This Week August 28-September 3

I am a day late! I was so excited about all my finishes that I forgot to post my list. Last week:

  • Daily step goals
    • Easy peasy with the addition of a dog in the mix.
  • One bike commute
    • This one failed. I’d not been sleeping well the week up to and after we got Lizzie, I find adjustments difficult. I could have bike commuted on Wednesday but didn’t because I slept in a bit. I was completely prepared to commute on Friday, the only other day I could, but woke up at 5:30 am to a large storm rolling in. It poured all morning.
  • Finish marathon knitting. I think I can do it! That would be cool!
  • All the planner tasks. ALL OF THEM!
    • Yes, and some done ahead of schedule. And, some not completely complete, but they were worked on and I am now waiting on other people for responses, so that counts.
  • Take Lizzie to the dog park. (We tried this weekend but it was way too muddy when we wanted to go!)
    • We did this on Saturday! She…wasn’t all that enthused. She doesn’t like to play outdoors or in public. She doesn’t care about other dogs. I mean, she’ll spend time with them but not in play. She visited all the strangers, and spent a ton of time sniffing around. It was nice though, to let her outdoors off leash somewhere, and it was fun to watch and interact with all the dogs. Lizzie let us know when she was done. After about an hour, despite being very far from the entrance, she sniffed her way back to the gate and waited for us there. So, dog park isn’t 100% a favorite thing, but probably still good to do from time to time to keep her mind bright.

I took a look in my fiber cabinet, a cabinet that used to be stocked nice and full, only to realize that I have very little fiber left in my collection. Now, I am sure I’ll purchase more in the future, but for now, I thought maybe I should start bulking up my collection again by making my own. I dyed a bunch of wool top awhile back for this purpose specifically. So, I think I’ll try to make batts every couple of days for awhile. Here’s the ones from the weekend:

I started with a muted grey green. The base was a grey romney wool that  I’d dyed green. Then I added quite a bit of lighter blues and greens to brighten it up significantly. Turned out pretty well! There are, of course, some fun add ins and sparkle, but I didn’t go overboard on this set. A bit over 4 ounces, though I didn’t actually weigh them once they were done.

This week:

  • Daily step goals
  • A bike ride with friends and a bike commute, or two bike rides with friends.
  • Work with Miss Butterfly on her room, and reducing the “slime situation” in the house. Things are getting out of hand with the slime fad in our home and I have reached a limit.
  • Measure rooms for moving the large area rug.
  • Work on cleaning out basement.
  • Get a load to donate out of the basement.
  • Make batts.

I think I’ll stop there. With show choir auditions this week, things are already a little tight. But thank goodness for a long weekend!

2 thoughts on “This Week August 28-September 3

  1. ALMOST OUT OF FIBER???? Fix that before you have withdrawal, lol.

    Give Lizzie time to adjust to the dog park – I bet she will eventually love being off the leash and knowing it is OK.

    And glad to see you gave yourself a biking option – much nicer than constantly beating yourself up if you can’t accomplish something on your great to do list!

    Have fun, and I can’t wait to read the next post, I look forward to them all. 🙂

  2. THe batt reminds me of a blue morhpho butterfly colors. Greys and blues and just lovely.
    YOU are getting a TON don with a new dog in the house. OMG. Your lists are amazing.
    I make daily lists. Glad you daily step goals are easy with the pup addition. SHe seems like a real winner. More photos of her and miss butterfly please

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