I’d first put it on. It would then settle down into a nice floral, but the synthetic scent really put me off. Not enough to toss it, but enough to be wary of the brand.

I also kept making progress on my YSL black opium which it turns out is really a fragrance I enjoy quite a lot, especially this time of year. I also began wearing the Nest Black Tulip perfume which I have found that I am really going to enjoy as I work through it in the future.

On to the next photo, body care, foundation, primer, spray. I rolled out the born this way foundation last month. As for the it cosmetics illuminating CC cream, it’s extremely close to being finished. I can now see through the bottom of the package. Quite frankly, I’ll need to cut this open soon in order to get the last bits out, and so I will have finished another foundation. I do like this but I probably won’t repurchase. It moves on my skin quite a lot, I think I do better with the matte formula.

I made a bit more progress on the Skin & Co finishing spray. I still struggle to remember to use this regularly. The progress isn’t much different from month to month.

I used quite a bit of the no poreblem primer under my cc cream this month. And on the days where I didn’t use the cc cream, I used the becca backlight primer. Far less progress on that primer than the no poreblem primer. I have a suspicion that the no poreblem might have been half the reason the cc cream was moving on my face, so I need to test it a bit more before I decide I want to keep it in my collection. Miss Butterfly would like a new primer, and perhaps this one can be it if it does not work for me.

As for face palettes, I’ve been working on the tarte face palette quite a bit. The most use is in the bronzers. These bronzers are warm enough toned that they would likely suit me better in the summer. It’s kind of odd actually because the highlighter and the blush are more of the shades I would associate with cooler weather. I am not a huge fan of this palette. I also made a little bit of progress on my sleek palette, the darkest cream contour shade. I do still like this product though I am using a brush to apply it most often these days.

A few other items, most notably, I finished the tarte blush. That’s kind of a big deal! I did like this blush quite a lot, so it wasn’t a struggle to stick with it. This means I finished a blush and a highlighter this year, that feels like an amazing accomplishment.

I also removed the stopper on the concealer and am working on finishing up the last of that. It’s going ok, but there’s always way more in there than I anticipated. I’ll keep after it.

I’ve been using the thrive causmetics stick but it still doesn’t look like I’ve made progress. I feel like this is a ridiculously pointless item in my collection and I may let it go soon.

I finished the bum bum cream and the brow product last month.

I did not quite finish the bite beauty lipstick. I may continue to try to finish it in the new year. We’ll see. I like the dark color but since I did the advent calendar this past month I really didn’t have an opportunity to work too hard on it.

I increased the pan on my eye primer setting powder and the mac paint pot keeps going strong. I use it daily and it forever looks like no use. Which is good, great value for money!

I am glad to bring this project to a close though it was ridiculously valuable this year. I will be working on a project or two next year, so stay tuned to hear more about those!