Not Gonna Happen

So, I finished my skein of yellow from the batts I created this weekend. Just as a reminder, here are two of the batts with the original polwarth top I used as the base of the batts.


I obsessively spun this over the weekend with the intention of washing it, fulling it slightly, and spinning it back the other way to make a stable single with low twist. It didn’t work out. It might have if I’d changed some things, but after losing the end of my yarn twice in about 30 yards of singles on the wheel, I gave up.

Quite frankly, I am having one of those weeks where I count down to the weekend in both my personal and professional life. Even Friday night won’t count. (1 down, 4 to go by the way….) It really isn’t the week for me to be attempting this project.

So, instead I am showing you 945 yards of singles which we are calling finished.


They are laceweight, they are beautiful, and I’ll be very pleased to use them as is whenever I get around to it. And, well, since I’ve already wound them into a very large yarn cake, I may get to them faster than one might imagine.

Meanwhile, Miss Bug decided that our week is indeed too busy, and skipped girlscouts last evening so we could have a little down time. Which meant I was able to finish another skein of handspun! It’s hanging to dry, hopefully I can show it off tomorrow.

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