What do we call this?

I had 4 sets of rolags in my stash, you know the kind made on blending boards? 3 from dyeabolical, and the 4th from Spinmonkeys. There wasn’t enough for a full project in any of them. So, I decided to mix them up and combine them. The colors were….passably matching. Plenty of green tones, and a nice burgundy tone, with bits of purple and orange and mustard and sparkle thrown in for good measure.

I contemplated how I’d draw it all together, as I spun these rolags, mixing them all up. I figured there had to be a way to make them really match well, or at least blend appropriately. I contemplated different chain ply techniques, and then after consulting with a very talented spinner friend of mine, I decided to give chain plying 2 singles together a try.

I don’t know if there’s a name for that. Double chain ply? 6 ply chain ply? No clue. But what it created was far better than I imagined. Not only did all the colors blend beautifully, but the yarn is thick, super bulky, and extraordinarily rotund.


I ended up with 140 yards of 6 ply, which was also more than I expected. I think I’ve got a hat in mind for this one. it certainly is hat season soon!

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