Updates from the busy side

Work has gone just about as expected, and maybe a little worse. Long days, far past my normal work hours with seriously high stress. Thankfully, today I get to leave a few minutes early. Because after that? Well, then I’ve got 2 work days back to back next week that’ll be 15-16 hours long sandwiched between a late night work day and an early morning work day after a shortened weekend. It’ll be brutal, but honestly? Less brutal than what we went through yesterday, my coworkers and I.

That being said, I did grab pictures of a few things while it wasn’t raining. It’s going to rain again today, so that was lucky!


This is my current spinning project. It’s BFL/Silk that I dyed, and it’s spinning beautifully and I ADORE the color. I’ve got about 1/3 of the second bobbin done, and I am wishing I’d dyed more than 4 oz.


I started a knitting project, something easy that I can work on during the conference. The variegated yarn is Koigu KPPPM, and the solid is a rather old hank of Sanguine Griffon Bugga. I am quite fond of how this one looks, and it’s kind of a boring type of knit which should be about perfect for the conference. I will also take my circles of lace scarf for when I want something that has to be thought about a bit more. I did pack 4 spindles and 4 mini batts too, in case I feel an urge to do some spinning. Hopefully there will be conference updates if I can manage them!

In the garden, my peace rose put on an amazing show for me. It was just what I needed when I got home from work yesterday.

Just stunning blooms, looking so perfect and delicate.

And in gardening news, while I’ve been stressing out and overworked, Mr. Ink has been plugging away at building more garden space. He took this photo last evening of a new area he’s been working on. He says “good riddance to a few more square feet of lawn.”


He’ll keep working his way up the edge of that lawn, but he has mentioned it is quite hard work, and so the going is slow. That new hanging basket? In it is a spurge that Mr. Ink planted on the front wall, and that we both fell in LOVE with. It was doing so well there, and was such an interesting plant! Except upon further research, we found out that the sap is caustic and can cause quite a rash. Well, in interest of not having to try to yank it out of the ground when it spreads, as it was clearly trying to do, Mr. Ink decided on a hanging basket. This way we can keep it contained. And we know where it is, and we can take appropriate precautions when we deal with it. And, it’s so full and lush that it does look amazing in it’s hanging basket, it’s a great look! Mr. Ink has planted all his various evergreens in this section. Miss Butterfly and I had gone out shopping for clothing and shoes for us both, so we didn’t even get to see this in person yet. I can’t wait!

That’s all from here for now, have a great remainder of your week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Updates from the busy side

    • Oh thank you for your kind words. I work at a university and have two major jobs. One is planning workshops, conferences, guest lecturers, and faculty candidate visits, and the other is grant submission of scientific grants. It’s usually an ok workload, sometimes busy but generally not unreasonably so. But, this summer/fall with the large international conference falling just a few days after a grant deadline, and visitors in town every other week at least, sometimes two a week, for months preceding it all and an off site meeting I needed to travel for….well it all kind of got to feeling a bit out of control!

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