We Did It!

After months of searching and also putting off searching, we found an area rug for our living room.

Mr. Ink said “How about we go find a rug today?” and so it was. We went to the same flooring store that sold us our kitchen/dining room floor a few years back. I think that when it comes to flooring, that’s where I am going from here on out. The salespeople are helpful but not overwhelming. And the best part? When we found a rug we liked, they said “How about you take it home for 3 days and see if you like it?

So, we did. We took it home, rolled up the purple shedder, rolled out the new rug, sat down, looked at it for less than 5 minutes, got up and went back to the store to buy a pad and pay for the rug. It was too perfect.


The damask pattern on the rug matches the pattern on the pillows. It’s a bit hard to tell, but the background is lower than the pattern, so it also looks embossed. It’s tones of grey with tones of yellow added in. The yellow matches Mr. Ink’s recliner beautifully. It couldn’t be more perfect. So, as usual, waiting until we find what is perfect for us really was the best option. When we saw this rug, Mr. Ink said “I want to hang it on a wall, not step on it! It’s that beautiful.

Now he says “Every time I walk into this living room I smile!” I think creative types really benefit from an aesthetically pleasing space. Every time *I* walk in the living room I say “And now I need a couple throws that match, rather than primary red and primary blue!” So, that may be something I do today.

Because of our area rug adventure, I didn’t get a ton of knitting done. I did however finish up the cuffs on the sleeves of my legends of the fall sweater. Since there’s a lot of yarn switching going on, I am trying to knit these at the same time. Finish a color on one cuff, knit it into the second cuff too. img_6350

Since sleeves are where my motivation really seems to fall away, I figured I should work on these prior to finishing the body of the sweater. I really do not want to stall out.

I was able to count up the yardage obtained from my second set of the 3 braid combo, a whopping 1200 yards. That’s 2200 yards to play with for a sweater. Or, in this case, basically a sweater and something else, That’s a nice amount of yarn! I didn’t take a photo, it just looks like everything else.

If Miss Butterfly ever wakes up, we’ll do some errand running today. I swear that kid is full on teen, with the sleep in power to boot.

That’s about it from here, it’s been a pretty decent weekend, which is great for the busy week ahead.



I finished a skein of the next 3 braid combo.

The new skein is on the left, the old on the right. Colorwise, there are some differences. The new skein is a bit bluer, and certainly has more greens, specifically light greens. The yarn weight is fine though, matches well. I didn’t count the yardage yet, I figured I’d just wait until the final skein was complete. I am ALMOST done. So, if these skeins are combined into one garment I’ll have to be careful to switch them out regularly in order that the colors get blended well.

Next up? My legends of the fall sweater. I love this! I started on a sleeve yesterday to keep at work, but as fast as I am going through the sweater (and the yarn quite frankly) those sleeves are going to have to be knit at home. Here’s where I am with the body of the sweater.


Aren’t those colors so weird together? So interesting? I want to knit on it FOREVER! I want to knit ANOTHER ONE! And I haven’t even worn this one yet. I am sure that my passion for this project will hit an eventual wall, but I am just not there yet. I’ve got a couple more inches on the body before dividing for the front and back. I did take a break to work on that plying project.

And what am I wearing today? Another sweater that really got into my brain and I adored knitting.

Just back to August 2014 for this one. I loved knitting this sweater, it was extremely interesting. It was also a fantastic stash buster, as that brown yarn is laceweight I’d had in stash for years, held double for the sweater. It’s actually really soft so it was a great choice. The other color is handspun 3 ply yarn. I’d spun it on spindles and wheel, and had 8 ounces of it. Let’s see if I can find that photo as well.

There we go, the handspun used, finished and in progress, as well as the Trillian shawl I made out of the leftovers. Oh that was a very good time in my knitting life. Great memories of this project!

This has certainly been a craft heavy post. I am SOOOO looking forward to the weekend. We plan to start it by taking Lizzie in to get her claws trimmed. It’s time. With the cold, she’s not out walking quite as much and so they are actually growing. Not being worn down as they should. The place that trims them on Friday nights donates back to her rescue organization so I feel like that’s a great reason to go pay someone and not try to do it ourselves.

I’ve also made myself quite a list for Saturday, we’ve got tons of errands to run. I did try to get a head start on the weekend by getting some extra chores done last evening. I am not sure if it worked or not, but the house looked nice when I left this morning!

Anyhow, that’s it from around here, hope your week went well! Do enjoy your weekend!

A Review

You know how sometimes you have an idea or memory in your mind and it’s totally…not reality? Well, that’s what I’ve done with the past year and my goal to knit from stash. Meaning, I’ve felt a ton of guilt over “all the yarn I bought.”

So, I figured that today I could review my year and take a look at all the yarn I bought. First up, there’s this project. On facebook of all places I saw this yarn advertised! And it was so gorgeous, and it had a most charming name of “succulent set” advertised with various types of succulent plants. So charming, the advertising totally got to me. After a quick wander around the internet to make absolutely sure that the company was legit and that there weren’t a bunch of problems with the company, I purchased the set. It’s a merino/tencel yarn, and I was so very excited to use it in a Find Your Fade shawl. Which I am wearing today actually. That was in March. I knit the shawl right away, at the same time I was working on a westknits marled magic mystery shawl using all handspun scraps (Total knit from stash win.) and I felt pretty good about my decision.

Then there was this:

Because I am a complete sucker for westknits, I just had to do another mystery shawl. I purchased yarn for this shawl as well, 3 skeins, though in reality I knit two of those skeins paired with one of my own from stash. This purchase happened at the end of September. I have mixed feelings about this one, mostly because the shawl shape is odd. But the yarn pairings were amazing. And, I ended up with enough left over of the middle color that paired with another half skein in stash, I could easily have a full pair of socks.

Now, I am not gonna lie, I also purchased another 3 skeins of sock weight yarn from dyeabolical’s christmas specials, and those haven’t been knit yet. But, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t completely overdo it after all. And I’ll try to keep it down to an even smaller amount this year. Furthermore, my knit from stash game was serious, and I got very creative in pairing various in stash yarns to create something unique.

And even more amazingly, I knit sweaters…from stash! 3 of them! And a vest!

And all that was after not knitting garments for myself AT ALL for a very long time. Since the end of 2014 actually. In the end, I think it’s been a pretty bang up year for knitting from stash, and knitting in general.


A 10 Year Old Sweater

Today in my ongoing challenge to actually wear my sweaters, I’ve pulled out one of the oldest. A 10 year old Starmore made from some sort of knitpicks yarn. A merino. It’s really all I could afford at the time, and it did work well for me, except for the fact that this sweater has been ridiculously pilly from the very start. I don’t care that much, it’s super warm. But, if I were to do it all over again now, I would indeed choose better yarn.

It’s still very cold here. I took the dog for a walk yesterday evening after a few days of not walking her much at all. She was thrilled to be out. I was dressed appropriately. I still spent the remainder of the evening desperately trying to get warmed up again. Heat got turned up, fleece was worn head to toe, I stayed under a fleece blanket, and yet I never could quite get warm. It’s colder again today, and I may have Mr. Ink do the walking so I don’t lose another evening to the couch and blankets.

I worked on my legends of the fall sweater, I am almost through the 6th yarn in the body of the sweater so one full color sequence. I can’t wait to show it off but have also decided to wait until I’ve gone through color 1 again so we can see the full effect of the yarn combination. Despite the fact this is just plain ordinary stockinette in the round, I am LOVING knitting this right now. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the meditative quality of stockinette but it’s been a great knit so far.

I’d like to think I’ll get the rest of the yarn wound and the sleeves cast on but it was too cold in the basement for that yesterday. Oh, also, I was reading the pattern and realized the sleeves are knit flat. But, there’s really no reason in the world I couldn’t just knit them in the round, right? I mean, there’s nothing complicated to trip me up or anything, and that would save me some seaming. I’ve never changed up the pattern that way before, so if you have any hesitations or words of wisdom, let me know!

And that’s it for me. Stay warm friends!

Another Goal

I think I briefly discussed another goal I am hoping to achieve this year, and that’s to actually wear some of the handknit sweaters I own.

Well, it was -9F when I left the house this morning. It called for the warmest of sweaters. And I indulged that call with this:


Yep, I dove all the way back to 2011 to pull up this photo. This is one of those Alice Starmore patterns, can’t remember which one off the top of my head. The yarn I used was Blackwater Abbey. I adore this sweater and often forget why I don’t wear it regularly. Until I remember just how warm it is. It’s seriously the equivalent of a coat. I can throw this sucker on and not need a coat even on the coldest of days. Which is good, because most coats don’t fit over it anyhow.

One thing I love the most about Starmore patterns is how the ribbing is also complicated, different than the pattern, and yet still blends seamlessly with the main body of the sweater. Look at that ribbing! So cool!

Yeah so, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll wear a sweater, even an old one, and showcase it on the blog. It’ll fill in those gaps when I don’t have another picture to share. Like today.

That being said, I did finish plying a skein of the 3 braid combo spin, though I haven’t gotten it off the bobbin yet. With the new “rules” I am not in any rush since I don’t have any completed knitting to balance it all with!

I am back at work today. This morning felt extremely hectic but I feel like I am catching up ok enough at the moment. And I am happy to be back, so there’s that.

5 and 6

I added yarns 5 and 6, the colors I was nervous about. I changed up the order I wanted them in a million times before I added them in, but I think I got it. I really like my result!


I think I chose wisely, each yarn is different, but also enough the same that it blends pretty well and nothing stands out so much as to look strange. I think this is going to work!

I have these plans to begin the sleeves immediately, keeping the sleeves at work in order to get them done fairly quickly. I always stall out on sleeves. I am not sure if I’ll knit them two at a time or separately. The only thing stopping me is the cold basement and not wanting to be down there to wind 5 more skeins of yarn.

We got through the worst of the cold last night. It was -14 when I let Lizzie out this morning, with her booties on of course. If it gets all the way up to the predicted 5F we’ll go for a little walk, her and I.

Miss Butterfly is at a sleepover but will be home by noon. I have told her that we’ll be taking down the tree, I am tired of the living room being squished. I think I’ll wait to start any plying until the tree is down and the furniture is in a more appropriate place.

I’ve had a lovely vacation and I am both sad and happy it is drawing to a close. Any more time off and I’d be very stressed about this month and next, as we are very busy again at work. I am already feeling the mental gear up for work tomorrow, I keep making lists in my head about things I need to go over or do, and projects we’ve got going on. It’s at that point where I realize that I might as well BE at work, as focused on it as I am. But, I had a lovely vacation with a ton of time spent with Miss Butterfly. Pleasant time, valuable time, most of it teenagerish but not to the point of annoyance. A vacation worth cherishing.

All the best for this new year!

Totals and Plans

Last year my goal was to knit as much as I spun. But, I then decided I wanted to do better and tried to double the amount I knit to what I spun. I did well.

18.6 miles knit, 9.46 miles spun.

My rather large yarn stash was knit down fairly well, even with the yarn that arrived from Miss Marja or those rare times I found something I couldn’t resist. It’s now all in one cabinet. My fiber stash was pretty much decimated this year, and I’ve had to work to build that back up. I gave away a bunch of yarn that I wasn’t going to use to a coworker who built bird and small mammal houses with it for wildlife rescue organizations. I think that’s a great use of that which I was unlikely to ever dive into. She made it extra fun by bringing in what she crocheted to show me my yarn in the finished object.

This year the plan is to TRULY knit double what I spin in hopes to TRULY work on the stash. Meaning…if the yarn is purchased in 2018 and is knit in 2018 it doesn’t count. Only that which is knit from stash gets to count toward the knitting totals.

Other crafting goals this year…knit more garments. Knit them out of yarn I really like. Pick the pattern then pick a very appropriate yarn for the garment. And you know what? This is TOTALLY at odds with the above goal. Hah.

I worked yesterday on my lovely legends of the fall sweater out of koigu. In the ribbing portion, all 6 colors make an appearance. I’ve knit in 4 of the 6.


I am feeling slightly nervous about the color choices of yarns 5 and 6 so it would be good if I got a chance to knit those in today. Just to make sure. OR, just to say no and purchase something else.

But, we also need to go see a movie, as per Mr. Ink’s request. So, I plan to bring a sock along to work on through that.

A very happy new year friends, I am hoping the best things for your upcoming year.