Things which I love

Staying in. Yep. That tops the list. And that is what I did all weekend, even though I had talked of doing otherwise.

Except for a walk. Mr. Ink and I went on a long walk yesterday in the bitter cold. Except, compared to Saturday, it didn’t feel bitter! I mean, instead of cringing in the wind and making it once around the block, we walked for an hour. Not much wind, and the sun was shining making all the snow sparkle. And the  -4 weather had the snow all crunchy sounding. It was really beautiful!

Unfortunately, my back has not been well lately. I can’t say why. But, it took pain killers every 4 hours to get me through yesterday, and a heating pad. Which is why I decided to stay in. I did get another 2 batts created, just one more for the set I am working on. And I got a little spinning done, more this morning.


It was dark when I got this photo. Those are greens. I’ll show you better pictures soon. Almost done with this bobbin.

But mostly I knit. In fact, I knit so much that my hands ache today. Cumulative from the weekend I suspect. They’ll repair themselves during the busy work week.

I started another Christmas stocking. This is stocking number 23. I’ve got two to make in the upcoming months. This one is for my cousin. Or rather, her baby. She had a baby this summer, he’s cute as a button. And, while she and I aren’t particularly close, I know that with previous pregnancies has come unimaginable tragedy for her. So I know this baby is so wanted. I wanted to…I dunno…notice that for her? I don’t really know how to state that any better. But, I contacted her and asked if she already had stocking plans for him or if she’d like one of my “family famous” stockings. And she was eager for me to knit one. So that’s what I am starting on.


There’s no rush though, I did tell her it wouldn’t be done for this christmas. I will then start another, as my nephew is getting a baby brother, and must have a stocking to match the rest of the family’s stockings. Unfortunately, one of the yarns I need is out of stock and won’t be in until the 29th of this month. So I am waiting. Thankfully, the above stocking just came from stash. Yep, that’s another stash buster!

In other knitting news, I am so close to being done with the Lintilla scarf. Looks like despite ignoring the 25% saved yarn rule and saving less, I’ll have enough yarn to complete the project. This is only because I’ve knit two other Lintillas, and had plenty of leftover yarn when using the 25% rule. Otherwise I never would have chanced it.

Once the current Lintilla is off the needles I am going to cast on another. One for Miss Marja out of her handspun. Handspun made from batts I created for her last year at christmastime. Full circle! I am looking forward to seeing how the yarn knits up, for sure. Here’s a photo of the batts from last year:


The black is alpaca and everything colored is silk. She made it into a great 3 ply yarn. I think I must be going with a black with pops of color theme lately, this will be project number 3 in the span of 3 months that has such a theme. Though this one quite different from all the 3 ring circus finished objects. Much gentler overall. There’s over 600 yards of yarn for this project actually, so it’ll be a very nicely sized Lintilla. Biggest one ever. AND, between that at Mr. Ink’s socks, it should tide me over nicely while we are away for Christmas.

Now, with Monday Update complete, I must ask, where are you with Christmas plans? I have wrapped NOTHING, Mr. Ink still needs to get gifts for his entire family. I need to plan and make a dish for the work potluck this week. I need to send out my nephew’s gift to my parents today and cross my fingers it arrives in time. I’ve been making lists of cookies and bread and pie to bake for our upcoming trip. We need to pack next week which I always find oddly stressful. A secret part of me is hoping our new vehicle will arrive before we leave, but I know it’s wishful thinking. And, if it does, it just puts more on the to do list really. I am behind. VERY behind. And yet, I’ve done little about it. Preferring to sit with a heating pad and my knitting. And yet, I know I’d be less stressed if I got stuff DONE!

4 thoughts on “Things which I love

  1. Wiw such wonderful projects you have going! Sorry you arent feeling well, though. Could the back be caused by the stress of all you have to do? Hope it settles down soon for you. To make you feel better- we just finished the shopping today, still have nothing wrapped, no tree, the big purple tube is about 18 inches long (too short for a scarf? I thought so.) Still need more tiny mittens and so OF COURSE i dug out the sweater i put aside in November and started working on the sleeves. Feel better? Glad i could help. 😝

  2. I love that you reached out to a family member . I had the URGE to reach out to my uncles’ wife Mary. She responded so kindly. We hadnt talked in years which had nothing to do with me . I Love the stocking idea. It will all get done. You know that? I feel very ready. I just baked another batch of cookies. We will have a quiet but lovely Christmas in the new house. A few visitors. Lots of love and my two kids here. Everything is wrapped. BUT I have a sock to finish and get in the mail to my Uncle. I’d better sign off!

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