One Done


Last night was our own little family christmas. It was quiet and lovely. Miss Butterfly and I had been out shopping most of the day for gifts for Mr. Ink’s family later this week. It was exhausting! But, we still managed to make a chocolate cream pie. Mr. Ink made pork steaks, green beans with sweet peppers, pasta with alfredo sauce, and even brought home a bottle of champagne. Miss Butterfly was thrilled with all her gifts. She got an activity tracker from my parents that she’s obsessed with at the moment, and Mr. Ink got her tickets to see Panic! at the Disco in March and there was much rejoicing. It’s tough really, she comes home after like 4 christmases with her dad and his girlfriend and their families, and she comes home with so much STUFF. And I look at all that stuff and think “Well, our little gifts aren’t going to be very interesting.” And yet…they are. They still are. We wrapped up the evening with watching Mama Mia, as Butterfly’s dad’s girlfriend sent it home with her wanting her to watch it. Her dad always vetoes the idea when she’s there. I think had Mr. Ink known what he was getting into he’d have vetoed it too! So, my amusement was watching the expressions on his face during the movie.

I began a new knitting project, but I’ll save that for later. I’ll focus on spinning instead. Have you ever had something in your stash you just really needed to get OUT of your stash? I bought a black batt with hints of dark green and a ton of sparkle many years ago. I had BIG plans for the batt, namely, adding beads to the spin. But, somehow I could never get myself inspired to actually spin it with beads. So, it’s been mocking me from my stash for many years. Shaming me. Shoulding me. I am so ridiculously sick of moving that batt around every time I wander through my stash. So I decided to spin it. Without beads.


I’ve got 327 yards of sparkly black singles. It’s pretty cool really, this batt. It spun up quickly, it looks nice, and now it can sit in a different stash until it tells me what it wants to become.

This will likely be my last spin of this year. And that gives me a total of 31 miles spun this year. This is the first year I’ve counted yardage as plies, rather than overall finished yarn yardage, so I really don’t know if that’s high or not. It’s pretty likely to be on the higher end though. I knit 11 miles of yarn this year. I strive for 12 miles a year these days, between the alternating hobbies of spinning and biking. I didn’t quite make it, even with 2 months of knitting exclusively, no spinning. Since I won’t finish a knitting project either before the new year, I can say it’ll stay at 11 miles.

It seems like my knit meter needs and wants change every year. This year I will go back to recording only finished yarn spun. Forget the number of plies. The other change I will make? I plan to knit as much as I spin. Meaning, if I spin a mile of yarn, I have to knit a mile of yarn before I continue spinning. Incoming handspun stash will have to equal outgoing yarn stash. What will not be included in that knitting total is anything I make out of Marja’s yarn for Marja. It’s other handspun, that yarn. Not in my stash, not using stash, it’s just separate.

I do think that it’s interesting to evaluate the overall crafting from the year at the end of the year and put some thought into the upcoming year. My handspun yarn stash is so vast. But so is my commercial yarn stash. And, the reality is that the commercial yarn stash has been there so much longer than most of the handspun stash, yet, the handspun stash is what I actually enjoy knitting with. I knit with commercial yarn in 10 projects last year, some of them paired with handspun. Overall project count? 35. I really want to keep chipping away at that commercial yarn stash. It’s nice to have, as it means I regularly can go to it rather than purchasing yarn. But, I’d rather have the opportunity to move my handspun stash over to the cubes that hold the commercial stash. We’ll see how far we can go in that direction this year.

Ok guys, if this is sounding a little scattered, please forgive. It’s a day with Miss Butterfly, and she basically just talks at me all day long. I’ve gotten really good at tuning things out, but little bits get in and then I struggle to keep my own thoughts together. I love days with her, but they certainly aren’t quiet! I hope she grows out of the need to narrate her entire life as it is happening, but she’s 12 and she hasn’t grown out of it yet….

4 thoughts on “One Done

  1. wow – what a lot of spinning and knitting you have done! I know you are tracking your knitting as it relates to stash, but I do think you should have a separate Marja meter – because that is a lot of yarn passing through your fingers!

  2. Enjoy the chatter, my youngest was the same way, she turned 13 and now I have to make her come hang out with me. Though it is nice to sometimes be able to hear myself think!

    • It’s so interesting, the in house chatter is practically worthless. Meaning, it’s not meaningful conversation. However, if I make her go for a walk with me outdoors, she’ll be bitter about it initially, and then really begin to tell me what’s going on in her life. So we go for walks. Very regularly.

  3. Chatter has its place. I so miss it right now with Zach and Al both flown back to their current homes. . ….I love that your daughter loves all the THINGS she gets on her dads side and yet she appreciates and loves your gifts too. Al used to talk to me like crazy when we took our neighborhood walks. Zachs more of a car talker. 🙂

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