This Week November 27-December 3

Last week:

  • Step goals 6 out of 7 days
    • I hesitate to cross this one off, as I didn’t wear my step counter. On the other hand, I have a pretty good idea how long a walk it takes for me to get my goals these days, and I did those.
  • 1 bike ride
    • It wasn’t much of a ride, since I let Lizzie run along beside me, but the bike was out and I did ride it.
  • At least 1 walk around a lake with Lizzie
    • Didn’t get this one done for multiple reasons
  • Finish the deep cleaning of the house
    • All except the basement, but I wasn’t sure I’d do the basement anyhow.
  • Get started on a basement cleaning and organizing
    • Yeah no, though I did get the steps to the basement swept and washed.
  • Run all the errands currently in my day planner
  • Get the tree up. Doesn’t have to be decorated, just up
    • Up and decorated
  • Take photos of new yarn and fiber, get that entered on Ravelry
    • This happened, and was complete, until I bought more. Funny how that works. But I plan to just use the new stuff immediately so it never has to go into Rav as stash.

Miss Butterfly woke up Sunday morning at 11 after having been up a good portion of the night sick. I was up far earlier, as was Lizzie. I think 7? When I am up and around, so is Lizzie, so she was up half the night with me. At one point she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and went back to sleep despite the fact I was leaving my bedroom to check on Miss Butterfly. Needless to say, we were all a little exhausted yesterday. Lizzie demonstrated how to catch up on sleep, taking so many naps I actually got a little worried about her.


Once Miss Butterfly woke up we found out that her entire family on her father’s side had the illness. It was definitely a virus, as some of the kids also spread it to extended family upon their return home. Thankfully, it was fairly short lived. We took it easy most of yesterday, and by this morning Miss Butterfly said “It’s so amazing, I can’t believe it. I feel ABSOLUTELY fine this morning, like completely normal. Except my back hurts. I think I must have pulled a muscle.” Which sounds about right.

Lizzie stayed very attentive to Miss Butterfly yesterday, pretty much anytime she was laying down, Lizzie was up on the couch with her. She keeps her smallest human comforted if she can. Miss Butterfly was feeling enough better that we were able to get the tree up and decorated. Miss Butterfly sat and unwrapped ornaments, while I decorated the tree. She was pleased with the way it worked out. Then we washed Lizzie, I’ve got a photo of that too for later. You would not believe what a tiny dog Lizzie actually is. Washing her at home went FAR better than doing so at a local shop which I tried last time. She was much less stressed in our own home, and really just sat there tolerating it. Once she was done with the bath, she even seemed to enjoy the blow dryer on her, with all the extra pets and attention it gave her. Once done, she felt amazing! And smelled good too. So that was a win. It’s a bit of a long process but absolutely worth it in the end.

Let’s talk spinning. Here’s another promised photo of handspun.


This is colorway Mordor’s fire from Three Waters Farm. It’s one of the fibers I got from Introvertedknitter. I spun half this on my new wheel and the other half on support spindles. Then I plied it all on the new wheel.  Because of that, I’ve got a lovely even skein of 2 ply from the wheel, and a skein of far less even yarn from the spindle spun stuff. My spindle spinning is so out of practice. But, I ended up with 535 yards which is a lovely large amount. I think if I alternate skeins on some project, the differing yarns won’t be too problematic.

And now, for next week, I admit I haven’t thought out a list very far at all. Mostly it’ll be trying to get back in the swing of things, and adjusting to additional show choir practices on Miss Butterfly’s schedule.

  • Finish pair of socks that should have gotten done in October. With 3 work training sessions this week that should really help.
  • Ply some handspun singles.
  • Use the new firepit.
  • Step goals, 5 out of 7, and start wearing activity tracker again.
  • Work on basement clean up/clean out/reorg.

That’s all from me, adjusting back to work is the name of the game this week!

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