Hawser knit

Once I had my hawser ply skein of yarn, I’d run my hands through it and be so impressed with how a balanced yarn could have so much energy running through it. The yarn just felt alive, totally different from my regular yarns. So fun, and it just called out to me to be knit with. I couldn’t help myself, I balled it up right away.

Of course, in ball form, all the energy is subdued and it no longer felt all that impressive. Very disappointing. However, I’d already committed to knitting a cowl with it, so I cast on.

Yesterday I didn’t expect to have much in the way of crafting time. I was headed out to watch Mr. Ink and his buddy bowl in their league. I’ve done so a couple times, but never stayed through the entire thing. Thankfully I had my just cast on project in the car, as Mr. Ink said “This can get boring, I really do hope you brought something to do!” So I knit while they bowled, and I got an amazing amount done.


As it turns out, the yarn has a ton of energy when knit as well, it feels like the trapped energy has the stitches looking really popped and nicely defined. Very interesting. I can’t wait to continue!

Of course, now I want to make my cabled yarn, and knit it into something similar to see how they compare.

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