Flick Carding

I wasn’t entirely correct about that callous on my finger from flick carding. There’s still a blister under there. Which is disappointing because I really wanted to go whole hog on the last fleece to be flick carded in my secret stash.

But, I did take Thursday off to be with Miss Butterfly, and despite the fact that we were mostly working on her stuff and her room, I did find time for flick carding. Between that day off and doing an hour or so of flick carding last evening, I feel like I am making steady progress.


The black bin is the locks still needing to be carded. The full bag is flick carded locks and they’ve been squished down so often that I can’t fit anymore into that bag without wool spilling out the top. The mostly empty bag was yesterday evening’s progress. There’s still a fair amount to go, but progress is made. I hope to spend a little more time with it this evening. But, flick carding is an awfully dusty job requiring a shower after the fact, so I am saving it for the evening.

This is a nice light colored fleece with some additional grey running through here and there. It’s good, but it’s not stunning. The last fleece was far more interesting to flick card and to spin. I purchased this already washed, and the person washing it certainly washed it far harder than I would have. It’s kind of a pain to pick the locks out from the balls of wool that were washed, and this is leaving me quite a lot of waste. My own washing technique became a technique in which I take a lot of time before washing to preserve the structure of the locks to make flick carding so much easier. And there’s a lot less waste. This fleece also has a lot of second cuts floating around in the washed wool, where my own technique would have all of that removed before the washing happened. Does my way save time? Not necessarily, the time is either taken on the front end or the back end. But, for me, it tends to keep me more motivated about the processing after washing the fleece.

I haven’t been spinning at all since I am hoping to get some knitting projects done again to even out those yearly totals. But it’s hard to have flick carded fleece around and not spin it just to see how it’s going to spin up! I am giving myself the goal of finishing one knitting project first. I’ve got three active projects on the needles.

As a nail polish update, I ended up changing out my nail color on Thursday. So, I went from Sunday evening to Thursday evening, totally a record for me. And, the honest truth is I could have gotten at least one more day out of that manicure, it was starting to crumble at the very edges, but not enough to have to remove. I just had the time and wanted to change it out. I have a hot pink on now, which is a color I love, but I think I’ll change it out again on Sunday evening. It’s a nice Sunday evening routine when I have the time for it, and going into the week with a fresh manicure is pleasant.

Let’s see, what else? Work. It’s going surprisingly well right now. I mean, there are all the little emergencies of a week of work going on, but despite the fact we are short staffed, everyone is chipping in nicely and things are rolling along. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I was able to get rid of one overwhelming project that takes up a large portion of my time. I didn’t have to give it to someone on my team or even someone in my department, or even someone at my university! I gave it to another university entirely. She and I communicate about it regularly still, she still has questions, but the daily work of it isn’t on me anymore and that leaves me a lot more time to actually train and manage my team. It’s an amazing feeling! Prior to this, I was so overburdened that I couldn’t get through my days getting everything done. I just had to prioritize my projects and hope for the best. And let other things drop, and see where they landed. This upcoming week I believe we’ll be conducting interviews for a new person for my team, and that’ll be exciting as well.

Miss Butterfly begins high school on Monday. She’s a teenager with all the teenage angst and irritations, but she also has a fairly positive attitude that I think will serve her well. She’s nervous, just as I would be, but I feel confident that once she gets settled in, she’ll be fine.

This morning I am enjoying a very quiet morning. Miss Butterfly is hanging out with her father, and Mr. Ink is at work. This leaves me and the dog, and there’s nothing Lizzie likes more than a quiet Saturday morning with Mom. I am convinced of this, as she gets grumpy if it doesn’t work out for me. She had a vet check this week, and besides an infected eyelid, which she now has drops for, she’s a pretty healthy old lady.

That’s it from here! Tomorrow will be a makeup post, and then I don’t know what else will get posted this week since I am still plugging away at a shawl that is growing bigger but not getting finished awfully fast. Have a great weekend!


Second Shawl Update

Within two days of the first photo, here’s where I am on the Nix shawl:


Not too shabby! Progress has been easy and fun, and the color combo does play as well as I imagined it would together. Maybe even better.

In beauty news, as you know, I am trying to use up nail polish. I got frustrated with my manicure only lasting 2 days at a time, that’s a LOT of time on nails, so I looked up tips and tricks to make polish stay on longer. On Sunday evening I got a shower, braided my hair, and then did my nails. The only thing I did differently this time was soak my fingers in ice water after they dried for 2 minutes post top coat application. Well, that, and use newer nail polish which clearly was a much nicer formula than what I had been trying to apply to my nails. Anyhow-point being it’s Wednesday, and my nails look fantastic. Still. And you all know how much I use my hands. It’s unbelievable.

Planning for the weekend-after flick carding and giving myself quite a blister, I decided what I’d most like to do this weekend is more flick carding. Sound crazy? Well, it’s not. Here’s the deal. I was careful not to pop that blister, and it ended up becoming a pretty serious callous. So really, flick carding NOW while that’s still on my hand, would be perfect. I’ve got 8 ounces to get through I believe, though it could be more, and if I get that done there’ll only be one fleece left in my stash that isn’t flick carded. (And should be combed anyhow.) Everything else that needs flick carding will be done. That would be a pretty incredible accomplishment for this summer.

Miss Butterfly is already bugging me to go shopping, and we likely will, though I really feel like we need to take inventory of what she already has in her closet. Back to school shopping is fun for her, but I also need to remind her that she got a lot of nice things while out with my mom, and she doesn’t NEED a ridiculous closet. Maybe I’ll just make her go to the thrift store again, we had decent luck there in the past.

That’s really it from here. Have a great week my friends!

More Secret Stash

Yesterday Miss Butterfly and I were rearranging her room, making decisions about what to keep in there and what to move, and then rearranging my craft room to accommodate what she was giving up. Namely, we moved a table I was using as a makeup set up for us both and moved in her desk which is slimmer and makes the craft room larger as it takes up less space. It also has drawers which are highly convenient.

Because she’d done much of her room rearranging on her own, the craft room was a disaster area. She had basically used it to dump everything she didn’t want in her own room. So, we worked on cleaning that up and I came across a project I’d started ages ago.

The pattern is called Nix, and I started it in November 2017. I remember clearly working a few rows, deciding I hated the pattern and then moving it to my craft room so I could decide what to do with it. One of those situations where I wasn’t sure if I was going to frog or keep going. But, the craft room isn’t where I keep my yarn and between thinking I hated the pattern and it being in the craft room which is “secret stash” I never picked it back up.

Until yesterday. I must have been in a mood sometime in November of 2017 because that pattern is just fine. Lovely, easy, pleasant to work. I don’t know why I had a fit over it!


I am enjoying the project immensely now! The real reason I picked it back up was that the pattern cost money and the yarn was already wound into balls. Meaning, I didn’t feel like spending money on a pattern and I didn’t feel like winding new yarn. This ended up being perfect, with the added benefit of having it out of the craft room.

The yarn is from the wool festival in Taos I went to 5 years ago now. I bought it so that all those colors would go together but never found the perfect pattern. I think my intention had been to make it into a color affection shawl but I never got around to it. I still would like to make another color affection shawl someday, but I think a drapier yarn would be best for that pattern. The yarn for this pattern are singles and they are wool. A bit scratchy and rustic but beautifully dyed. They are knitting up very bouncy and squishy. I suspect this one is going to pill like mad at some point, but it looks pretty nice so far. It has surprisingly good stitch definition for singles.

What else did I do yesterday? Let’s see. I prepped for my next spin, even though I am unsure of when I might start that. I took Miss Butterfly shopping for stuff for her new room set up. Specifically, we were looking for a cool desk chair to match her room, but we were unsuccessful. However, we did manage to find her a bedding set that she liked and that matched, and I picked up a new tablecloth. So, the trip wasn’t entirely unsuccessful, just not as successful as we’d have hoped. And since I know that kid, I didn’t want to rush into a chair choice only to find out she wanted to return it later. This is a thing she does to me often. I also painted my nails and did a much better job on those than I generally do so that was pleasant, we’ll see how long they last.

And finally, here’s a photo from yesterday morning, Lizzie isn’t thrilled to pieces about the new loft bed.


Of course, it’s no fair that Miss Butterfly is holding her treat. Lizzie eventually got that treat by using the pillows on the floor as a launching point to jump for it. Smart doggo, she figured out a way!

Shopping the Stash for the Week

It’s that time again, time to pull out makeup I plan to use in the upcoming week. I really enjoy doing this on a Sunday, especially if it’s a relaxing day. It kind of gives me an opportunity to consider what is going on during the week, what makeup would be appropriate for those activities, and what makeup I’d like to play with in the mornings. It also feels like when I pull specific items, that gives me some focus and instead of flailing around trying to make decisions at 5:30 a.m. I am far quicker about pulling myself together.

Here’s what I’ve chosen for this week:


Let’s first talk about the eyeshadow palette, as I tend to do. It’s the basis for my routine each morning, and so everything revolves around that choice. My choice this week is eyeshadow singles, the Taylor Bundle from Sydney Grace. That almost filled this magnetic palette completely except for 2 open spaces, which I filled with a morphe single that’s just for setting primer and a metallic single from Vanessa’s Vanity I already had but fit the tones in the Sydney Grace bundle. I am pretty excited to spend the week with these shadows, the photo isn’t really showing the color perfectly on my computer, this bundle is a bit cooler-toned than most of the colors in my collection. It’s got nice pinks and dusty blue shades and I think I can get a bunch of lovely looks out of this.

I can see that I pulled quite a bit for this week, clearly, I am feeling makeup ambitious. Let’s now go left to right.

I pulled out my wet n wild photofocus eyeshadow primer for this week. I have been using mac paint pot for quite some time now, but I fear I am coming down with a cold and that generally means dry sensitive skin for me. Paint pot is going to be too drying this week.

I pulled out two concealers, both the tarte shape tape and the bare minerals bareskin concealer.

Below that is a sample of mac prep and prime primer to try. I often forget to use primer entirely, but if I could get my act together and use it, I’d know if I really felt it necessary regularly.

I pulled 3 lip products, one is a buxom gloss, the other a too faced liquid lip, and the final product is the Maybelline nude color lipstick I am working at panning this summer.

The dandelion twinkle highlighter is also a project pan product, and while I am panning a highlighter that isn’t in a palette, the butter bronzer is a good companion item.

For foundations, I’ve pulled the urban decay all nighter as I am still trying to pan that one, but on Monday we’ve got a very long day and the bare minerals powder foundation will hold up better for me.

I finished my YSL Mon Paris sample last week so I am on to Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue sample for this week. However, if I do come down with a cold, it won’t see much use I also get very sensitive to scents when feeling unwell.

Above the palette, I’ve got two products that are in my current project pan, the contour palette from wet n wild which great progress has been made on, and a makeup revolution blush that would probably last me 3 years with everyday use.

Below the palette I’ve got an assortment of pencil items. 2 eyeliners, a black silkissime liner, and a charcoal grey jonteblu eyeliner. I also have my Nyx eyeshadow eyebrow pencil and a nude L’oreal infallible eyeliner for my water line. And finally, an ulta lip pencil that is so close to being finished that it has broken off its base and when I twist it up, it no longer goes down on its own.

I pulled my L’Oreal infallible setting spray for this week, and my marc jacobs mascara paired with my bad gal bang for lower lashes.

And finally, making a debut appearance in shop the stash for the week is two nail colors. These are both in my current project polish, and since they both go very nicely with the look I’ll be going for this week, I pulled them out and added them here. I don’t seem to be able to keep polish on for more than 2, maybe 3 days, so it’s completely natural for me to choose more than one color for the week. (Maybe I’ll get better at this with time like I have with makeup in general, or maybe 2-3 days is normal, or maybe I am just hard on my nails. I don’t know, but project polish should tell me eventually!)

Looking forward to seeing how the week goes with these Sydney Grace eyeshadows, I just love concentrating on a palette for one week. But, not gonna lie, it’ll be hard to top my enjoyment of last week’s sweet peach palette! That palette was a lovely gift and I couldn’t seem to create something I didn’t like!

All On Her Own

For years Miss Butterfly has been asking for a loft bed. It’s not an illogical request since her room is small. And the bed she was in was a very old frame (4 generations used it) that doesn’t properly fit a modern mattress, so the mattress she was using was Mr. Ink’s when he was a kid. Not sure how old it was then. It was beat up and falling apart. There’s no way to get a modern mattress to fit, My mom and I measured and looked together. It’s just not possible. But, I’d been telling her I wasn’t purchasing her a loft bed. Especially since we’d gone to the trouble of painting her bedframe and setting it up.

The requests didn’t stop, and so while I was perusing our local Nextdoor site, I came upon someone trying to sell a loft bed frame for a low price. I contacted her and on Thursday evening we headed over there with the truck to look it over. Miss Butterfly deemed it worthy of her room, so we loaded it up in the truck, paid for it, and set off.

However, Mr. Ink and I were tired, it was getting late, and we decided we weren’t going to set that bed up until the next day. We just pulled the truck into the garage and called it good.

Miss Butterfly, excited about this new purchase, felt differently. She began rearranging her room, moving things about, and measuring to make sure the bed would fit where she wanted it. The next morning I received the following picture via text:


Somehow this child had managed to take down and move her mattress, box spring, and the entire old beframe. Then she’d gone out to the garage and brought in the pieces for the loft bed from the truck. And she began assembling it as well. With no instructions to be had.

After this photo, I received no more photos, but I did receive a text informing me that she was done and that there were two missing screws, but she thought it was fine. She refused to send pictures because she wanted it to be a surprise. I did ask her to please check with Mr. Ink at lunchtime that she had done everything correctly. She had.

When I got home, she was super proud to show me her new loft bed area, which she has decorated with christmas lights. She even managed to pull the mattress off the daybed in the guest room and get it up on that loft bed all by herself. That kid will get a job done when she wants a job done, no question!


Now I guess I need to consider finding another mattress for the daybed. And, at some point, I’ll shop for sheets so I can have the ones that match the daybed back. I am even considering getting her this cool teal colored chair I saw in a shop as a surprise, I think she’d get a kick out of that. I miss the pretty old bedframe and the more traditional looking room, but she’s certainly made this her own space, and I think that’s important too.

Done and Dusted

I know full well that when I put my mind to something, I usually manage to complete that something. But I really didn’t realize how far I’d get with the craft room delcutter of secret stash so quickly after I decided to do it. I hadn’t set out to do it quickly, but once I got started, it has been tough to slow down.

I am particularly happy I managed to decide to work on it right before TdF, as I had not been even a little inspired about TdF prior to that. It gave me a goal and some focus, and I managed to get so much done! Let’s review that, shall we?

First of all, the new thing. I finished up all the Corriedale fleece from TdF. It may have been 4 days after TdF when I wrapped that project up, but no matter.


There you have it, that’s 1,530 yards of 3 ply yarn which I took from washed fleece to handspun yarn in a very short amount of time. I mean, I did have a few vacation days thrown in there, which helped immensely. But, that was easily the fastest I’ve ever processed a fleece.

This ended up being a pretty good declutter too because once I was done with the flick carding, I realized the huge pink bag I’d been storing the fleece in had large holes in the bottom of it from being used so much before I stuck the fleece in there. It’s probably why I stuck the fleece in there to store it in the first place. So, instead of finding a place for the bag, I got to toss the bag. One more item decluttered.

So, if you count the other two projects from TdF, the massive amount of red, and the cram pot dyed colorful locks I flick carded and spun then plied with silk, the grand total of yardage spun for TdF (and 4 days after) is 4,160.

That’s….amazing. That’s a TON of yarn. Really. And to think that amount of fiber was just sitting in my secret stash, while I pretended it didn’t even exist.

What is left in my secret stash? A couple things. A bag full of fleece/locks I intend to destash at some point. Another bag of 8 ounces of CVM/Romeldale that needs to be flick carded and spun. 2 leftover fleeces. Meaning, I made full projects out of the yarn I spun with them, but there’s still more left over sitting in my stash. A black wensleydale fleece. A box of wool samples of various breeds to work through someday. And, a container full of stuff for drum carding or making rolags. Though that is greatly reduced as well.

But for now, I shall knit. I’ve got two larger projects on the needles. The handspun sweater, which is sitting at home:


You may remember that I ripped out the collar and the ribbing to add length. I am now working the ribbing again, and it’s close to being done.

And then there’s this, Scottish Stripes, out of handspun and I absolutely love it. Even though it somehow ended up in hibernation for a bit. Here’s the last photo I took of it:


This photo is from May, so it really does need to be back in my rotation, and it’s a great work lunch project. It’s moving along again. I would like to finish one of these before the end of August, and then cast on a Lintilla out of the colorful handspun above, as that would make for a perfect vacation knit. We’ll see how it goes!

That’s it from here, happy Friday!


What Stayed Gone?

You may remember that I sent some makeup and product with Miss Butterfly for my mom to try. I figured it might be fun to review what stayed there and what came home.


In addition to what is pictured, I also sent some Almay eye makeup remover pads for waterproof eye makeup. And Miss Butterfly brought a number of lip products to include some Clinique chubby stick samples I’d given to her a while back.

Right off the bat, mom liked a few things. For instance, the eye makeup remover pads were a hit, and the age rewind concealer worked for her as well.

I believe that the coty airspun powder stayed there as well, having been enjoyed. Which is great, as I am trying to work through a number of other powders in my stash right now, and that way this powder can get some use. Also, I love it, so it’s fun to share that love, even from a distance.

Now, the rest left to right. All of this is simply reported by Miss Butterfly, so I am not sure of its accuracy. The purple-colored wet n wild eyeshadow stayed, but it sounded like Miss Butterfly forced that one on my poor mom.

The ulta eyebrow gel stayed willingly, according to Miss Butterfly, and the elf eyebrow pencil less willingly but I can attest that it really only had the tiniest amount left in it anyhow.

The jonteblu charcoal colored eyeliner returned to me, and I’ve been using it myself from time to time when I want a black color rather than brown, but less harsh than a real true black. It’s not my favorite, but I am happy to have some use from it from time to time.

The blush returned to me, as Mom already had blush. I think Miss Butterfly wanted it to stay, and maybe because it’s not a color Miss Butterfly can wear and look good in. But I can, so I am perfectly happy to have it back.

The blush brush returned, but the eyebrow brush stayed from what I can tell. At least, it doesn’t seem to have made it back into my brush collection.

The Clinique eyeshadow duo stayed, but I think this was another force by Miss Butterfly, and the brown toned wet n wild shadow returned. It’s still in my project pan, and I have used it since it returned to me.

Also, many of the Clinique chubby sticks stayed, Miss Butterfly says mom liked those, and I believe Miss Butterfly only kept two for herself. And also gave Mom another lipstick of some sort from her stash.

And then, Miss Butterfly returned with a few things. I believe a lipstick and some foundation which I think is the Maybelline age rewind foundation. Since that’s not something I’ve tried yet, Miss Butterfly encouraged me to give it a try. I did so, and it oxidized way lighter than what it looks like in the bottle! I’ve never seen that happen before. I have a lot of experience with foundation going significantly darker, but not lighter! So, I told Miss Butterfly she’d better give that one a try, as it was VERY clear to me why it wasn’t working for Mom.

Thankfully, though Miss Butterfly has been told she can wear some makeup once she starts HS, letting her experiment with makeup quite a lot prior to being able to wear it out has REALLY toned down her desire to wear it at all. She’s finally convinced that full glam isn’t really for daily wear and that her skin looks pretty good without makeup, and she’s quite happy with some mascara and a swipe of a lip color. Allowing her to experiment heavily has also allowed her to see herself as confident in almost no makeup, and for that I am grateful.

In any case, I am glad I sent a few things out there. Sort of like sending favorite toys when Miss Butterfly was younger, hopefully, it gave everyone a moment of connection. And for me, it was fun to see what stayed and what came back home.