April Beauty Balance Final

The wedding is over, and the beauty balance can now be well on track for major success in the direction of products leaving my collection over those that enter it.

When I balanced before the wedding, we were at 4 products leaving my collection over those that entered it. I am going to quickly add that I also gave away my crown palette from a boxycharm last year. I gave it to a good friend who was visiting. So, that’s 5 products leaving. I didn’t grab a photo of that as it was on a whim that it left my collection. I don’t regret it though, I used it maybe 3 times and I just wasn’t that interested in keeping it.

In the last post, I also expressed that I would be purchasing from the sephora sale. But now I am not so sure. The one thing that I felt I needed was a good daytime moisturizer. I am getting close to being done with the one I currently am using. But, I have decided that I’d like to try the one from The Ordinary, and that is so inexpensive that I don’t need to purchase it during a sale. I can wait until I use what I have and then pick it up. So, beyond subscription boxes, it might be a while before more items actually enter my collection. Much to my relief.

Here’s what I finished up in the bit of time since the last beauty balance post.


The buxom blush samples were surprisingly full of product, I used them a good portion of the month. It was fun to have a few other colors to play with for a bit.

I got two uses out of the tatcha face mask. I have another in my collection. I am not a mask type person, so it is doubtful I’d repurchase, especially at what I assume is a steep price.

I finished my bare minerals original powder foundation. This one looked good on my skin for a few hours and then got cakey looking. The matte one looks far better on me. I would not repurchase.

And there’s the ABH brow gel. I have been using this for ages and it just has no product or hold left. I’ve now learned about soap brows and that’s a dirt cheap alternative so I wouldn’t repurchase this either.

We finish this month at 9 products leaving my collection over what entered, and that even on a month full of purchases. Not too shabby! Though I will admit to trying to use up samples to even out that balance. I can slow down on that now.

As of now, I am putting myself on a low buy. Replacements only, except for eye products which I am allowed to purchase if I like. That being said, I am ridiculously happy with my current collection and do not have much on my radar other than that. (If a big sale at ABH were to happen I might pick up another one of those. But, I don’t see that happening at the moment.)

I’ve got one more fab fit fun box, and a few more boxycharm and then those are done too. It’s been a fun year experimenting with makeup and subscription services but my collection is perfectly happy the way it is now. My stash, while much smaller than many, feels fat and happy.

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