I am in lurve!

With my new socks!

So I made these socks to fit my calves. Actually to use a joke Sav filled me in on today, I don’t have claves, I have cows. So I made these socks to fit my cows. And I am HAPPY! picture-088.jpg

While I was taking pictures, I thought I would show you all the first few meager rows of the Kauni sweater. Poor show so far. I have done about 2 rows a day. Favorite coworker told me today “Hm…2 rows a day every day, should be done by fall…of 2012!”


And on the spinning front, here is another sneak peak. We will look at it in more depth later on, it is currently hanging to dry.


5 thoughts on “I am in lurve!

  1. Those socks….well….they rock my socks LOL!!! They are seriously so very awesome!! I heart koigu so very much! But cows your calves are NOT lady! The joke still makes me giggle though lol!

    I love the beginning of the kauni and very much look forward to watching it develop. Those colours are incredible!

    I love the plying on your spinning too! It is always amazing to see how much fibre changes from one stage to another; awesome job chica!!

  2. Kauni looks great so far. It always seems to be a slow start, but once you get going, it will go much faster.

    Love the yarn you spun and your new socks.

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