Nutty Yarn

Well, I did it. That yarn was too tropical looking even for me and my love of crazy colors. So I decided to up the nutty factor even more, and add in dyed border leicester locks.


The base yarn itself is a worsted weight, but it’ll have to be a bulky pattern to accommodate those locks. I ended up with 192 yards of this, which is a fair amount when considering the bulkiness factor.

Considering the busy nature of work right now, I am plugging along pretty well. I finished my nahant stole that I’ve been working on last evening, but haven’t had an opportunity to block it. Maybe tonight. And, I started some upcoming conference knitting. I always desperately need an easy but large project to work on during the conference, as there’s a lot of down time. This year I am hoping also to take some short walks, especially when there’s no chance of anyone coming to bother me for periods of time. But, I feel certain there will still be loads and loads of downtime available for knitting. I might even bring a little spindle spinning!

I did start a new spinning project too, on the wheel. Since the project featured here was so nutty, I went with a very basic bfl/silk top smooth 2 ply project as a comfortable contrast. I’ll need to get photos of that pretty soon, but it’s supposed to rain all day so it won’t be today. I also need to get photos of the new section of garden Mr. Ink put in, but again, with the rain, not likely to happen today.

In any case, have a great week folks! I’ll try to get some more pictures up by Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Nutty Yarn

  1. the nutty yarn is loads of fun! glad you are thinking how to take good care of your sanity at the conference – knitting and walking are good. πŸ™‚

    I’ll wait patiently for photos of finished knits and gardens. If you will send the rain our way…

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