Number 28

Well, after I posted about the 28th stocking being something I just didn’t want to knit on, I ended up powering through a little more quickly than expected. Here’s the thing, often if I get to the point I am so irritated with a project that I post my disgust, that’s also the point where I consider myself ridiculous and keep after it.


During my lunch break yesterday I got to the toe. At that point, I realized that it was silly to keep prolonging it, so I brought it home and finished it up. I am so pleased to have it completed! This one actually goes in my own collection as often I give away our own collection so that those receiving the stockings get their stockings more quickly. This is a replacement.

Thing is, I found out Sunday evening that my brother and his wife will be adding another to their family, so I already know there will be another stocking to knit next year. Hopefully, I’ll have improved my attitude about this knit somewhat before then!

This brings us to 75% of my goal of 40 projects this year, and I am thrilled with that part of this completion!

With the news for my brother’s family, this means I get to add a project to my list this year, I have to admit I am really excited to knit a baby sweater. I already have the yarn, from stash, picked out. I will cast that on as soon as I am done with the green socks I was working on!

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