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It’s no secret my desire to spin wanes in the winter for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s the cold weather and wanting to knit/wear handknits? I really couldn’t say. But, spinning certainly tends to stay on the lighter side for me. This season, when I sometimes don’t even want to knit, it feels like I really don’t make yarn at all.

So, this season I’ve approached spinning differently. I am kind of just allowing myself to do whatever seems fun in the moment, with no particular goal in mind or time line for new yarn. This has led to both wheels out right now, as well as spindles. And last night I took indoor photos in decent light so I could show those things off.

First up, I’ve got a loop bump on the prelude. It’s going along quite nicely. I actually have two of these bumps, but I am not at all sure if I am going to combine them, three ply one and save the other for some other time, some odd combination that I haven’t thought of…I just don’t know.


BUT, the yarn is coming out quite nicely. It goes from black to pink in various rich shades. That being said, I joked on instagram that it’s as black as February feels sometimes.

So, because of that, I’ve got something a little more playful on the rose. You know, there was that whole fatcatknits going out of business thing awhile back, but she’s still been making batts for her etsy shop which has been fun to see! (I was going to miss her terribly if she was out of the fiber business forever.) The other day she posted an extremely colorful batt that also included quite a lot of good chunky stuff, and I decided it should be mine. I purchased it and it made its way to me in short order. There was only one thing to be done, corespin it. In the end, it’s SO colorful that the colors are getting a little bit muddy, but the fun chunks of stuff really stand out nicely. I am enjoying this one!


I really should do way more corespinning than I do because I always adore the result! And I’ve got so much corespinning appropriate core yarn to use up. The core on this one is a mohair laceweight I got from my aunt, but it just doesn’t hold up well for knitting at all. It would just break, it was so delicate. Probably why she sent it my way, as she’s a weaver and there’s no way it would hold up for weaving either. But, I can easily cover the places where I have to reconnect the core in fiber, so it really works perfectly for my purpose here.

And then over the weekend when I was particularly bored with knitting and everything else that I could possibly be doing, I pulled out some of my own batts and began spinning them on a support spindle. I didn’t exactly get very far, but it’s pretty so I’ll show it to you.


As with all the batts I create, I adore the little pops of color and fluff fairly well blended, so this has been a fun one to play with in spare moments. No clue what I’ll do with it beyond getting it on support spindles, that decision can be made later.

Last night was parent teacher conferences, but so much easier to manage without snow and without show choir dance camp. This morning it had snowed, but the roads were fine as it was a light dusting rather than the 3 inches they had anticipated during drive time. There’s a chance that it may be bad heading home, and we’ve got a meeting with Miss Butterfly’s homeroom teacher next year to set up her schedule, but I’ll worry about all that later. With Mr. Ink at home today, I feel confident that the driveway will be just fine.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll go shopping with Miss Butterfly. She’s still growing fast and is down to three pairs of pants in her wardrobe so it’s time to find a few more. And as I’ve mentioned, right now, shopping with her is really the best way to hang with her so it’ll probably be reasonably fun. I’ll take a sock to knit on during those times which I am waiting for her to try things on. That’s about it from here, we are REALLY looking forward to the weekend!

3 thoughts on “In Spinning

  1. lovely yarn you are making! Funny how we go in cycles or seasons…I have been spinning more this winter, and trying to keep up on all the knitting. There is just too much other stuff around for me to feel like I have all the fiber time I want! But I did just get a book on spindle spinning from the library, I feel a fool that I can’t do it, so I am determined to master it. You make it look so easy!

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