Weekend Recap

It’s been another busy weekend at Shells’. As you know, I blocked Lizard Ridge, but that really was just the beginning.

We’ve been working on settling into the house, of course. We have blue walls in the kitchen and dining room. I had originally really disliked that, but then I managed to find a matching tablecloth within my own linens stash, and suddenly the entire color scheme quit bothering me.


We’d spent a lot of time trying to rearrange the room to our liking, and have finally settled on something we prefer. So it was time to put away the china. But, once I started unwrapping it all, I realized that I really wanted everything clean, so 3 dishwasher loads later…..

We’ve had lovely sunny breakfasts, where I shot these photos of the old dog:

IMG_2911 IMG_2910

He rather likes it here.

We spent half of Saturday and all day Sunday cleaning out Mr. Ink’s family home, but Sunday evening we took a break to grill.


It was so nice to grill in our own back yard.

I got the remainder of the furniture for my craft room and set about organizing that space. It’s not done yet, but it’s getting there. It’s so close that I can actually sit in there now and do some spinning. Or plying, in this case:


That’s a 2 ply on the wheel, out of a fleece my friend Mary had processed at a mill, and I got a few ounces of.

I hope no one was as busy as we were this weekend, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. However, if you were, I hope it was a satisfying type of busy, like ours.

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