Maybe you would like to hear from me too!

Mystic Waters.  Yes, yet another secret knit along. But it is what I bought the Textiles a mano silk for. I bought the silk without seeing even the first clue. I just had a really good feeling about it. Yesterday the first clue came out and WOW! Hello difficult pattern but hello beauty! The openwork is stunning even just on the pattern. I just can’t wait to see it knit up. (I am on hold for some appropriate needles though.) Of course, you must know I cannot leave the pattern as it is, I must add beading. I have some of them charted out, but I think it will help to be a bit behind on the clues so I can better see the repeats, as to facilitate where the beads should be placed. I loved the beads in MS3 soooo much, I must have more bead work!  I haven’t bought beads yet either, and the ones I have will not do.  I am thinking clear silver lined beads to mimic water drops, or black beads to mimic darker waters.  I will have to bring the yarn to the bead shop.

Luckily, my “project which must not be named” will be completed this weekend. Seriously. I am not kidding. It will be done. I refuse to accept any other option.  Its current status is thus:  Second sleeve completed to a more appropriate length.  All in all I think I added at least 3 inches to to the sleeves in Alice Starmore’s pattern.  Which is odd, because I had to shorten the body of the project by more than two inches.  So from this I conclude that though she is a brilliant designer, she is using a very lanky and short armed model to practice on.  The shorter sleeve gusset is ripped out, the stitches unbound and back on the needles, all stitch markers replaced and 2 rows knit on it.  Once that is finished up, all that is left is to sew the whole thing up, add the neckline, and then block if necessary.  I truly believe that this can be accomplished in a weekend.  Oh, and pictures!  Preferable ON the intended recipient.

My hands will be blissfully happy to work with some lace after this.  All those cables and twisted stitches and tight knitting were really causing them to protest.  No more cable knitting for awhile, I need to save my hands so I can continue knitting long term.

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