Advent Calendar day 2 and November empties

A 2 part post. First up, the NYX advent calendar day 2. The surprise was a baby pink metallic matte liquid lip cream. Something I am just about 0% interested in. I don’t love metallic lipsticks. Plus, baby pink is hard to pull off as my lips are much darker than that. I counteracted this by fully lining and filling in my lips with a lip liner before adding the lip cream. A swatch and my selfie below.

I didn’t bother with photographing what I used on my face in general because it’s a repeat of yesterday except for switching out the lip color.

First a life update, we are in the midst of a heavy winter storm. Overnight we got 4 inches of snow after more than 24 hours of pouring rain. So, it’s all thick and awful and slushy. It’s snowing again with another 2-4 inches expected. We woke up to a winter wonderland, and it’s about as lovely and holiday looking as it possibly could be!


Now for the November empties.


Pretty good month for me overall, and honestly if I’d postponed this post 2 more days I’d have 2 more empties to add. But, I’ll save them for the end of this month.

Left to right as usual:

Deva Curl low-poo. I think there are far better sulfate free shampoos on the market. Deva Curl shines when it comes to the no-poo method, but I am not sure this particular line is very good. At least, it isn’t good for me.

Next is Urban Decay All Nighter foundation. I thought this was empty last month, but it ended up pathetically squirting out about another week’s worth of product, much to my chagrin. I hated this product and used it up despite that. I am thrilled to completely eliminate this from my collection. I think one thing to be learned from this is that it takes a good amount of time to use up a foundation so you’d better be absolutely positive you enjoy a high-end one before purchasing. Especially if you are one who insists on getting full use out of what you buy.

Next to that is a mary kay hand cream that was part of a satin hands kit. I loved this hand cream but saved it for the satin hands kit. Unfortunately, it finished before the rest of the kit. The unscented nature of this one makes it great in my mind. The thing is, I find the whole getting in touch with a rep in order to place an order and then being home at the time they are going to drop off the product so irritating that unless it’s a special item I need, I am not doing it anymore.

Next, let’s go top to bottom. I had a glam-glow bubbling cleansing sheet mask to use up from a subscription box. It’s nice but nothing to write home about. It is indeed very cleansing, it deposits far more product on the face than I’d ever use otherwise.

Wet n wild contour palette, I think it was a pretty solid 7 or 8 months of use on that, so a real bang for your buck there. I’d repurchase this in the future providing I’d used up everything else I have floating around. What I’d really like is to just purchase the darker powder, I have little need for the light powder in my life.

Below that is two high-end mascaras, Lancome’s monsieur big and marc jacob’s velvet noir. I loved both of these so hard! I will never pay the money for a high end mascara but am perfectly thrilled when they arrive in my collection via sample or subscription box! Both of these eventually dried out and got a little flaky but they were extremely well appreciated while I was using them.

First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream-I really am enjoying First Aid Beauty’s line of very low fragranced products. These are really gentle on the skin. While I think this product was meant for use all over the body, I used it as a nice heavy night cream on my face and really appreciated it for that.

Below that is a sample of cover FX custom enhancer drops and these I used up by adding them to my UD all nighter foundation to give the thing less of a matte look on my face. I am not sure it worked, but I wasn’t going to use the product another way anyhow.

There’s a sample of Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum and that’s another product I really loved. It felt great on the face, very hydrating. I’d definitely pick up another sample if I had the opportunity.

I finished a NYX eyebrow pencil, the color was too warm for me. I am glad it’s gone, and I didn’t love the pencil anyhow. I think I am more of a powder or pomade appreciator and I don’t think I am going to continue picking up brow pencils in the future. I have pretty well-shaped eyebrows that are appropriately thick, so I have decided just filling them in and then using something to make them stick where I want them is the best way to deal with them.

And finally there’s a Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleanser. I liked this just fine, I had two and I put them both in my trader joe’s cleanser pump since I’d used up the trader joe’s cleanser. There’s a bit left, about a month of use. I don’t think I’ll pick this up again, mostly because I think cleanser is something that stays on your face for so short a time that it doesn’t really help anti-age anything. Save on cleanser, spend on serums and moisturizers I think.

And that’s it! Another month, another batch of products tried and completed. Now I’d best get around to doing a bunch of house cleaning so I feel less guilty about leaving the outdoor heavy snow work to Mr. Ink!

Advent Calendar Day 1

Last year a facebook friend of mine purchased the NYX advent calendar on black friday. I think in a slight moment of buyer’s remorse, she told herself she now had to post one selfie a day wearing the lip product contained in the advent calendar for the duration of the calendar. At the time I never even wore makeup, but it was my favorite thing on the internet in December 2017. When she decided to do it again this year, I decided I’d join in.


This year’s calendar contains more than lip products, there are highlighters, eyeshadow, and at least one blush as well. And, I am going to do the selfie a day on the blog and on facebook. Here we go!

Day 1 is a highlighter:

It has a bit of a lavender shift to it. It has absolutely no pink at all. It’s very light. I think it’ll actually look better on Miss Butterfly than it will on me. But, I am going to wear it. In fact, this will be my highlighter until the point I open the next one. For the record, I did not spoil this for me, so I really will not have a clue what I am getting each day.

And now for the selfie. I kept it pretty low key on makeup today because basically, I am still in pajamas. It’s nasty outside, it’s been pouring all night and then we got a nice wintery mix overtop of that. I have no intentions of going anywhere today, except for walking the dogs in the neighborhood providing the weather clears.


I have a distinct feeling it’ll be difficult to see my highlighter. I did my best. I did get a photo of the rest of the makeup I am wearing today:


Not sure I’ll get a daily makeup photo in the future, but today and tomorrow seem likely. Anyhow, I am wearing bare minerals concealer and powder foundation, laura mercier caviar stick in rose gold on my eyelids, a combo of butter bronzer and hoola bronzer paired with tarte paaarty blush, my chella brow pomade and anastasia brow gel on my brows, IT superhero mascara on my lashes, bite beauty (can’t remember the color) on my lips, and l’oreal infallible setting spray to top the whole thing off.

This was fun, and I can see why she decided to continue it this year despite suffering through some pretty challenging lip colors. And there’s certainly some enjoyment over not quite knowing what is coming next.

This won’t be the only thing I am posting about through the month, but I will split things into two, so some days there will be more than one post from me through Christmas day.

Yarn Turkey

You may remember that on Thanksgiving Day I played yarn chicken and lost, which led me to wonder if this would then be called yarn Turkey.


This pretty little scarf is called Knit Night, and honestly, it’s just a lovely and easy to work pattern. I would knit this again in a heartbeat. In fact, I absolutely KNOW that I will. Soon.

But, back to the yarn “turkey.” There are various ways of finishing this scarf, be that a picot bind off, a regular bind off, and various ways of knitting the final border. I’d chosen one way, but ended up with not quite enough yarn to finish the bind off. I stopped, I regrouped, I decided to do the border as I had, but a different bind off. I pulled out the appropriate number of rows back to accommodate the yarn needed for this. And then:


That’s YET ANOTHER yarn turkey moment. Those picot bind offs take FAR more yarn that one might expect. So, I pulled that back and went with a regular bind off. Which I was then left with a fairly sizable amount of leftover yarn. But not ENOUGH enough, obviously.

Anyhow, in the end, I have a lovely LONG scarf. Did I mention that this yarn is handspun from Miss Marja? It’s a colorway I fell absolutely in love with.


For good reason, right? It’s stunning.

In other news, we woke up yesterday morning to Lizzie not being able to keep one eye open. Her eye was red and irritated and she was CLEARLY miserable. I called the vet before I left for work and found out they were going to be able to get her in by 9:20 that morning. So thankful for their quick response, I was totally heading to urgent care with her if they couldn’t fit her in. Turns out, this time she’s got a corneal ulcer. They cared for her so quickly and so expertly that I was quite surprised but extremely relieved. She was given every possible way of managing her pain. We go back in a week to make sure she’s healing properly. Between that and on Tuesday losing the use of my work computer for all but 2 hours of my work day, it’s been an interesting week! Certainly not one where I’d been able to do all the catch up I had needed to do upon returning from a nice long vacation.

And that’s about it from here! I hope your world is slightly less chaotic, but it is the season for that, right?

Rolling 10 Pan update 3

When we last left off, I had managed to finish 3 items. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, Trader Joe’s cleanser, and a matte lipstick from Maybelline. Here are the photos from last month:

My list for this month:

  1.  Foundations
    1. Hourglass vanish stick
  2. Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  3. Bronzer/Contour
    1. Wet n Wild contour palette
  4. Highlighter
    1. Frankenhighlighter
  5. Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  6.  Haircare
    1. Deva Curl Shampoo
  7. Eyeshadow
    1. One pan of clinique eyeshadow.
  8. Miscellaneous items
    1. Becca Undereye Primer
  9. Body Care
    1. Mary Kay Satin Hands

And the photos:


The hourglass foundation stick, you can see that I only managed to use the tiniest bit. To be honest, I am using this more like a concealer, in the sense that I am using it under foundation to cover redness. I can then use less of an appropriately colored foundation. But, while I thought I was done with the UD foundation last month, it still squirted out enough foundation for another week. Ugh. Then, I had vacation, so I wore less makeup in general. So, it’s slow going right now. I am hoping to see more progress next month.

The maybelline age rewind concealer, I really thought I’d be done with this. But, it looks like Miss Butterfly isn’t using it much right now. I will certainly be done next month. I’ll be replacing that item with another concealer item.

I am completely done with the wet n wild contour palette. And, to be honest, I was so used to using the same palette I am struggling to adjust to a new powder. What I am trying to use now applies with a heavier hand and it’s not as easy to blend. I’ve got a whole new learning curve ahead of me.

I had 3 pans of my frankenhighligter. I didn’t pull out all 3 pans, just the one pan that has had use. And as you can see, it’s quite a lot of use.

I am plugging away at the perfume, slowly, though my previous marks had worn off the bottle. My goal is to use half of this, and it’s old so I can apply quite liberally and not be even remotely overwhelming. I’ve got a back up at work that is much newer and that one only needs one spray to get an even more powerful scent.

I finished the Deva Curl shampoo this month. There’s not much I can say about that except it’s done.

The clinique eyeshadow I am using as a base has major pan, so that’s good. I am sometimes also using this as a transition shade if I can’t be bothered with anything else.

The Becca Undereye Primer is gone. I’ll use the container to hold a milk makeup undereye cream sample until that’s gone. I don’t think I’ll repurchase the becca product right now, I am going to wait and see if I like something else better.

Mary Kay satin hands-I did get some of the hand softener used, but there’s no discernable use on the exfoliating product associated with the set. So, I didn’t even bring it out for a photo. I do think I’ll be done with the hand softener at next update.

So, where does this leave me? 3 products used up, so 3 more can be rolled in.


There’s a Laura Mercier cream stick eyeshadow that barely shows up on my eyes and Miss Butterfly doesn’t like it either. I am ready to get this out of my stash, and my intention is to do so by using it as a primer. I gave it a try this morning and it seems to work.

Then there’s the clinique setting powder I tried to pan over the summer. I am trying again. As you can see I am about halfway through now, and not simultaneously trying to pan a powder in a contour palette. So I think between me and Miss Butterfly we can work our way through this pretty quickly.

And then there’s a tarte blush sample in Paaarty. Everyone has one of these. It’s a lovely color. And a lovely formula. No one is upset about this blush. Miss Butterfly and I both use it and it looks great on both of us. I can see the ring on the pan now, so my plan is to use it until I hit pan, then roll something else in.

It’s interesting to see over time that I use up about 3 products in my project pan each month. This upcoming month my prediction is the concealer, the clinique eyeshadow, and the satin hands softener.

My list for the upcoming month:

  1.  Foundations
    1. Hourglass vanish stick
  2. Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  3. Blush
    1. Tarte Paaarty
  4. Highlighter
    1. Frankenhighlighter
  5. Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  6.  Powder
    1. Clinique setting powder
  7. Eyeshadow
    1. One pan of clinique eyeshadow.
  8. Miscellaneous items
    1. Laura Mercier stick eyeshadow
  9. Body Care
    1. Mary Kay Satin Hands

And that’s all from me, hope to see you here next month!


Pan that Palette Update 1

At the beginning of October I decided to pan my tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette. This was after the epic fail of panning the clinique palette which I then destructed for my own purposes.

Here it is when I started:


I’ve reconsidered this endeavor multiple times during this month, but always stuck it out. What I’ve been doing is wearing this palette every other day. Does this mean I get to really indulge in a ton of other palettes? Not really, but it does take the edge off. I do get to use them. After all, there’s no huge rush to pan this one, it’s not even a year old yet.

I’ve found myself most effective when I pick a particular look and really try to pan that look in particular. The look I am most likely to create is shore thing as a transition, shipwreck in the crease, fin-tastic all over the lid with salt water popped on the middle of the lid to add some brightness and dimension to the eyelid. Often times I’ll add the darkest turquoise color, lagoon, in there as an eyeliner.


So, I’ve increased the pan on sandbar, hit pan on shore thing, and today I began looking for other mattes in my collection to use with this palette as clearly, I won’t be able to stick with these for the duration of the panning of this palette. I’ve also got a decent dip going on salt water, even though it’s not going to see pan any time soon. I’ll keep going with panning that “look” until I am sick of it and then try to find a new look to work on.

All in all, despite thinking that maybe I didn’t want to pan this after all, I am rolling into a month and a half of use pretty pleased with myself. I am going to continue, and I am still really enjoying it. Are there other eyeshadows in my collection that I don’t get to as often as I’d like? Yep, but at this point, I am balancing that with enjoying getting use out of my very first “precious” palette.

I promise I’ll try to clean this thing up a bit before the next photo session!

What Next?

I’ve got a knit blocking and I wasn’t sure what to knit next, even though I knew I needed to use up the yarns I had purchased for Miss Butterfly’s sweater.

So, this weekend I settled in to find the next project, plugging in the yarn weight and “3 color”  and yardage into Rav to see what I could come up with.

I came up with the 3 color brioche scarf. Which looked just lovely! And I decided that’s what I would knit.

I am not going to lie, it’s kind of boring. But, boring can be good. And the fabric I am creating looks great! Even the back side looks fantastic.


Isn’t that just fantastic? I am in love with the fabric, but I am also picturing pairing a slowly transitioning colored handspun with some solids to get a particularly interesting result!


An update on the rest of vacation. Once family left on Saturday, I took Rose to the dog park. There were a ton of testy dogs there. Even when she could get one to run with her, she had her hackles up because they were feeling a little off. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future. Dogs that probably had their routines upset and strangers in their homes might feel testy with my dog, and those weekends extra care must be taken. I am glad I left Lizzie at home. Anyhow, Rose got a good amount of running done, and then fell fast asleep when we returned. Isn’t she the cutest little solid ball of muscle?

In fact, that exhaustion mimicked our own really, I think after so much company and routine upset in our own home we were all really feeling it. Rose was very low key yesterday and no one wanted to go anywhere at all. In fact, even when she did want to play or chew, she sort of would fall asleep while doing it.


I am not sure anyone was particularly ready to get up and go to work today, but we managed it. Back to a routine!

Post Thanksgiving Visiting

Our guests were in town until Saturday, so of course, on Friday and Saturday, we had continuing visits. Mr. Ink, unfortunately, had to work on both days. But Miss Butterfly and I were free. Friday morning we’d agreed to go downtown to swim at the hotel. We all felt a little silly when we got all dressed in our swim gear, went down to where the pool was 3 years ago, and realized they’d taken out the pool! We never imagined that might be the case. So, instead we went shopping in the little shops in the downtown area. Then we met the rest of the family at a brewery, waited for them to finish their drinks, and then went to have some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

While at the brewery, with Miss Butterfly wearing her new sweater, I looked over and realized the lighting was beautiful in there and the decor was also lovely, so I insisted I get a few shots of the sweater. She was less than pleased about this as she hadn’t washed her hair or done her face because we’d thought we were going swimming. But she did indulge me where I got this lovely modeled shot of the sweater completion.


She has decided the nice long sleeves are her absolute favorite part of the sweater. And I’d say that the darker yarn at the bottom almost looks planned. So all in all, we are both quite happy with the end result.

After pizza, we had all decided to part ways before getting back together for dinner. Everyone wanted a nap! But, when I arrived home, Mr. Ink had just walked in the door early and he was eager to take advantage of being home while the sun was still shining.

So, we put the dogs in the car and walked them around a lake, and I got lovely pictures of the sunset.

I did still get a short nap in before dinner. I didn’t take any photos of dinner because we went to a rather famous place where diners can watch raccoons come to the windows but it was actually quite a dive, smelled terrible, and I found the throwing of all the chicken scraps outside to get the raccoons to eat at the windows rather distasteful. So, I decided I didn’t want photographic evidence of the experience.

Saturday morning started quietly, then the fam came over for their last visit before they had to leave. One more game was had, more chatting was done, coffee was consumed, and then it was over!

All in all a strangely successful holiday and visit. The difficult players behaved themselves beautifully and as such, we all had a wonderful time. The remainder of yesterday was spent running errands so that we could have today as a quiet day. Overnight it rained, then iced, then snowed. We are supposed to have snow for a while now. The roads are quiet and the house has that snow insulated feel as well as the warmth of knowing that no one need go anywhere at all today. We are officially tucked in for the weather and quite pleased about it.

I hope you had a lovely holiday if you celebrated. Otherwise, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!