Another Little Project

Before I began Miss Butterfly’s sweater, I cast on a Ziggity Zaggity scarf using handspun yarn. I thought it was a cute little pattern, but at this point I am fearful the thing is totally going to curl. That being said, it’s still a fun little knit with increases and decreases and as usual, the handspun is really satisfying to work with.


I do hope a good blocking will really help it not to roll. I also hope it will open it up quite well, at this point it is going to be a pretty short scarf unless it increases significantly.

Here’s a funny thing that happened on Friday. Miss Butterfly’s father was working on demoing a home in our neighborhood. He contacted me about a piece of furniture that looked pretty nice but was just going in the dumpster. I don’t think I ever quite said “I’ll take it.” But eventually, I got a message from him saying “I am dropping this off at your house.” I think he just could not bear to see a nice piece of furniture just get trashed so he decided to make it my problem. I spent the remainder of Friday at work wondering what shape it would be in. But, once home, I was soooo tired. I took a nap, Mr. Ink had to wake me up an hour later to get the dogs walked before it got dark. Then I didn’t feel too well so I went to bed early too and slept a really long time.

The next day I went out and wiped it down with a towel just to see what I was working with. It looked in pretty decent shape! We need to fix a piece on the mirror and one drawer pull is missing, but it’s good enough to use. So, I spent Sunday washing it really well where we could then see it shine. Here’s what it looked like with a wash.


The mirror is already inside as it’s going to take some TLC from Mr. Ink. I need to figure out how to remove the little labels on the drawers. It would benefit from a full refinish but that’s not in my wheelhouse at the moment. The aesthetic of this piece does not fit our home at all, but it makes a lovely little vanity and Miss Butterfly and I had a great time moving our makeup set up into the drawers Sunday afternoon. We are looking forward to the moment when it has a mirror!

That’s about it for here, more makeup posts coming up in the next few posts as it’s the end of the month and time for that!


4 thoughts on “Another Little Project

  1. the scarf is pretty – I hope blocking it will fix the roll and the length!

    The dressing table is really a lovely piece, I can see why Miss B’s dad didn’t want to trash it. Drawer hardware is easy enough to replace, when you decide to refinish it, if you do.

    I know it is sacrilegious, but I would consider painting it instead of refinishing. 🙂

    I also hope that you aren’t getting sick, but are still recovering from the hard week you had. Rest up!

    • I have certainly considered painting it as well! And since the drawer pulls at the top are different from the bottom, I could easily switch out both top ones for something similar but matching.

      I don’t think I am getting sick. However, last week we felt like we were sitting on a hellmouth at work. I have a team of 4. One had bronchitis and the flu (and came to work on and off anyhow but that’s a different blog post) another needs surgery this week and we found out Thursday. Another had a parent with a stroke out of country, found out Thursday. And finally, another with a grandparent with a fall and broken bones, found out Thursday. So, the stress around here hasn’t really ended…..

      • Oh heavens! That leaves a team of one, who might be getting the plague! Thursday was an all around bad day for you guys! I hope everyone is doing better than could be expected and the stress is somewhat diminished soon. Can your department spring for massages for everyone? I bet you could all use them.

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