Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 4

Today we talk eyeliners. I don’t need any more eyeliners. It’s a funny thing really because I wouldn’t have so many if it weren’t for the subscription boxes. I’ve even decluttered those that I really hate! I am not a huge eyeliner wearer, I don’t even wear it daily. I don’t ever do winged liner, and if I do wear liner, I tend to smudge it so it doesn’t look too harsh. All this to say that I really don’t need a large number of black eyeliners. One would be FINE. My ideal liner collection would be one black liner, one nude eyeliner, and then an assortment of fun colored liners. That is NOT the current collection.

The current collection contains multitudes of black eyeliners of various sorts. Most haven’t even been opened. It’s like subscription boxes carefully curate all but one item and then say “Well, let’s just throw a black eyeliner in there and be done with it!” I find it highly irritating. Despite the fact that one does generally get a higher value from a box than one pays for it, if one really enjoys makeup of all kinds, this flippantness about eyeliners is something I find peeving. Now that my little rant is over, let’s see what I’ve got in my collection:


Morphe Gel Eyeliner: I purchased this in an order and before it even arrived, I received the Pretty Vulgar gel eyeliner below it in a subscription box. So, the morphe one is nicely sealed and never been touched, which is good. It should last. It’ll have to last, because that pot of pretty vulgar eyeliner isn’t going anywhere fast. I really did believe I was going to try winged liner at some point, but this just never became a priority for me.

Up next is the assortment of eyeliners from subscription boxes that I have, most of them not even open.

Kat VonD tattoo liner-this one is opened, Miss Butterfly and I don’t like it. Nor do we use it. We should probably declutter.

Eyeco skinny liquid liner-not even opened as far as I am aware. Doubt we’d like it.

Tarte Sex Kitten liquid liner-not opened, doubt we’ll like it.

Jonteblu black eyeliner pencil with glitter-to be honest while most of the beauty community didn’t care for this one in their box, I like it. It works fine for me, it’s not dry, I get good color payoff, and I am fine with using it.

Style Sepia brown/green eyeliner-this one is in my project pan again. I don’t love it but it works ok.

Makeup Forever-This is a liner/lip product, it can be used as either. I haven’t really messed with this much. It’s a rose or light burgundy color.

That’s it for subscription box liners. The rest are ones that I added to my collection deliberately.

L’Oreal Infallable eyeliner in a nude color for the water line.

Then, before using that up, I purchased the Milk makeup gel eyeliner in a nude color for the waterline. What was I thinking? So now the L’Oreal is in my project pan.

I have 3 L’Oreal silkissimme liners which I love. There’s a black, a teal, and a royal blue. I don’t think the royal blue actually suits my eye color much, but the other two do and I adore them. They are now discontinued so I don’t think these will go in a project pan.

Then there’s the newest series in my collection, I grabbed up these urban decay eyeliners in a set in a post christmas sale. I am thrilled with them! Ok, with one, because I haven’t used anything but the silvery shiny one yet. But it is really beautiful.

In the future, for my uses, I’ll be sticking to using pencil eyeliners. I don’t think liquid is for me. And while I might add more colors to my collection, it’s doubtful. I’ve got a very nice selection of colors now, plus plenty of black. So, eyeliners are definitely one of the many makeup products I just don’t need more of.




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