The Past 24 Hours

Guys, I am having such a lovely vacation! Yesterday it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t. Miss Butterfly and I left the house by bike at 8:45 in the morning and didn’t get back until almost noon, having gotten a lot of sun, a great bike ride, a bunch of pokemon playing, and lots of wonderful time together. We took a bit of a break once we were home to do our own thing, had lunch with Mr. Ink who comes home from work at lunchtime, and then headed out again to run errands. We got Miss Butterfly’s hair cut, went to a shop to get a new bike tire for the fat bike, stopped at a creamery for ice cream, and then went to my favorite farmer’s market to buy plants.

Once home, we got lettuce planted, and then a bunch of little flowers we’d picked up as well.

The orange poppy was Miss Butterfly’s choice. The other two were for me.


I began working on a corespun project using a very chunky sparkly batt with tons of extra dyed locks thrown in. I do love a good corespun! And, in the project of using up more stash than I spin up, I figure corespun is a neutral. I make new yarn using yarn that’s already in stash. Pretty cool.

In the evening it was sleepover time. Miss Butterfly and her friend set up the tent in the living room and “camped in.”


The house is a ridiculous mess right now, and I can’t even care they are such good kids.

This morning I boiled a bunch of eggs before the girls woke up so that they could have a marathon egg dyeing session.


I got them an extra large dye kit with an assortment of various decorating supplies included, and Miss Butterfly had leftover dye from last year as well. You may notice I’ve got some undyed silk hankies hanging out on the table. I am figuring I’ll throw those in the dye cups and microwave them a little later. Can’t hurt to use up the dye in another way!

This morning was beautiful! And once Mr. Ink left and I finished boiling the eggs, I was able to spend a good amount of time spinning on the patio and listening to the birds. Unfortunately it is now raining quite heavily and looks to do so all day. We are hoping for a short break so we can go walk Miss Marja’s dog Max. I don’t think he likes the rain too much, so if it could settle down for a bit, that’ll be good.

I may not have gotten much on my list done, but none of that matters right now due to all the good fun and memories we are making.

2 thoughts on “The Past 24 Hours

  1. That does sound like a great vacation! Do I spy a sweet english daisy? I love those little flowers! And I am a sucker for poppies! Good choices you two made. Have a good rest of your vacation!

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