First Day

Today is day 1 of an 11 day much needed vacation. There’s a “wintery mix” outdoors. Mr. Ink is also off work. We are still doing a lot of this:


Basically, just relaxing, as Miss Butterfly is still in recovery mode. She’ll feel better briefly, act like a normal kid, and then she’s down for the count again. This photo was after she’d exhausted herself taking a bath and washing her hair. She was fever free for most of yesterday, but had one again in the evening. So, we are being pretty quiet around here, allowing her to rest at any point she needs.

A bit of knitting has been done, though I was terribly uninspired about it last evening. I need to start the heel flap on the stocking now. This is always where I stall out on these, once the fun of the colorwork pattern is over I no longer want to work on them. Thankfully, this isn’t a rush situation.


See our “wintery mix?” It’s really weaksauce.

I am currently plying my loop cloud but I couldn’t resist starting a new project before I got around to plying. It’s Into the Whirled bfl silk, and really pretty!


I am going to do a 3 ply because 3 plies are cool. This is 1/3 of the 4 oz. project. The remainder is prepped and ready to go as soon as my loop cloud plying is off the wheel.

Mr. Ink woke up with a massive headache this morning. Miss Butterfly quickly reminded him that’s what her illness started with. He doesn’t think that’s the case, but Miss Butterfly and I are kind of watching and waiting. But if he were to get it, that would be pretty disastrous considering all there is to be done. I guess this is why things need to be done early! Even though it’s entirely my own failure that things aren’t done early.

Happy Holiday Weekend everyone!

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