Team Project Pan August Update

So here we are at the beginning of September with another team project pan update. There’s been some nice progress this month but I am at that point where I am glad there’s a refresh next month.

Let’s start with the sample fragrances. I can tell you that this category didn’t do well at all this month because more samples came in than left.

Instead of 8 or fewer samples, I now have 9. And honestly, the samples seem to have gotten larger. But I am still working at them and will continue to do so.

I think we’ll get my face palette out of the way. I am working on my Too Faced natural face palette. It’s perfect for this time of the year when I really have darker skin due to having been on vacation. For example, I am generally a mac nw13 but since vacation, I’ve been nw18. The Natural Face palette is one that works so nicely at an nw18. It’s finicky at nw13. I have to be very careful not to overdo it and the highlighters are right out.

I didn’t take a photo last month, so the photo on the left is from 2 months ago. (For the record, I haven’t used the sleek cream contour palette at all, which is why I didn’t take a photo. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve touched it.) I’ve worn away a good bit of the pattern on Sunny Honey. It may not be apparent, but I’ve also got a good dip going on Starlight and nice progress in the other highlighter as well. I’ve used both blushes quite a bit but naturally, those take a long time to see progress on. I’ve also used tropic like it’s hot every single day. This is one of those really wonderful face palettes with a ton of value for money. I think I may have gotten this one at quite a discount, and a little goes a really long way. I love this palette and I am so happy it is in my collection. I will use it one more month and then it’ll go away until next summer.

The rest of the items. Last month I posted progress on lip liners. I didn’t do so this month because I didn’t use either of them at all. Probably not even once. So, no point in taking a photo.

So, I added in a face exfoliator, and I made progress but not much. Putting this in my project pan actually made me want to use up a different one first, which is what I did. The becca primer had a lot of progress, though I think there really may have been an air bubble. I got a little of the IT cosmetics cc cream worked through, but the largest progress by far is on my mac prolongwear foundation. I am going to keep after that one as it’s too dark for me most of the year. Still looks great and it is by far my favorite foundation. Sticks to my face so nicely! The Verb texture cream I am using daily but only a little. So, progress is being made, but it’s not fast. And, since I finished my laura mercier setting powder, I am rolling in another, it’s AOA studios setting powder. I like it fine. The container is pretty small, but it’s a nice full container.

Let’s first talk about what I used up. The eyeshadow that I was using to set my primer is gone, the bite beauty lip mask is gone, and the hourglass lip crayon is gone. I am not rolling in a new lippie, I’ll concentrate on the two that remain this month. I am rolling in another setting eyeshadow. My paintpot is still being used almost daily, still haven’t hit pan but I am working on the sides now. The it cosmetics eyebrow pencil is the bane of my existence. Who would have known that one sample size product would last me an entire year of almost daily use? For real, it’ll be a surprise if it is gone at the end of the year. But I continue plugging away at it. The benefit highlighter I made extremely minimal progress on. I’ve been concentrating instead on my face palette. This highlighter will remain in the project until it is gone though, it’s so close. And, finally, I am adding something in. I am adding in my coola setting spray with sunscreen. I think this is a gimmicky product so I just want to use it right up and move it out of my collection. Thankfully it tends to disappear quickly so I don’t really think it’ll take too long.

I am already very much looking forward to next month when I get to roll out products I am bored with and roll in new things. We are also close enough to the end of the year where I am looking into what I’ll do for project pans next year. I really love this year-long one, but I think I will try something new next year to change it up. I am also looking forward to autumn and autumn colors and vampy lipsticks and so on. I love the change in seasons every season, and changing makeup colors to go right with that is so much fun. Cool-toned eyeshadow palettes and dark lips and shawls, I am so eager to enjoy all of that!

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