This Week June 26-July 2

Last week’s list:

  • Finish the first side of Tibetan Clouds stole, and complete the set up for the second side. (I’d really like to have the entire stole complete by July 1, but I am not sure that’s going to happen without hating the project.)
  • Keep up on the daily tiny bit of weeding, it’s so effective!
    • This was mostly done. Not sure I hit every single day, but most of them. Trouble is, there aren’t that many more weeds to pull now! Which shows the effectiveness of the 5 minutes a day schedule.
  • Get Miss Butterfly packed up for her second week of camp.
  • Start thinking about packing her up for her trip to visit my parents. (The turn around time between second week of camp and her trip east is disturbingly short.)
    • I haven’t really done this properly. I mean, I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t moved toward doing what needs to be done.
  • Work on getting my step goals again, I’ve been falling down on this particular job lately.
    • I got them most days, and I would say that’s pretty good.

Yesterday we did something we haven’t done in about a year. We went on a motorbike ride together. It’s been so long that all the valuable muscles I had built in my left hand and arm to work the rather difficult clutch on the old bike I ride have disappeared. The day was glorious, the ride was amazing, and now I can’t knit. I am quite sore and I’ll need to begin riding regularly again in order to build up my strength. Preferably short rides initially.

So, that means I spent the evening spinning on the patio. The neighbor kids weren’t out, so it was quieter back there, and I got through my nunoco batts I’d started quite some time ago. I’ll post the start and finish pictures.

I am looking forward to plying them! It really is a very pretty gradient.

I haven’t worked on the tibetan clouds stole since I finished the first side and did all the set up rows and charts for it. But, I started a linen stitch scar, horizontally knit, and am really pleased with it at the moment. It seems that when not spinning, my knitting whims wander quite a bit. While I have spinning projects going I tend to be fairly monogamous in my knitting. Not so when I am not spinning. In any case, I’ll grab a photo of that scarf tonight for tomorrow’s post.

It’ll be a crazy busy week around here, I won’t have a night “off” until Thursday. While our plans are fun and should involve photos, I am preemptively getting nervous about social overload. And tonight? I have to go shopping, and we ALL KNOW how much I HATE shopping.

This Week:

  • Get a “bike prom” dress.
  • Finish all details for Miss Butterfly’s trip.
  • Pick Miss Butterfly up from camp, do all the laundry, repack her for her trip to my parents.
  • Hem and iron new kitchen curtains.
  • Motorbike to work once this week. If the weather holds.

That’s it. I am not making other plans on a busy week, and especially not making knitting plans right now. Whatever happens, happens. It’s not like I am on any type of deadline!

5 thoughts on “This Week June 26-July 2

  1. Pretty spinning! Glad you got to enjoy the patio one evening. Sounds like a very busy week, can’t wait to see photos and hear what you managed to get done around interfering life!

    How far east are your folks? I bet they will be amazed at the young lady who arrives at their house. 🙂

    I am working hard to get some knitting progress done this week, before TDF starts on Saturday. Not sure I will actually finish anything more than a sock, but inches have been knit on lots of projects. It has been really hard to ignore my spinning wheel and the pile of fiber I have all prepped for Saturday.

    And Saturday I have yard help coming! I can’t wait. There is so much to do, and this will be structural change – moving shrubs (I hope) and digging out rocks and gravel to make the front look like a garden. And maybe put a garden in the back as well. Small steps, but so much appreciated. Since Mr. Ink doesn’t seem to want to come to my house, lol.

    • If we lived next door, he’d probably be all about taking care of your yard too. Hah. He’s always saying he wants to go in the neighbors yard and fix stuff he can see that he doesn’t like. I am so glad you have help coming for that big stuff! Moving larger shrubbery is such a pain!

      My parents are in the philly area, so she’s got quite a journey. She goes out there every summer. We’ll join up with them in the Boston area at the end of July for some fun in the sun. Mr. Ink is worried about his plants during the time we are away.

      I am struggling to feel inspired about TdF. Probably once it begins I’ll get excited. But at the moment, it’s not happening for me. I guess I’ve enjoyed my knitting lately!

      • If you get to Boston, and he needs a gardening fix, we are only about 4 hours away, come on up! You and I can sit and spin and knit while he gardens, and Miss Butterfly can play in the pool. 🙂

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