Can you imagine how I felt in this picture?

So here are the final lite lopi pictures.  It is complete and it fits well.  I am very pleased with the sweater.  Please note that wearing a coopworth roving sweater in mid July is not advisable in the least!

I cannot believe how well this fits.  I really can’t.  It is perfect in all directions.  The color which I thought was way too bright looks fine when considering that it will be worn in the winter.  I have no complaints whatsoever.

9 thoughts on “Can you imagine how I felt in this picture?

  1. You are right, it absolutely could not be better! I love the bright colours as a platform for your face; it really looks great! Now take it off, you are making me hot! 😀

  2. it is so so stunning. I agree it does look like a beautiful, classy ski sweater out of the 60’s that would have been worn with stretch slacks with that stirrup that goes over the foot to go skiing in the alps somewhere. It brings back visions of Nana’s many pattern books and the ski sweaters she used to knit for the doctors wives in her area. The apple skipped a generation before falling close to the tree. The fit is amazing

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