Extreme Comfort Knitting

Hey all! Long time, no see! For real, work this week and last was an absolute mess. Not my fault, but at times it sure felt like it! It IS the busiest time in 2 years (this is my 10th year working on this project, and it’s always a mess at this point) but one of my other projects is over and now I can concentrate on my  job and one big project. I’ll be stressed until mid October, but having one messy large project out the door is absolutely wonderful.

So, basically in the evenings I’ve been crashing. It’s so tough, when work is so awful that I have no mental energy left for anything enjoyable at the end of a work day. Thankfully, my family has been extremely kind, and quite supportive of my extreme self care needs.

I’ve done a lot of reading. I’ve done some knitting. I’ve done absolutely NO spinning. I’ve done the tiniest bit of pleasurable gardening (not the tough stuff.) but my garden does desperately need more attention. There’s also been family movie and pizza nights right in the middle of the week!

So, let me start by walking you through my current knitting. You may remember I’d started the pinched scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun. I am quite a bit further on it, but I did run into a couple hiccups, namely the potential of running out of yarn, ripping half the scarf back, and taking out a large section. I am now in full on yarn chicken mode, but I am hoping for the best. But, because yarn chicken is stressful, I am not working on this much.


It’s still lovely, but there’s no potential for more of this yarn, so if I do not have enough, it’ll go back in stash for something else. I’ll face that maybe later this weekend.

I also started a Circles of Lace scarf which is going nicely. It’s also out of Miss Marja’s handspun, and it’s handspun that is a complete pleasure to work with, as it’s a lightly spun, lightly plied laceweight. Basically my favorite.


It’s going to make a great scarf!!

And then there’s the Nahant. The Nahant pattern for me is basically the most extreme comfort knitting pattern I can work on. The pattern is easy and beautiful with just enough to make it interesting. I decided to pair the pattern with my 3 ring circus loop/fat cat knits 2 ply.


It’s really working for me on every level!

There are a few new things in my garden. My tuberous begonias are finally blooming, and I threw in another dahlia picture for you as well.

On Wednesday evening we had Miss Marja’s dog Max come to visit. Dog sitting is our great pleasure right now, since we don’t have one and have no plans to get one. This week? Sitting under a dog in the evening was awesome, and Miss Bug enjoyed her time with Max as well.

Last weekend at Mr. Ink’s request, we kicked off his vacation with a game night. We played Cards Against Humanity, which is something we were playing regularly a couple years ago but basically I think we overplayed it and got bored. It’s been a long while, and so we thought we’d try again. Mr. Ink is particularly good at this game, and it also makes him laugh harder than anything else. There’s the giggling he does while he puts potential cards together, and then there’s the all out loosing it and laughing until the point of tears he does when someone manages to play a particularly great card combo. He also always wins, but watching him bust a gut makes it all worthwhile.

Did I mention the food? We always do great food while playing games!

That’s it, a bunch of enjoyable moments in an otherwise cruddy week! I am off today, as is the rest of my family, so we are headed out to some gardens to do some walking and soaking in the beauty. See you on the flip side!

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