It’s been a hot second

And I’ve got so much to blog about, and yet, it has been WAY too busy to get that done. I’ll start with what is likely the biggest news in my life, Miss Butterfly, my lovely daughter, graduated from High School. She graduated with Excellence, meaning that she completed over 100 hours of community service. She did that two ways, she volunteered very regularly before the pandemic at a fairly nearby YMCA camp, and she also earned a lot of these volunteer hours with the dog rescue we work with. To be honest she completed far more than 100 hours but that was the cut off for her “excellence” designation. Here she is, below, at her graduation party with her boyfriend and dearest friend.

I am not entirely sure what her future holds right now, but she’s got herself a thriving little business of pet sitting so that’s what she’s doing at the moment. In fact, she’s so busy with it that she often has to have someone cover her overlapping days. But folks really want to use her services and are very pleased with what she’s able to provide their pets.

In related news, she’s taken up crochet. I taught her to chain stitch and then she took it from there, and she’s created these two items:

They are adorable and she did a great job on them. I am very impressed! I don’t do this kind of detail work so it’s fun to see her enjoy it.

There’s a ton more to post about so hopefully I’ll keep up the momentum and get it all written down now that the graduation and party are over with.

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