An Exciting Day.

Today was a rather exciting day in my garden, but I’ve no pictures to show you about it. Miss Butterfly, on her trip to visit my east coast family and friends this summer, found a beautiful, tall, tiger lily. She noticed that lily was producing seeds, as some lilies do, and decided to pick a few. Now, having recently researched for myself how to propagate lilies, I knew that just yanking those seeds off the stem and leaf was unlikely to work. However, this is my kid we are talking about, and I was willing to give it a try.

Yesterday I decided it was a fine time to get those seeds in the ground. Around here, we are likely to have fair weather into November, we’ve often gotten our first frost then. So I figured these seeds might have a chance. Oddly enough, once I dug a hole for them, I noticed that those seeds had already started to sprout. It was a complete surprise to me! No telling if we’ll get lilies out of them, and if we do, it’ll be 2-6 years before we get blooms from what I read. But, if we get lilies out of seeds, she would be quite pleased.

After that little triumph, I decided to check on my lily scales. You might remember these lilies?

Well, when I dug them up to replant them in a more appropriate place, I pulled some scales off the bulbs, and threw them in a ziploc bag with some dirt, sealed it, and shoved it into the garage in a dark spot. This was what was instructed when I researched, but again, I didn’t have much hope for my propagation skills.

Guys! I decided to check on the scales, and they are sprouting! In fact, there was one scale with a sprout that was about 8 inches in height! I decided to plant that one in the garden, just to see if it had time to establish. It had a NICE little root system going on as well! The others, I think, we’ll overwinter indoors allowing them even more time to grow strong but I wanted to try one this way as well.

With such great triumphs in my garden, I decided to take the time to plant the seeds of a japanese candelabra primrose my mom sent home with Miss Bug. We identified the boggiest shady spot, and planted them there. Now my fingers are crossed for those too! I’ve come a long way from the person who could kill anything just by touching it!


I finished this too, and it’s dry and I can show it off. That’s…1720 yards of 2 ply laceweight yarn! Seriously. No wonder it felt like it would never, ever, EVER end! The plying that is. The spinning was actually a pleasure. I ended this project thinking “I HATE PLYING SO MUCH!” But I knew it was just burn out from that project and the 3 ply directly before.

The only real solution was to get some more singles on a bobbin, don’t you think?


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