I’ve been working on something and haven’t bothered to take a photo. It’s my skew sock!

I won a skein of dyeabolical’s watercolor stripe yarn recently and it took me awhile to get it cast on. It also took me awhile to figure out what sock I wanted to knit in the first place. But, once I remembered how much I loved my last pair of skew socks out of noro kureyon sock, which are no more because I wore through the heels as I couldn’t stop wearing them, I decided that would be a great project for self striping yarn.


Look at that! It’s so pretty. So rich in color, as is typical for dyeabolical yarn.

It’s been my work project thus far, but I think I’ll take it home this weekend in case I want to keep working on it. It would be convenient to get the heel done at home where I have everything I need to complete the heel turn. I need more stitch markers, I need dpns, I need a needle to kitchener the heel. None of that I keep at work. So, perhaps that’ll be the goal of the weekend, to get myself past the heel by Monday morning when I can bring it back and work on it at work again next week.

I am still in this mode of “allergies or cold?” right now, and I can’t seem to shake it. I feel pretty good in the mornings, but by the time evening rolls around I don’t feel good at all. Last evening I continued my work on the closet and dresser clean out, continuing to sort and put away, and hang up, and purge. I am pretty much done now, there’s a pile of clothing for Miss Butterfly to sort through when she gets home tonight, and then I’ll be able to put the final bin in the basement, having completed the job. I didn’t really expect this to take 4 nights of work!!! But, I also haven’t gone through my closets in 2 years, and it really should be an every 6 months or so task, I think. (The fact that I have WAY more closet space in the new house means I somehow failed completely to do this job for 2 years.)

That’s about all from here! Happy Friday everyone.