May Empties

I kept putting off this post, as I am SO CLOSE on so many other little products I keep thinking I can sneak them into this post. But so often close ends up a bit farther away than originally anticipated, and I didn’t want to get too far into June without emptying out my empties box.


I picked up the neutrogena makeup wipes for our Alabama trip. I don’t like these, I don’t think they work all that well, and I hate that once I open the package, I have to get them used up fast as that sticky label stops sticking. I am not a huge fan of wipes anyhow, I do a double cleanse with a pretty heavy balm to remove makeup. And secretly? That pretty heavy balm is often just coconut oil from the grocery store. I know that’s a bit controversial, but I don’t struggle with a ton of skin issues, it’s unlikely to clog my pores, and it’s cheap, comparatively. So that’s what I do. What I am saying is while I would repurchase wipes, I won’t repurchase these particular wipes. And I am open to suggestions! But they’ve gotta be the kind that has a plastic closing lid built into the package.

The Almay eye makeup pads are my holy grail though! I love these things. They last a nice long time, and for me they work very well. I use two a night. If I’ve done a particularly heavy eye look and need more than those pads can provide me, I dip into my coconut oil, slather a bit of that on one wipe, use it to remove the residual makeup, then go in after with the other wipe.

The Lush Ocean Salt scrub wasn’t one of those Lush products that was difficult to use up. It’s just I don’t take the time to exfoliate very often so it has been hanging around since last summer. I don’t love the delivery method in this case, it’s too easy to get shower water into the tub, and once that happens there’s no way to get it back out. This doesn’t work as a face scrub for me, it’s too harsh. However, the smell is pleasant enough, and it works well enough too. I just think I can explore other scrubs rather than repurchase this one.

I received the Verb sea shampoo and conditioner at the beginning of the month. These didn’t really do anything nice for my hair. I need a lot of extra moisture, and these seemed drying over all. But the scent was perfectly pleasant and they did clean well. They are just….not for me and my particular hair.

And then we get to all the little Clinique products from last month’s project pan. There’s not much I can say about them really except that all three have made their way into our regular routines. We’ve got full sizes of each. Each serve their purpose in our routines. While I regularly try other skin care products, these are ones we can count on and are for general use in our home. I do cut those sample sizes when I can as there’s generally a number of extra uses in there once I’ve cut them up. I just throw them in a plastic baggie and seal it up in order to get those extra uses out of them. So, with products like this you’ll always see them cut up in my empties posts.

And that’s it for empties! I’ve got a fail box started, as I’ve had one seriously MAJOR fail product that I gave a try last month, and I am sure I’ll find others too.

One thought on “May Empties

  1. You have had so many samples etc! I guess I’m lucky that I dont use many products! Im so cheap. I use ALMAY foundation, eye liner and mascara. I have 3 lipsticks. I use Vaseline to take off my eye makeup at night. I want to improve myhair care!!!! Im a fan of LUSH products but they are expensive!!!!

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