Well, with the westknits mystery shawl on the needles and my find your fade yarn in, seems like all I am doing is projects where colors fade into each other. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

I finished the first clue of the mystery shawl this morning, and grabbed a quick photo.


I ended up grabbing a bunch more colors out of my stash. Stuff I’d thought of as usable, as well as stuff I’ve had balled up but never used and really am unsure what to do with. Adding them in as well has been great fun. Still all handspun! The next little section is brioche stitch, which I enjoy knitting quite a bit so I suspect that little section will go quickly. Then we are on to garter stitch.

I also received my find your fade shawl yarn in the mail, let me show you it!


I saw these colors together and it was love at first sight. I kept avoiding purchasing them, but they needled me until I did. So now they are here and technically I could start this weekend if I manage to get the second clue of the mystery shawl done.

However, I am very close to being done with Miss Marja’s circles of lace scarf as well. So much so, that while I’ve been knitting on it at work, I threw it in my work bag after lunch yesterday to see if I could get it finished up. I think I’ll focus on finishing that scarf before starting find your fade shawl. I could really use a different work project, circles of lace was starting to get really old. Next up for her is a lintilla shawl out of her handspun, and I think that’ll also be  my next work project. After all, that’s a shawl I love knitting, and I think it’ll be very pleasant to have at work.

Mr. Ink ended up having to work this morning, and then decided since he has to go in anyhow, he’ll get some work done on our civic. So no movie this morning. Also, no snow this morning, the storm didn’t bother to hit us at all. As for me and Miss Butterfly, I think we’ll spend the morning getting chores done so I can feel free to knit at leisure for the rest of the weekend!

Happy Saturday friends!

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