Second Shawl Update

Within two days of the first photo, here’s where I am on the Nix shawl:


Not too shabby! Progress has been easy and fun, and the color combo does play as well as I imagined it would together. Maybe even better.

In beauty news, as you know, I am trying to use up nail polish. I got frustrated with my manicure only lasting 2 days at a time, that’s a LOT of time on nails, so I looked up tips and tricks to make polish stay on longer. On Sunday evening I got a shower, braided my hair, and then did my nails. The only thing I did differently this time was soak my fingers in ice water after they dried for 2 minutes post top coat application. Well, that, and use newer nail polish which clearly was a much nicer formula than what I had been trying to apply to my nails. Anyhow-point being it’s Wednesday, and my nails look fantastic. Still. And you all know how much I use my hands. It’s unbelievable.

Planning for the weekend-after flick carding and giving myself quite a blister, I decided what I’d most like to do this weekend is more flick carding. Sound crazy? Well, it’s not. Here’s the deal. I was careful not to pop that blister, and it ended up becoming a pretty serious callous. So really, flick carding NOW while that’s still on my hand, would be perfect. I’ve got 8 ounces to get through I believe, though it could be more, and if I get that done there’ll only be one fleece left in my stash that isn’t flick carded. (And should be combed anyhow.) Everything else that needs flick carding will be done. That would be a pretty incredible accomplishment for this summer.

Miss Butterfly is already bugging me to go shopping, and we likely will, though I really feel like we need to take inventory of what she already has in her closet. Back to school shopping is fun for her, but I also need to remind her that she got a lot of nice things while out with my mom, and she doesn’t NEED a ridiculous closet. Maybe I’ll just make her go to the thrift store again, we had decent luck there in the past.

That’s really it from here. Have a great week my friends!

6 thoughts on “Second Shawl Update

  1. Thanks for the tip about nail polish- mine never lasts.
    My mom used to take me to value village for shopping and I have to admit it’s still one of my favourite places to shop. I’m super picky about what I buy but I can afford things I wouldn’t be able to have new. As a kid, I loved it because I could get more with my back to school shopping budget than I could at the mall.

    • The other tip I read was to make sure you aren’t taking hot showers during the time you want to maintain a manicure. Doing so expands the nail bed which cracks the polish. This advice is easy. It’s summer. That’s what I’d be doing anyhow. Not sure how it’ll apply in the winter though!

  2. Love the shawl, you have a good eye for color. And wow! On the flick carding!

    I never polish my fingernails for just that reason, but maybe that would work for me as well!

    Teaching Miss B to shop her closet and plan her wardrobe is a great gift for life. Pretty sure she has a good example in you!

  3. Your shawl is so pretty!
    I always love thrift shop shopping! I shopped a bit on vacation though:
    bought : yarn 30% off
    A Oklahoma Univeristy T shirt
    an umbrella from the National Weather service for my sister
    Stickers from nws

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