Section Two

You know, for a gal who keeps saying “I am going to go straight home and knit” I don’t actually DO it very often! Yesterday was a little nutty. I’d indicated that I’d like to walk Miss Marja’s puppy Max at lunchtime, a task I do about once a week. It gets me out of the office at lunchtime, it forces me to take a walk and get fresh air, and it keeps Max comfortable with my presence, something that I expect to be helpful to Miss Marja over the years.

Well, this week and last have been so nutty that I’ve done things like switching vehicles, switching purses and work bags, etc. All to try to accommodate my busy schedule. What I failed to do yesterday was put my house keys in my work bag. Which meant, when it came time to walk Max, I didn’t have the keys to get him! So, instead we agreed I could go home after work, pick up Miss Butterfly, and then we’d head over to get Max and take him to a local park for a walk. Win win, right?

What we didn’t quite anticipate was the traffic. There was a major accident on the interstate that blocked off the interstate completely. It was causing major issues getting home, it caused major issues getting back to Marja’s, and it caused major issues going to the park. I’ve never seen traffic like that for so long without snow on the ground!

But we did make it to the park, and I think Max enjoyed both the car ride and his time with us.

We sure enjoyed our time with him! We had some trouble getting back to Miss Marja as well due to traffic, but once we left her place, the trip home was fine. And in the end, it was worth it! You can see the progression of Max’s comfort level. When we headed to the park he was like “I’ll just sit in the back, ok?” On the way home, he had his head sticking up between the front seats, so when Miss Butterfly offered a place on her lap, he hopped right up there quite contentedly.

By the time we got home it was getting a bit late. Mr. Ink headed to the store, and I had to assist Miss Butterfly with homework. Not a task we often have to do, but this time we did. I was still assisting when Mr. Ink returned home, and I was assisting when dinner was begun. After that, I worked on my part of the meal, we ate, and I looked at the clock and realized it was 9:30! So, basically after putting Miss Butterfly to bed, I fell in bed too. I’d really had enough. I am so glad today is Friday!

I did manage to get a photo of the shawl in progress though. Section 2 is seed stitch and I am nowhere near done with it. I doubt I am even halfway. But, it’s still fantastic and pretty and Clue 2 came out today and I am looking forward to figuring out what to do with colors next!


I plan to work on weaving in the ends this weekend in addition to making progress on it. I did see a post by the designer saying that if my right side looks ok even with the yarn ends over there, it’ll be ok to leave it that way, so I did decide that I wouldn’t restart the thing.

And that’s encouraging, because you know what is scheduled to show up tonight? My find your fade shawl yarn.

So, a weekend of knitting for me. Mr. Ink wants to take us to see a movie this weekend. I suspect I’ll be bitter about heading out of the house for that too. Maybe I can take my sock and work on that during the movie to ease the pain. 🙂 We are supposed to get some snow overnight as well. I doubt it’ll stick around for any time at all, but it’s nice it will be happening at a time where we don’t have to worry about cleaning it up to get to work!


3 thoughts on “Section Two

  1. Bummer about traffic eating your knitting time, but at least you got a walk with a puppy!
    The shawl looks so pretty, I love all those colors. Glad you don’t have to start over!

    Can’t wait to see the Find Your Fade yarn… And maybe Find Your Fade can be a movie knit? I haven’t looked at the pattern, but it will certainly help you feel better about the lost knitting time. 🙂

  2. Your daughter is adorable. Between your work, your parenting and you spouse’s need to get out its a wonder you can knit at all lady! Fireman loves to get out too. OFten I go along and end up having fun, but sometimes I let him go by himself. I Love your mystery knit…..and have fun bringing in the mail today!

    • I am glad to hear that this kind of busy isn’t just a me thing. I often think “I should be content with the amount of time I have at home, I only have ONE kid after all!” But, in the end for an introvert, the motivation to get out of the house is often just not there. Here’s a funny story. We bought Miss Butterfly tickets for a concert, which is next week. 3 tickets, one for each of us. Now, Miss Butterfly is angling to have me stay home so she can take a friend. Mr. Ink is like “I don’t want you to have to miss the concert!” And you know I am like “No no really, if you want to take two little girls, HAVE AT IT. I can entertain myself at home alone!” Did I mention it’s midweek? It’ll be a repeat of this week! (He hasn’t decided he’s going to allow this yet, but I think both Miss Butterfly and I are hoping for the best…)

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